Blue Whatsapp APK 2024 v9.95 Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version

Blue Whatsapp APK

Blue Whatsapp


You can enjoy all the latest features by downloading the Blue Whatsapp apk and enhancing your messaging experience to the next level.


  • Enhance Blue Interface
  • New stunning themes
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Send Messages On Offline Mode
  • Set Your Privacy Options
  • Built-In Media Downloader
  • Change WhatsApp Blue to iPhone Style
  • Specific colors to participants

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Blue Whatsapp






5.0 and up


51.7 MB


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WhatsApp Blue is a new WhatsApp MOD with a blue-themed interface that can be fully customized. It’s a great app for WhatsApp enthusiasts, allowing you to switch back to the original settings whenever desired easily. 

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WhatsApp is the latest messaging app, but it lacks certain features. You can download the latest Blue WhatsApp APK for Android for free access to new features. No need to pay for them. This version offers exciting elements and a new blue color scheme. Also, download fm whatsapp apk.

Intro of Blue Whatsapp APK

In the Blue Whatsapp apk, along with the color change, you can optimize various settings with just a few clicks, transforming the ordinary communication app into a more advanced and professional-level application. With the new version, you can hide your active and last-seen status by accessing the settings and turning them off.

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This feature ensures you can use the app anytime and anywhere without concerns about your online presence. The latest WhatsApp version also allows you to easily backup and restore all your messages, images, and videos from your chat box. This version, WhatsApp Blue, is specifically designed for Android devices.

Mod Features of Blue Whatsapp APK

The Blue WhatsApp APK Download offers exciting features to give your communication app a fresh look. Experience the new version of WhatsApp and enjoy its amazing features. Here are discussed below:

Enhance Blue Interface

One of the stunning features of Blue WhatsApp is its sleek and captivating blue interface. Say goodbye to the mundane green WhatsApp design and embrace a refreshing new theme with this modified app version. It offers the same functionality as WhatsApp but with an exciting visual upgrade.

New stunning themes

WhatsApp Blue offers preset designs known as themes, which include various colors, banner designs, and dimensions. These themes come pre-packaged and can be downloaded for customization and personalization purposes. With over 5000 free themes available from the YoThemes Store, WhatsApp Blue provides fresher versions compared to the official WhatsApp, making it an ideal choice for developers and WhatsApp users seeking a unique and personalized experience.

Freeze Last Seen

In Blue WhatsApp, you can freeze your last seen status. This feature allows you to appear offline, even online, preventing others from knowing the exact time of your last activity. The official WhatsApp does not provide this capability.

Send Messages On Offline Mode

The Blue WhatsApp APK enables offline messaging. Users can type and save messages in the app when offline, which will be sent automatically when an internet connection is established. The feature in the latest GB Whatsapp is free to use, and users can download the blue-colored app for their devices.

Set Your Privacy Options

It also provides many interesting privacy features you will not get from the original and another updated version. This application lets you keep your account secret from your other contacts. You can hide the majority of things in this app. You can use the program anonymously by, for instance, hiding your online, typing, recording, status, and so on.

Built-In Media Downloader

If you want to save WhatsApp statuses without directly asking your contacts, consider downloading Blue WhatsApp on your Android device. It offers the option to download statuses onto your phone.

Change WhatsApp Blue to iPhone Style

With this enhanced version of WhatsApp, you can transform its appearance to resemble iOS, giving your old and dull WhatsApp a fresh new look.

Specific colors to participants

WhatsApp Blue allows us to assign specific colors to participants and differentiate and remember the people we message regularly.

General Features of Blue Whatsapp APK

The Blue Whatsapp apk modded version offers other unique features for users, which will enhance users’ experience. These are listed below:

Home Screen Wallpapers

The modified version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Blue Download, offers a feature that allows you to set a wallpaper on the home screen, in addition to individual chat wallpapers available in the official version. This feature makes the modified version stand out.

Anti-Revoke messages

There is no need to worry about deleted messages with the new version of the Blue whatsapp apk. This feature in this social app allows you to read all deleted messages as if they were still there.

Hide Online Status

Protect your privacy with Blue WhatsApp’s online status-hiding feature. Stay invisible while using the app, allowing you to browse and chat discreetly without disruptions.

No Fees

Blue WhatsApp APK is free to download and install. Blue WhatsApp is free, unlike other apps that charge for pro features.

My Review

I’ve been using Blue WhatsApp APK for about a month and am happy. Its modded version offers a few extra features, like hiding your online status, changing the theme, and sending larger files. It’s customizable. You can change the font, color, and icon in the new version of the Blue whatsapp apk. 

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It is a great feature to make WhatsApp look and feel like your own. Another thing I like about Blue WhatsApp is that it’s very stable. Overall, I recommend Blue WhatsApp APK to anyone looking for a more customizable and stable version of WhatsApp.

Blue Whatsapp APK Video

FAQs OF Blue Whatsapp APK

You risk losing data or corrupting files if you use Blue WhatsApp. Using a new version of WhatsApp could result in your account being suspended or banned.

The legality of using Blue WhatsApp is a matter of debate. In some countries, it is illegal to use modified versions of apps. In other countries, it is legal to use modified versions of apps.

There is no completely safe way to use Blue WhatsApp. However, you can minimize the risks by downloading Blue WhatsApp from a trusted source and scanning Blue WhatsApp for viruses or malware before installing it.


Blue WhatsApp APK is a new version of the original WhatsApp app that offers additional features and customization options. More privacy options include hiding your online status, the second gray and blue ticks. The ability to freeze the last seen feature and customize the app’s look are amazing features in the new version. 

Its latest version also allows free calling and group calling. A variety of themes are available in a new version so that you can customize the look of your app. Blue WhatsApp also includes other features, such as sending larger files, viewing status updates without being seen, and customizing the notification settings. Additionally, Blue WhatsApp may not be compatible with all devices or versions of WhatsApp.

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