Carrom Disc Pool MOD APK 2024 v15.3.1 Unlimited Money & Gems

Carrom Ddisc Pool MOD APK

Carrom Ddisc Pool


Get the ultimate Carrom Disc Pool experience with the mod apk! Custom strikers, unique effects, unlimited money, gems, and endless fun. Download now!


  • Unlimited money and gems
  • Purchase anything from the shop
  • Upgrade strike
  • Carrom mode
  • Disc pool mode

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Carrom Disc Pool





5.0 and up


118 MB


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Get ready for relaxing and fun mobile gaming with Carrom Pool Disc Game! It’s a modern version of the classic Indian board game designed to be played on Android devices. You can enjoy the game’s improved features and mechanics while playing on the go.

carrom disc pool mod apk unlimited money

Experience hours of entertainment as you take on various Carrom challenges against clever opponents. There are different game modes with unique setups that you can unlock and enjoy. In exciting matches, you can also play with your friends or other players worldwide. We also recommend you to download sachin saga mod apk.

Intro OF Carrom Disc pool MOD APK

Carrom is a well-known multiplayer board game from India where players flick a disc into holes at the corners of the table. Like 8 Ball Pool, the mobile version of Carrom Pool Disc Game, lets you enjoy this addictive gameplay on your Android device. You can play with friends globally, using simple controls and realistic physics. The game offers exciting competitions where you can bet and win prizes and engaging ranked battles. If you’re into fun and competitive board games, Carrom Pool Disc Game is worth trying on your phone. In addition, now you can also download baseball star mod apk.

carrom disc pool mod apk HACK

Mod Features of Carrom Disc pool MOD APK

Carrom Pool Disc mod APK 2024 introduces an array of exciting features that unlock unlimited possibilities within the game. Here are some mod features:

Unlimited money and gems

Gems are super important in the game because they let you unlock cool stuff. To get more gems in Carrom Pool, win more games – the more you win, the more gems you’ll have. But if you lose a game, you might lose some gems too. But guess what? You don’t have to worry about losing anymore! We’ve got a particular version of the game (called a mod) that gives you unlimited coins and gems. You can download this version and start winning every game without any worries. We also recommend you to download wcc 2 mod apk.

Purchase anything from the shop

You’ll notice a Shop Section on the right when playing this game. Here, you can find gems, Master Chest, Supreme Chest, Pro Chest, and more. But to obtain these items, you usually need to spend a lot of real money. However, a particular version of the game (called a mod version) lets you access all these items without having to pay.

Upgrade strike

If you’re curious, you can enhance your striker in the Carrom Pool Disc Game. This upgrade lets you add cool visual effects to your striker, making it stand out. Enjoy playing the game online with your customized strikers and pulling off incredible shots!

Carrom mode

Carrom and Disc Pool are similar games with a few differences. In Carrom, you have 13 game pieces on the table instead of 12. The unique rule is to pocket the red game piece before the last one. If you don’t do this, your opponent can pocket the red piece and have an advantage.

Carrom is like Disc Pool, but you play with 13 pieces and must pocket the red piece before the last one, or your opponent can take advantage of it. We also recommend you to download 3d tennis mod apk.

Disc pool mode

Imagine a fun game where people gather together, like friends having a game night. They choose famous places like Delhi, Paris, London, Dubai, New York, Mumbai, and more as the settings for their game. Before playing, each person puts in some money as a bet. As the game goes on, everyone tries to win, and the player who wins gets all the money that everyone bet at the beginning. It’s like a friendly competition where people try to win extra cash by playing this game with friends.

General Features of Carrom Disc Pool MOD APK

Mod apk version offers some general features to enhance your gaming play experience. You can expect some additional features in the Carrom Pool Disc mod APK that are listed below:

Multiplayer mode

Playing games with friends and family is enjoyable. Carrom Pool offers you to play this game with your buddies, just like playing Carrom in real life. You can have up to 4 people playing at once. You can challenge your friends, have fun competing, and earn coins while playing. We also recommend you to download badminton league mod apk.

Easy touch and controls

To make the game more accessible and more fun for everyone, Carrom Pool Disc Game has easy touch controls and realistic physics. It means you can play better. Use the guiding lines to aim your shots and use gestures to play. Be smart and use the game’s realistic physics to win.

Different strikers and pucks

If you’re into it, you can play the Carrom Pool Disc Game with many new strikers and pucks. Each of them does something cool and different. Try them out and see how you can use the unique stuff they give you. It is mainly for people who play on Android devices. So, play your favorite game with all these cool new things!

Free victory chests

You’ll earn free victory chests as you do well in games, overcome challenges, or complete specific tasks in the Carrom Pool Disc Game. These chests contain special rewards that you can collect. Remember to gather all of them to get exciting bonuses and prizes within the game. In addition, now you can also download wrestling revolution 3d mod apk.

Practice mode

This mode is free and easy to understand, as the name suggests. You can play around in this mode to learn how the game works. Don’t worry about losing money here. It’s all just for practice and fun. So go ahead and enjoy without any concerns!

carrom disc pool mod apk gems

My Review

Discovering the Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK has genuinely transformed my gaming engagement. The customizable strikers and their visual enhancements have added a refreshing layer of personalization to the gameplay. It allows me to express my style and stand out. The thrill of executing frenzy strikes has reached new heights, creating captivating moments that elevate the overall excitement. 

Online matches have gained a renewed sense of competitiveness and novelty, making each encounter an engaging experience. The Carrom Disc Pool mod APK is highly recommended for anyone seeking to amplify their enjoyment of the game. It offers a unique and exhilarating twist on traditional gameplay. We also recommend you to download baseball 9 mod apk.

Carrom Disc Pool MOD APK Video

FQAs OF Carrom Disc Pool MOD APK

Online gameplay may be limited or disabled in modded versions, as they can disrupt the fair play environment and may lead to account suspension.

A modded APK could harm your device, compromise your data, or result in penalties for your game account. 

Modded APKs are typically designed for Android devices. If you have an iOS device, you might need to jailbreak it to install modified versions, which can void your warranty and present security risks.


In conclusion, take advantage of the chance to elevate your gaming experience with the Carrom Pool Disc Game. Explore the exciting possibilities of the game by trying out the Carrom Disc Pool mod APK. Unlock new features and enjoy unique and enhanced gameplay. Download the mod APK now and take your gaming to the next level!

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