Clash of Clans MOD APK v16.137.13 (Unlimited Money, Gems)


Clash Of Clans


Download Clash of Clans Mod Apk pro version which gives you unlimited gems, 9999999 gold, zero upgrade time, and unlock all troops for free.


  • Zero Build Time
  • Unlimited Resource
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlocked all Troops
  • Ad free
  • 99999999 Gold

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Clash Of Clans






5.0 and up


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Clash Of Clans is an amazing strategy game in which you build the kingdom of your dreams and build a mighty army to protect it and defend the thrones. Building your territory, testing the strength of your system, ranking your army units, and defending against the enemy  attack is a great joy that players will enjoy in this game. In this kingdom, you must play many important roles in order to advance powerful and high style military forces with rich weapons.

Clash Of Clans MOD APK unlimited resource

In this game, you need to develop a great system, you fight with powerful force  and fight with best efficiency to secure the entire kingdom by making your area a safe and secure environment. This game has great 3D graphics which makes the game more attractive for the players. Clash of Clans is developed by Supercell,  and has received over 500+ million downloads on Google play store. It is completely free to play and available on both Android and iOS devices. It is a very exciting Android game which has a lot to offer to all its players. There is a huge list of features and specifications that all fans of the Clash of Clans Mod Apk love. It is completely free to download without any restrictions. We also recommend you to download Evony MOD APK.

Clash of Clans MOD APK Gameplay

The development and gameplay structure of Clash of Clans is unique and fresh and important to other strategy trends. In this game, players will have to build a powerful kingdom, train elite soldiers and conquer countless kingdoms. Not stopping there, they can enjoy countless special activities, hilarious mini games, and  massive clan events. Although everything happens in real time, players still have to thoroughly research factors including maintaining the kingdom and protecting resources. Players can not attack anything in sight to capture valuable resources, whether PvP or PvE.

Clash Of Clans MOD APK unlimited gems

 First perform tasks such as logging gold to start building ancient structures. Constantly upgrade and buy more people to work harder to exploit your empire’s resources. Upgrade your main house so that you can spawn more people. Once you have gold /gems you need to build more troops to start building an army. Train your army by upgrading them to make them more capable of fighting. This will help you defend a strong grip when the enemy attacks. At the same time when you are strong, you can send troops to invade neighbouring countries to expand the territory, collect resources and gain an ascendancy. The new version of the Clash of Clans Hack Apk has some amazing features such as unlimited gold, anti ban mod, unlimited troops, and many more which make the game more exciting. In addition, now you can also download Company of Heroes MOD APK.

General Features of the Clash Of Clans MOD APK

Clash of Clans is the most popular strategy game on android, in this game you will be able to build your own village and play the role of managing it, improving it. The game has some amazing features which make it more interesting. These are given below.

Different Game Modes

Clash Of Clans Apk has different modes to play the game which make the game more interesting. Take part in game modes such as, multiplayer, singleplayer, practice with many exciting experiences for you in attack. However, first, players need to play in multiplayer first to build strongholds, to organize the army to control the game of other modes.  In order to experience this you need to unlock things in the other two modes, with these modes, players will build powerful empires, expand territory, fight to destroy monsters, or attack enemies, will escape, and struggle to pass the challenges. It allows you to earn a lot of money, items as well as valuable rewards.

Construction Works

In the Clash of Clans Apk, add 4 main functions like army, resources exploitation, defence, trap etc. Each building will have a specific task for you to build an empire, the most interesting being military tasks. Building as many as possible will help you best defend your empire against attacks. Regarding the army, you need to build constructions such as army barracks, laboratories, pet factories, dark barracks, archer queens, archers, factories. Regarding resources projects, players need to build builder tents, elixir vacuums. Gold mines, and oil fields. For defensive buildings, you need to build cannons, archer towers, city walls, mortars, anticraft towers, and mage towers. The traps you need to build bombs, pop traps, hydrogen bombs, tornado traps etc. We also recommend you to download Fortress Underground MOD APK.

Participate in Grand Events

This game also includes mass events or activities, where people come together to answer special missions or campaigns for special rewards. In addition, the change in content of events is also an opportunity to introduce more new gameplay, diversifying everything in the game. Above all, a guild is where people have strong influence, and from there support the roguery of other kingdoms or engage in large scale wars with trusted allies. You can participate in grand events and improve your battle skills, clash of clans has a friendly challenge. There is no set way to approach challenges, use your strategy and overcome them.

Join powerful Alliances

You can make friends with other players or your friends, or you can join an alliance to call for help  in times of trouble. If you are attacked, your allies will send reinforcements to help. This is one of the most attractive features that many players love. At the same time, the game also has a leaderboard to show the strength of alliance, and you can choose to join. You should join the alliance as soon as possible because you will get a lot of support.

3D Graphics

The most important thing in any kind of video entertainment is that the visual representation of the site should be very attractive. Graphics play an important role in making any game successful through the use of highly constructed animations. The graphics of the Clash of Clans are so stunning that you will be amazed, the graphics are 3D and so good that you will fall in love with them. The HD quality of the graphics make the game more exciting for the players. Therefore, you will enjoy the most amazing features in this game as well as graphics. Also, download Rusted Warfare MOD APK.

Mod Features of the Clash of Clans MOD APK

Clash of Clans Hack Apk provides you some advanced premium features which make the game more exciting. The modified version of the game provides you all the features for free. Some features are listed below.

Zero Build Time

Every upgrade takes time in the official COC but in the Clash of Clans hack there is zero build time. There is zero build time in upgrading any building, troop, hero etc. It means, we can easily upgrade anything in the COC hack version, without wasting any time. For example in Clash of Clans, we even need to wait so many days to upgrade a certain building. Some buildings take 14 days to upgrade, but you can use the COC hack version and forget about the upgrade time.

Unlimited Resources

Clash of Clans Mod Apk also provides unlimited resources to its users to make the game more easy and interesting. These resources include gold, elixir, dark elixir, through these resources players can increase his strength, health level, and game level as well. These resources can be used at different stages to advance in the game. If you want to use and enjoy unlimited resources in the game for free, then you have to download the latest updated version of the Clash of Clans Apk.

Unlimited Gems

Like many other games, gems are what a player needs to gain power and progress by winning level after level. The original version requires players to acquire gems which makes progress quite slow. However, in the mod version of Clash of Clans one has access to an unlimited number of gems through which the player can achieve his goals. You just need to download the modded version of the Clash Of Clans and get unlimited gems for free to enjoy. We also recommend you to download Warpath MOD APK.

Unlimited Everything

In the original version of COC Apk, players need money and gold to buy anything in the game for playing. You don’t use anything until you pay, which requires you to complete difficult challenges and then earn some money or resources. But, you don’t have to worry because the modded version of Clash Of Clans provides unlimited everything for free, which means players can get 100% resources, gold coins, upgrade buildings, train and upgrade tools, unlock and upgrade heroes at no cost. So, download the latest pro version and enjoy unlimited everything for free.

Unlocked all Troops

In Clash of Clans, there are many unique troops. From ground troops to air troops, there are many unlockable troops that help the players strengthen and improve their army with each new upgrade of their army barracks for all the town halls. You can not  unlock all the troops if you are only in the lower level town hall. So, to do this, you need to upgrade your town hall as well, this requires a lot of time and effort. But, if you download the modified version of Clash Of Clans, all the troops are unlocked for you to play and enjoy.

Ad free

Ads are one of the most annoying elements in any game, especially during exciting games like Clash of Clans. You will be happy to know the mod version of Clash of Clans is totally free from advertisements. Having an ad free gaming experience without any fees is like your old dreams. So, if you want to enjoy an ad free gaming experience without annoying and pop-up ads, then you must download the latest version of Clash of Clans Mod Apk now.

99999999 Gold

Having 99999999 gold is the best thing one can dream of. They can help unlock and upgrade almost everything, but gold is not easy to get and costs real money. There is good news because the Clash of Clans Hack version has unlimited 99999999 gold in all its villages which are home villages and builder base. Using this Mod Apk, players can upgrade both villages without hesitation. Upgrading heroes to the maximum level in COC hack version is child’s play. If you want to enjoy this amazing feature, you need to download the new version of the COC Apk from our website. In addition, now you can also download Bloons TD 6 MOD APK.

My Review

I love playing strategy games, Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games that I enjoy playing. In the game, you can do many things at the same time as you are a leader, you can create new kingdoms and attack other kingdoms. You can  build and tear down buildings and build your own kingdom as you are going to town everything. You can join many other groups and enjoy the best in this game. In this game users are given many objects and items which they can use to build their empires and fight many new enemies.

Clash Of Clans MOD APK hack

Clash of Clans Mod Apk provides many beneficial features such as unlimited gems, unlimited resources, no ban mod, town hall 13, ads free, and  troops as heroes also available and many more. It features a multiplayer mode. I love this feature because it lets you play with your friends and other players around the world. If you are to play this exciting game, I would suggest you download the modified version of the game from our website. We also recommend you to download Kingdom Wars MOD APK.

Clash of Clans MOD APK Video

FAQs OF Clash of Clans MOD APK

Yes, it is a safe mod version of the game and has no threats of virus attack. It is a safe and secure version to play on your mobile phone.

Yes, the Clash of Clans mod version is free for download, you can get it free from our website.

If you want to get unlimited money, gold, and unlimited gems for free, you have to download the modified version of Clash of Clans Mod Apk from our website.

If you want to download the modded version of this game, you only need to click on the download button given above this article. On the other hand, you can easily download it from Google play store.

Yes, this game is 100% safe and virus free for all devices because you get a completely scanned app from our website.


In short, the Clash of Clans Mod Apk is the best game when it comes to graphics, resources, gems, and money. You can play this game without worrying about the age group because  it is a perfect game for all the people. You can get this game for free and enjoy all of the best features it has. On the other hand, if you want to play a game of vast land monarchies with attractive graphical layouts and build a prospective strategy atmosphere of mystic objects, then you have to download Clash of Clans.

The Clash of Clans Mod Apk provides many amazing features like unlocking all troops, no ban mod, no ads,and global chats are also available which makes the game more interesting. If you want to play and enjoy this game you can easily download it on your mobile phone from Google play store.

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