CricPK APK MOD 2024 v2.4.0 (Latest Version) for Android




Watch sports channels for free with CricPK APK MOD. Enjoy live streaming, diverse themes, and optimized viewing. Download now!


  • Wide Variety of Sports Channels
  • High-Quality Video Streaming
  • Dark and Light Themes
  • Live Sports

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Cricpk offers a wide range of features and the latest updates, Cricpk is the ultimate companion for all cricket lovers. Cricpk APK is an Android app designed to provide endless entertainment with its live cricket streaming and live score features. 

It offers a modified version of the original app, commonly known as Cricpk Mod APK or Cricpk Hack APK. This modified version provides additional benefits such as ad removal and access to pro features, enhancing your overall experience. We also recommend you to download mobdro apk.

Overview of Cricpk APK / Cricpk MOD APK

Cricpk APK and Cricpk Mod APK offer an engaging gameplay experience for cricket enthusiasts. Users can stream live cricket matches, access live scores and commentary, and enjoy match highlights. The app encourages user interaction through chat rooms and comment sections, allowing fans to connect. 


Personalization options and notifications update users on their favorite teams and upcoming matches. Cricpk Mod APK provides an ad-free experience, eliminating interruptions during gameplay. Cricpk offers a comprehensive platform for cricket lovers to enjoy the sport’s excitement on their mobile devices conveniently. In addition, now you can also download hd streamz apk.

Mod Features of Cricpk APK / Cricpk MOD APK

If you want to enhance your cricket streaming experience, Cricpk Mod APK has you covered. Now, we’ll explore the mod features of Cricpk APK and how they can take your cricket enjoyment to the next level.

Wide Variety of Sports Channels

Cric PK App offers a diverse range of sports channels, catering to the preferences of sports enthusiasts worldwide. The app covers an extensive selection, from international sports channels to regional broadcasters, ensuring users can access their favorite sporting events and tournaments.

High-Quality Video Streaming

The latest app prides itself on delivering high-quality video streaming in the modified version 2024. With advanced video compression technologies and reliable servers, Cric PK App modded version ensures that users can enjoy sports matches in crystal-clear resolution without buffering or interruptions. The immersive viewing experience adds to the overall appeal of the app. We also recommend you to download ghd sports apk.

Dark and Light Themes

The Cric PK App’s inclusion of dark and light themes adds aesthetic and functional appeal to the user interface. Let’s explore the benefits of each theme:

The dark theme, with its deep, muted colors, offers a visually striking and modern appearance. It enhances the app’s aesthetic and reduces eye strain, particularly in low-light environments. The dark background makes content and icons stand out, ensuring easy readability and navigation.

On the other hand, the light theme presents a clean and vibrant visual style. The light background and contrasting elements create a fresh and inviting interface. This theme suits well-lit environments, where the brighter colors provide optimal visibility and a refreshing viewing experience. In addition, now you can also download yacine tv apk.

Live Sports

The modded Cric PK app allows you to watch your favorite sports matches and top cricket leagues on your Android devices for free. Its updated version offers various sports channels, like cricket, football, hockey, tennis, and more. It’s the most convenient platform for sports fans or lovers who want to enjoy live sports on the go. Also, download rts tv apk.

General Features of Cricpk APK / Cricpk MOD APK

The Cricpk apk has an array of enticing features that elevate your app user adventure to a new level. Some of the available features include:

Global Television Channels

The Cric PK app’s latest 2024 version lets you stream global television channels. Its updated version allows you to access your favorite channels without geographical restrictions. This feature enables you to follow your preferred channels from anywhere worldwide, breaking down geographical barriers to accessing your desired content.

No External link is Required

The Cric PK app doesn’t require external links, as its built-in downloader allows instant access to your favorite channels. You can conveniently stream your channels without needing external sources or additional links. The updated app 2024 is designed to provide a seamless experience to users. In addition, now you can also download pikashow apk.

Easy and Intuitive Interface

The Cric PK app offers an easy and intuitive interface, making it simple for users to find their favorite online videos. With its user-friendly design, navigating the app becomes effortless, allowing users to locate and access the online videos they desire quickly. The intuitive interface enhances the user experience, ensuring smooth and enjoyable video browsing and streaming. We also recommend you to download zee5 mod apk.

My Review

The Cric PK App is a highly recommended platform for sports enthusiasts looking for a convenient and enjoyable way to watch their favorite sports events. With its extensive channel selection, intuitive user interface, and compatibility across devices, the app offers a seamless viewing experience. 

The availability of dark and light themes ensures visual comfort, while regular updates and enhancements keep the app up-to-date with the latest technology. Users can trust the app’s commitment to security and privacy, providing peace of mind while enjoying live sports streaming. The Cric PK App is a game-changer in sports streaming, delivering high-quality content and a user-friendly experience that will impress sports lovers. We also recommend you to download abbasi tv apk.

CricPK MOD APK Video


Yes, the Cric PK App typically offers features like rewinding and pausing for live sports events, allowing you to control your viewing experience.

While the Cric PK App primarily focuses on providing sports channels and live streaming, language options for commentary may vary. Some channels may offer commentary in multiple languages, while others may have limited language options.

Absolutely! The Cric PK App provides live streaming of various sports events, allowing you to watch your favorite matches in real-time.


In conclusion, the Cric PK mod apk offers a comprehensive and enjoyable viewing experience for sports enthusiasts and film lovers. With its selection of dark and light themes, users can personalize their interface and enjoy a visually appealing and comfortable experience.

The app’s dedication to providing an easy-on-the-eyes color scheme for film watching further enhances the cinematic experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your sports and film viewing — download the Cric PK Apk now and join the community of satisfied users. Access the app today and discover a world of free sports channels and optimized viewing.

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