Brain Test MOD APK 2024 v2.748.0 Unlimited Hints / Enjoyable Riddle

Brain Test Mod apk

Brain Test


Unlock fun with Brain Test MOD APK! Solve puzzles creatively & enjoy unlimited challenges with unlimited tips, hints, and money. Download now!


  • Simple and enjoyable riddle games
  • A vast collection of exciting questions
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Hints provide help to you
  • Unique in-game task

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Brain Test




Unico Studio


5.0 and up


113 MB


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Brain Test is a tricky brain game different from regular puzzles. In this game, you must carefully consider each object and word on the screen to solve the challenges. You can even play it with friends to solve levels faster. This game helps you think about problems from many angles, not just one. The puzzles are not only tricky, but they’re also fun. You might laugh once you figure out the answers because they’re funny. It’s a great way to relax your mind while enjoying a funny and challenging game. In addition, now you can also download pixel art mod apk.

Brain Test MOD APK unlimited hints

Intro OF Brain Test MOD APK

In the game, Android players can access various questions covering different topics. You can test your knowledge with thousands of intriguing questions, each having its unique way of being solved.

Brain Test MOD APK hack

But don’t worry; the questions are designed to be enjoyable and not stressful. The game provides interactive and relaxing questions to engage with whenever you play. You can have fun with exciting questions on various subjects of your choice. The game also includes interactive images to make the questions more enjoyable for Android players. We also recommend you to download cut the rope 2 mod apk.

Mod Features of Brain Test MOD APK

Brain Test Mod APK has exciting features that enhance the gameplay experience. Some notable mod features include:

Simple and enjoyable riddle games

You can enjoy solving tricky riddles in the Brain Test game, a fun and addictive mobile game. This updated game is an excellent option for passing time and is perfect for Android players.

A vast collection of exciting questions

Most importantly, for all Android gamers out there playing Brain Test, prepare for an even more enjoyable in-game experience! We’ve got a vast collection of fascinating questions that cover a wide range of topics. You can boost your basic knowledge with academic questions or blast with tricky brain-teasers and challenges. All of this excitement awaits you in the captivating gameplay of Brain Test on your mobile devices. So, have a great time and make the most of it! Also, download human fall flat mod apk.

Suitable for all ages

If you’re looking for fun games to play with friends and family, try Brain Test today. It’s suitable for all ages and contains interactive graphics. Its latest version is excellent for younger players. Moreover, it’s educational for all people!

Hints provide help to you

You can use hints in Brain Test if you have trouble with the questions and need help. These hints make the game more enjoyable and help you solve the puzzles. But be careful not to use tips too much. Using your creative thinking to figure things out and have fun playing the game is better.

Unique in-game task

Meanwhile, feel free to explore and accomplish unique in-game accomplishments to earn special rewards. These achievements often contain helpful clues for your upcoming adventures, so gather as many as you can to move forward in the game. We also recommend you to download cut the rope mod apk.

General Features of Brain Test MOD APK

Mod apk version offers some general features to enhance your gaming play experience. You can expect some additional features in  Brain Test Mod APK that are listed below:

Enhance your creativity skills

Brain Test is a fun game that’s great for exercising your brain. It has puzzles with excellent pictures. When you solve a level, the game gives you compliments that make you happy. The game keeps introducing new things to keep it exciting. Brain Test is also excellent for making your brain think in creative ways. It helps you develop clever solutions you might not have thought of before. The game needs you to be patient and careful. You have to use your imagination and observation skills to pass levels quickly.

Use help

In the game Brain Test, which has around 300 puzzles, you need help to solve them. You start with tools like a magnifying glass, which helps you understand puzzles better, and an arrow tool to skip tough ones. You can also get more help by watching videos or opening gift boxes. These tools make the puzzles easier and more enjoyable to solve.

Taking a short break

Taking a short break can be helpful if you still need clarification, even after trying the tips. Do something else, and then return to the puzzle you’re stuck on. Sometimes, when you return with a fresh mind, you see the puzzle differently. Instead of looking at it one way, try looking at it from different angles each time. It can help you see different sides of it and find something you didn’t notice before.

Brain Test MOD APK easy game

My Review

My experience with the Brain Test Mod APK was engaging and enjoyable. The game’s diverse range of puzzles, which required different perspectives and problem-solving skills, kept the gameplay fresh and fun. While some puzzles felt simple, skipping challenging levels and accessing hints was appreciated. The occasional ads were a minor inconvenience, and I would have liked to see more difficulty variation and thematic diversity in the puzzles. Overall, the modded version offered a great way to stimulate the mind and have some light-hearted fun with creative puzzles on a mobile device.

Brain Test MOD APK Video

FAQs of Brain Test MOD APK

Yes, many Brain Test MOD APK versions provide unlimited hints. It can make the game more accessible and more enjoyable for some players.

MOD APKs are primarily developed for Android devices. For iOS users, there might be alternatives like tweaked apps, but they carry similar risks.

Unico Studio is the developer of the Brain test mod apk.


In conclusion, tackling challenging brain tests can sometimes feel perplexing, but remember that taking a breather and approaching them with a new perspective can work wonders. Don’t hesitate to step away briefly, engage in another task, and then return to the puzzle. Fresh eyes often unveil solutions hidden from plain sight.

If you’re looking for an engaging way to exercise your brain and enjoy many puzzles, consider exploring the Brain Test Mod APK. This modified version offers a range of intriguing puzzles that can stimulate your mind and keep you entertained. Give it a try, and embark on a journey of cognitive exploration and fun!

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