Merge Mansion MOD APK v24.02.02 (Unlimited Diamond, Coin)

Merge Mansion MOD APK

Merge Mansion


To enjoy decorating the mansion using various items and solving puzzles to unlock decorating accessories, download the Merge Mansion Mod Apk 2024 with unlimited gold.


  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No Ads

App Name

Merge Mansion




Metacore Games Oy


6.0 and up


155 MB


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Many people like to play puzzle games to spend their free time and get some peace because they become bored with action games. This game is best for those who want to solve exciting puzzles and use their creativity in decorating houses. First, you have to clean the mansion in the game and then explore new rooms to decorate them with beautiful items. So, if you are interested in experience designing a big mansion, you can free download the latest version of Merge Mansion Mod Apk 2024 with unlimited everything from our website.  

Merge Mansion MOD APK unlimited diamond

Metacore Games Oy is the developer of this puzzle game. You can get this game on Google Play Store for free without any charge. The official version of Merge Mansion gives you limited diamonds and gold through which you can not buy all items. When you download the modified version of Merge Mansion Mod Apk, all premium features are unlocked, which include unlimited stars, unlimited energy, unlimited diamonds, unlimited gold, unlimited everything, etc. We also recommend you to download parking jam 3d mod apk.  

Intro OF Merge Mansion MOD APK

Merge Mansion is a wonderful puzzle game in which you can not only enjoy renovating and exploring the mansion’s secrets but also have fun solving lots of exciting puzzles. All the area around the mansion is covered with bushes and trees, you have to clean and cut them using different tools. The more you clean the area, the more new items you will find. There are lots of puzzles that you have to complete to unlock places and earn money. With the help of money, you can buy the tools which are required to clean the mansion. 

Merge Mansion MOD APK unlimited coins

When the cleaning is complete, you can design and decorate the mansion, including the garden, according to your desire. In the game, you can unlock hidden areas to explore new items and mysterious puzzles. Through the puzzles, you will also get tools and items by matching the same tiles on the puzzle board. To make progress, you have to follow the story by finding exciting facts about the mansion. Moreover, this game is mainly about merging the items to get the new ones that are not available in the mansion. In addition, now you can also download asolver mod apk.  

Mod Features of Merge Mansion Hack APK

Merge Mansion Mod Apk offers many extra premium features without any charge, which help you explore the mansion. These modded features are listed below. 

Unlimited Gold

You will need lots of gold to buy the items required for decorating and cleaning the mansion. In the standard game version, you can earn gold through the puzzles, but the mod version of Merge Mansion Hack Apk gives you unlimited gold free of cost. Then you can buy any item whenever you want.

Unlimited Energy

The pro version of Merge Mansion Mod Apk provides the players with unlimited energy so the builders will never get tired while renovating the mansion and complete the renovating quickly. In the real game, builders become tired after a short period, which enhances their working time and delays renovation. We also recommend you to download formula car racing mod apk

Unlimited Diamonds

In the modded apk version of Merge Mansion Mod Apk, you will have unlimited diamonds and unlimited stars, which are unavailable in the official game. You can get diamonds and stars in the real version by completing the puzzles. Then buy the accessories you need for exploring the mansion. 

No Ads

Watching pop-up ads is very irritating and takes away the game’s excitement. In this updated game, all advertisements are blocked, so you can pay proper attention to playing the game without interruption. So, try our new version and enjoy the game without seeing annoying ads. In addition, now you can also download evermerge mod apk.

General Features of Merge Mansion APK

Merge Mansion Apk has lots of interesting features that allow you to use your creativity to decorate the mansion. Some in-game features are listed below. 

Explore Mansion

In this Android game, you have to explore the mansion of your grandmother to renovate it and discover your grandmother’s secrets behind the mansion. The more you explore the mansion, the more puzzles will unlock. By completing the puzzles, you will earn money which you can use to renovate and clean the mansion. In cleaning the mansion, you will need various tools, which include brooms, axes, piles, forks, and much more. You can buy these tools with money. We also recommend you to download Manor Cafe MOD APK.   

Discover Rooms And Items

During the renovation of the mansion, you will find lots of hidden rooms and items. To discover rooms and items, you must clean the entire mansion filled with dirt and leaves. After discovering and cleaning the rooms, you will decide to decorate them using the items you discover during exploring. The more rooms you discover, the more secrets you know about the mansion. Moreover, the items you discover can be merged, which will help you get a new one. 

Amazing Puzzle Games

In Merge Mansion Apk, you will explore the mansion and enjoy solving many exciting puzzles. Puzzles will help you in getting unique items and earning money. The more you solve the puzzles, the more money you will earn. You can also buy the needed items using money, such as brooms, axes, forks, etc., and merge the items to make new useful items. Moreover, you can also find hidden treasures in the mansion by completing the puzzles. In addition, now you can also download happy glass mod apk.

Decorate The Mansion

After exploring the mansion, you need to pay attention on decorating it using your creativity. You can decorate the whole mansion, which includes both interior and exterior. For this purpose, you can buy beautiful accessories such as furniture, appliances, flower vases, and many other items. You have to ensure that your mansion looks representable and organized with your decoration. Moreover, you can also decorate the garden with beautiful plants other decorating items. 

Merge Mansion MOD APK hack

My Review

Merge Mansion has twice fun for the players in which they can solve incredible puzzles and decorate the mansion. This Android game gives you a fantastic experience of renovating the mansion and designing it how you like. The thing which I like the most is that you can get more new items by merging the old ones so you don’t need to buy them from the shop. Furthermore, the game gives you many exciting puzzles that help you unlock decorating accessories for the mansion. I recommend this game to those who like mysterious puzzles with lots of fun. We also recommend you to download slugterra slug it out 2 mod apk.

Merge Mansion MOD APK Video

FAQs About The Merge Mansion MOD APK

You can easily download the modified version of Merge Mansion Hack Apk from a third party or our website without spending money. 

You don’t need an internet connection to play this game because it is an offline single-player game.

The latest version of Merge Mansion Mod Apk is 100% virus-free, making it secure for Android devices.

By downloading the modded apk version of this updated game, you will get unlimited energy and all premium features for free. 


By reading the above-described post, you will learn everything about Merge Mansion Apk with all its features so you don’t face problems while playing the game. In the game, you can enjoy decorating your mansion with lots of accessories and solve mysterious puzzles to get items. Moreover, you can make new tools by merging the items which help you in the renovation. So, if you are creative and want to use your innovation to decorate houses, you should try the pro version of Merge Mansion Mod Apk 2024. I hope you like this game. Thanks.

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