GTA San Andreas MOD APK v2.11.32 & OBB (Unlimited All)

GTA San Andreas Mod APK

GTA San Andreas


Download GTA San Andreas Mod Apk which gives you unlimited money and health to unlock all weapons and fastman 92 adjuster for free.


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Health
  • No Ads
  • Unlock all Weapons
  • All Vehicles Unlocked

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GTA San Andreas




Rockstar Games


5.0 and up




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GTA San Andreas Mod Apk is an open-world action game, where you can play as Carl Johnson who returns home to Los Santos from Liberty City after his mothers murder. As he enters the city, the police arrest him for murder. Now you have to dominate the streets and become the most feared gangster in San Andreas. You can do whatever you want in this game. You can roam the city, steal cars, engage in street races, or kill people. The graphics in GTA San Andreas are amazing, the city looks realistic and the characters are well designed.

Unlock all Weapons

This action packed game developed by Rockstar Games, and has over 500 million downloads worldwide. It is completely free to play, which is why thousands of people download it everyday. The game is available on both Android and PC, you can easily download it from Google play store free of cost. The mod version of the game provides many interesting features like unlimited money, health, no ads, and different types of vehicles. You can enjoy all these features for free. We also recommend you to download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK.


In GTA San Andreas Apk, you will play as a character of Carl Johnson also known as CJ. Carl Johnson is a main character and he escaped the burden of his life five years ago when he lived in Los Santos, San Andreas. The city is full of vices like drugs, murders, corruption, and gangs of trouble.  Carl Johnson’s mother is murdered when he tries to seek justice for the murder of his mother he is ignored by a corrupt police officer. After all this, Carl Johnson  steps in to save himself and his family from it all and takes control of the street. 

After learning the story, the player has to complete the missions by racing through the countryside and help CJ to save himself and his family from the enemies. You can do whatever you want in this game. You can drive around the city, steal cars, engage in street races, or even kill people. However, you should be careful because the police are always looking for you. If they catch you, they will arrest you,  complicating your mission to capture the city. Thus, you must use all your skills to outwit the police and stay one step ahead of them. It is an open-world game where you can explore vast lands, you can drive many types of vehicles  including cars, bikes, jets, trucks, helicopters, and airplanes. In addition, now you can also download Free Fire MOD APK.

General Features of GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas Apk has many features that amazed people and they really enjoyed the game. Also, it is great fun to play this game along with friends. Some of the features are given below.

Open-World Game

The game has a huge open world where players can roam freely anywhere. Houses, buildings, shops for clothes and accessories, gym, barber, and tattoo shops, burgers and pizza cafes, bars, weapon shops, garages, police stations, hospitals, and everything else you can find in a city. You can see the map given to players and go to different cities. Drive different types of vehicles, from cycles, bikes, and cars to trucks, train boats, and more. Moreover, there are lots of amazing features that make the game so addictive.


There are 100 missions in the game, however, it is up to the player to choose when they want to complete them. There are mini games and side missions that players can take on and complete to increase respect, skill, and money. All the missions follow a story and are challenging but interesting to take on. Missions can be easy at first so you get the hang of it. However,  as the difficulty increases in the latter stages, you may need to answer some of them. If you enjoy the game fully, you need to complete all the difficult missions and win them. We also recommend you to download Dead Trigger Mod APK.

Different Weapons

In GTA San Andreas Apk, you will have access to a wide range of weapons. They include revolivers, machine guns, grenade launchers. You can also use melee weapons such as knives, bats, golfstick, chainsaws, shovels etc. Choose your weapon wisely as it can mean the difference between success and failure. In addition, you can also use vehicles to aid in your missions. For example, you can use a tank to destroy enemy targets, or you can use a helicopter to evade the police. The choice is yours. You can choose any weapon, whatever you like and can use it with your skills and win the missions.

Variation of Vehicles

The game allows players to drive a variety of vehicles in an  open world. Get your favourite vehicles and take them anywhere, you can ride bikes and boats, drive cars, trucks, tanks, ambulances, and trains, and fly planes and helicopters. In GTA San Andreas, you will see a lot of updated vehicles, where the main emphasis is on the BMX bike and police motorcycle. Customizable springs also have made this game attractive as you can make your car dance and perform the best tricks in your car. Also, download dead trigger 2 mod apk.

3D Graphics

Attractive 3D graphics and environment make everything more exciting. Whether you are driving, walking on the road, fighting, shooting, or whatever, you can witness the hard work put into every single detail. Along with this, animations are awesome. People in the game eat, fight, walk, sit, talk,drive, run, and more making everything feel like the real world.

Unlimited Health

Mod Features of GTA San Andreas Latest Version

The modified version of GTA San Andreas Apk provides many beneficial and advanced features to players which make the game more exciting. All the premium features are available for free in this version. These features are listed below.

Unlimited Money

In the original version of the game, you need to earn money by completing amazing and stunning missions and challenges. You have to complete these challenges in order to gain money and by using this money you can buy new vehicles and other things. But if you want unlimited money for free without any struggle, you need to download the new pro version of the GTA San Andreas Apk 2024 from our website. Because this updated version gives you unlimited money to enjoy the game. We also recommend you to download fortnite mod apk.

Unlimited Health

The modified version of GTA San Andreas provides you with unlimited health. So, you can enjoy the game without worrying about the lack of  health. In the original version, you have limited healths which are not enough, and you will be out of the game quickly. But now, download the new updated version of the game and enjoy unlimited health for free without any restrictions.

No Ads

In the modified game, you can enjoy an ad free experience and play games without watching ads.  GTA SA Cleo Mod Apk has eliminated all the ads for a better UX. You will no longer deal with obstructive ads. This version is free because it removes all pop up ads for free without any charge. So, if you want to experience GTA San Andreas without interruption, download our free modded game version and enjoy. In addition, now you can also download Soul Knight MOD APK.

Unlock all Weapons

When you play the original game, you have to unlock weapons to use. You can’t use these weapons until you unlock and pay for them. You need to earn money to unlock them, to earn money you need to complete hard levels which are not easy. However, if you download the new version of GTA SA Mod Apk, you will get all the weapons unlocked for free. You can choose the weapon as per your choice without any worries. 

All Vehicles Unlocked

In the modded version, you will get all the vehicles unlocked for free. In the GTA San Andreas game you have limited vehicles to drive new vehicles you need to unlock. But if you download the updated version you will have all unlocked vehicles without any charge. All types of vehicles available here,  with the mod menu you will get stock cars for free.

My Review

GTA SA Mod Apk is one of my favourite action games because it gives me a lot of fun and entertainment while playing. This game provides many different locations to explore, weapons, and a variety of vehicles to enjoy. The game is not limited just to its missions, players can drive different vehicles freely anywhere in the game’s virtual world. Play mini games and side missions, and buy clothes, accessories, food, and much more. You can also buy homes and go to the gym, clubs, and tattoo shops. 

No Ads

In addition, the mod version of the game provides some premium features like unlimited health and money, no ads, Fastman 92 limit adjuster, stock car 3, stamina, and many more to enjoy. If you are interested in playing this game, then I would recommend you to download the modded version of this game from our website for free. We also recommend you to download GTA Vice City APK.

GTA San Andreas MOD APK Video


To get all unlocked features, you can download the updated mod version of  GTA SA Mod Apk which gives you all features for free.

Yes, you can play this game offline. You don’t need an internet connection to play this game.

This mod version removes all annoying pop up ads for free so you can play the game without disturbance.

No, the GTA San Andreas does not need rooting of your device to work smoothly without any issue. So, you can enjoy this game without rooting as rooting is not good for your device

 If you want to download the modded version of this game, you only need to click on the download button which is given above in the article.

No, this game GTA San Andreas is free of any cost that you have to pay to play this game.


GTA SA Mod Apk is the most frequently played action game all over the world. You can play this game very easily because the controls are very easy to use and you will never get bored  playing it. You can play this game in your leisure time because it is full of drama and thrill and you will have a lot of fun. It offers an enhanced gameplay experience unmatched by other games. With its realistic graphics and addictive gameplay, you will surely be hooked.

The new version provides you with a mod menu in which you will have many exciting and innovative features like unlimited money and health, all unlocked weapons, revolution, fastman 92 limit adjuster, no ads, and many more for free to enjoy. If you want to enjoy the mod menu of the game for free, you need to download the modded version of GTA SA Apk from our website and get all premium features.

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