How To Make Bed in Minecraft? (Step By Step Full Guide)

Resting in the game is also necessary to recharge and again get on the exploration of Minecraft farms. Making a bed gives you the chance to survive and protect yourself from aggressive mobs at night time. So, read our post and know how to craft a bed in Minecraft without any difficulty.

How To Make Bed in Minecraft

What Is a Bed in Minecraft?

A bed in Minecraft is a block of objects that you can place anywhere and sleep on. With the help of the bed, you can reset your spawn point, which helps you retrieve back to the bed’s location when you die in the game. In case you don’t have your bed for sleeping, you will go back to your spawn point in the world. Now, you can get roblox 99,999 robux hack 2023 from our website as well.

What Is a Bed in Minecraft

The bed is a very simple object, but can save your life in a time of need. The game permits you to craft a bed before sunset if you are quick and sleep on it on the first day of spawning. In this way, you can keep away from fighting with Minecraft Hordes at night.

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Items You Need to Make a Bed


Items You Need to Make a Bed

If you search for a bed in the game but you don’t find it, there is no need to worry, as you can make it yourself by collecting various items. Below are the items you need to craft a bed in Minecraft.

  • Three wool blocks
  • Three wooden planks
  • Crafting table

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How to Craft a Bed in Minecraft?

Here, we give you step-by-step instructions that you can follow to make your bed in the game. So, follow these instructions and craft your bed. 

Collect Wooden Planks

Collect Wooden Planks

First of all, you need to cut wood to collect wooden planks. Simply cut the wood and put it into the blocks on the crafting table. Wooden blocks are the simplest blocks that you can get in Minecraft. However, there is no need to collect the same type of wooden blocks. So, you can cut any type of wood to make a bed.  

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Collect Wool

collect wool

To craft a bed, you have to gather at least three wool blocks. You can get the wool blocks by keeping a sheep who drops wool. But when you use a pair of shears, you can get three pieces of wool at one time. Shears are created with the help of two iron pieces. You can make shear by putting the two iron ingots diagonally on the crafting table. When you see a sheep, use the shear on it to collect three wool blocks. You can avail minecraft mod apk unlimited coins.

But if you don’t get three blocks, you can use shear on any other sheep in the mob. If there is only one sheep, you have to wait for some time until the sheep again drops the wool by eating some grass. Grass will help the sheep in growing the wool back.

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Craft Your Bed

Craft Your Bed

Once you have gathered all the items required to make a bed, you must do the following.

  • Initially, put the crafting table down and open its GUI.
  • Then, put the wooden planks in the middle or bottom row in three blocks of the crafting table. You can use different types of wooden plank because the type of wood doesn’t matter in crafting a bed.
  • Now, put the three wool blocks in the above row of wooden planks and fill the crafting area. The color of the wool block needs to be the same otherwise you will not be able to craft your bed. The ending color of your bed mattress will be the color of wool.

How to make a colorful bed in Minecraft?

How to make a colorful bed in Minecraft

You can also craft beds in different colors to make them more beautiful. For this purpose, you have to mix your wool with a dye of your favorite color. Then, make your bed using the dyed wool. The game permits you to make a bed in 18 different colors.  

How Do I Use a Bed in Minecraft?

How Do I Use a Bed in Minecraft

To use a bed, simply equip it and place it on the ground where you want to sleep. Then right-click on the bed and sleep on it until morning. You can use the bed for sleeping only at night.


Our post will help you learn how to make a bed in Minecraft using various items. Crafting a bed for yourself gives you lots of advantages in the game, which help you in making progress. With the help of bed, you can keep yourself safe from mob attacks during the night. The bed will also help you return to the place where you sleep when you die. So, craft a bed and enjoy many benefits in the game. Thanks for reading our post.

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