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MB Whatsapp APK

MB Whatsapp


Discover MB WhatsApp APK – The ultimate messaging app with advanced privacy features and enhanced functionality. Elevate your messaging experience today!


  • Built-in Locker
  • Dual Account
  • iPhone Interfaces
  • Add Reactions to Messages
  • Anti-Delete Status
  • Anti View Once

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MB Whatsapp




WhatsApp LLC


5.0 and up


63.72 MB


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Among the many messaging platforms available on Andriod, whatsApp stands out as one of the most famous and feature-rich apps. With the enhanced MB whatsApp apk, you can take your WhatsApp experience to a new level.

MB Whatsapp APK hack

MB whatsApp apk is an enhanced version of the official whatsApp application that unlocks additional features and customization options. Developed by a dedicated community of developers, MB whatsApp apk provides users with an enhanced messaging experience beyond what the official app offers. It is designed to work on Android devices, allowing users to explore new possibilities and personalize their WhatsApp usage. We also recommend you to download instagram pro apk.

Overview of Mb Whatsapp APK

MB WhatsApp APK offers a unique and personalized messaging experience for users looking to enhance their WhatsApp usage. It enhances privacy settings, allowing users to control their online presence and protect their information. 

MB Whatsapp APK dual account

The social app also offers customization options, enabling users to personalize their WhatsApp interface according to their preferences. Advanced messaging features like scheduling messages and automatic replies add convenience to communication. In addition, now you can also download Snapchat++ APK.

Mod Features of Mb Whatsapp APK

MBWhatsApp APK 2023 introduces an array of exciting features that unlock unlimited possibilities within the app. Here are some mod features:

Built-in Locker

MBWhatsApp offers a built-in locker feature that helps protect your private chat photos, messages, and personal data from unauthorized access. You can set a password and PIN in the enhanced version 2023. You can also use your fingerprint to unlock the latest application. This locker feature allows you to secure the entire app or specific chat screens, giving you control over the privacy of your conversations. Using these features, you can safeguard your information and have peace of mind while using MB WhatsApp.

Dual Account

MBWhatsApp allows you to seamlessly work with your existing WhatsApp account without requiring you to uninstall your current account. You can install the MBWhatsApp app and create an account with an updated version. You can easily switch between your original WhatsApp account and the MB WhatsApp account whenever you desire. This flexibility lets you maintain both accounts simultaneously and switch between them as needed. We also recommend you to download instander apk.

iPhone Interfaces

One of the standout features of MBWhatsApp is its user interface, which closely resembles WhatsApp iOS14. It means that when using MBWhatsApp, you will find the interfaces for chats, settings, and other areas almost identical to those in WhatsApp iOS 14. This familiarity with the interface can make it easier for users to navigate and transition to MB WhatsApp, as they are already accustomed to the layout and design of WhatsApp on iOS 14. We also recommend you to download tm whatsapp apk.

Add Reactions to Messages

In MBWhatsApp, you can add reactions to messages, similar to Instagram and Messenger. To enable this feature, follow these instructions: Go to Settings > MB Preferences > Conversation screen > Bubbles and Ticks > Enable Message Reactions. This setting allows you to react to messages with various emojis or icons, enhancing your communication experience within MB WhatsApp. The advanced feature allows you to express your emotions or provide quick feedback to messages more interactively and engagingly.

Anti-Delete Status

In MBWhatsApp, the default behavior for statuses is that they are automatically deleted 24 hours after being posted. However, MBWhatsApp introduces a unique feature that allows you to prevent your statuses or stories from being deleted even after the standard 24-hour period. We also recommend you to download insta pro apk.

Anti View Once

WhatsApp developers have recently introduced a privacy feature that allows users to send media files that the recipient can view once before they are deleted automatically. However, MBWhatsApp offers an additional functionality called “anti-view once” that enables you to open and view “view once” messages unlimited times. 

General Features of Mb Whatsapp APK

Mod apk version offers some general features to enhance your app user experience. You can expect some additional features in MB whatsapp APK that are listed below:

MB Whatsapp APK built locker

Hide Recording and Typing

MBWhatsApp offers a useful privacy feature that ensures the person on the other side of the chat cannot see what you are typing or recording during a voice message. By adjusting the settings, you can block the visibility of your typing or recording activity. This latest feature adds an extra layer of privacy and prevents others from gaining insight into your message content before you send it. In addition, now you can also download instaup apk.

Message Unsaved Number

MBWhatsApp eliminates the inconvenience of saving a phone number before sending a message. This application lets you input the recipient’s number directly and send them a message without saving their number in your mobile contacts. Whether it’s a one-time message or a frequent interaction, MBWhatsApp enables you to conveniently message someone by entering their number directly, saving you time and effort.

Instagram Story Style

MBWhatsApp for iPhone allows users to showcase their status updates like Instagram stories. This feature, unavailable in regular WhatsApp, will enable users to present their status in a more visually engaging format. It provides an enhanced and dynamic way to share updates with friends and contacts. It’s worth noting that this feature is also available in GBWhatsApp APK, providing users of that modified WhatsApp version with a similar capability. We also recommend you to download aero insta apk.

Fonts and Color Customization

One of the notable advantages of MBWhatsApp is its expanded customization options for fonts and colors, catering to individual preferences. While regular WhatsApp has limited font selection and color customization, MBWhatsApp offers many choices. Users can change their messaging experience by selecting different fonts and color schemes. This feature is highly appreciated as it allows users to feel more comfortable and enjoy a messaging interface that aligns with their style and preferences.

My Review

MB WhatsApp introduces unique functionalities that make communication more enjoyable. The ability to add reactions to messages, similar to Instagram and Messenger, adds an interactive element to conversations. Additionally, the anti-view once option allows me to view “view once” messages unlimited times, providing greater flexibility and control.

I also appreciate the convenience of MB WhatsApp when sending messages. The option to send messages without saving the recipient’s phone number is a time-saver. It simplifies communication, especially for one-time conversations or when I want to keep my contact list neat.

Ultimately I wholeheartedly recommend MB WhatsApp APK. Its privacy features, customization options, and additional functionalities make it a standout messaging app. Whether you prioritize privacy, enjoy customization, or seek advanced features, MB WhatsApp delivers on all fronts. It has become my go-to messaging app and will elevate your messaging experience too. Give it a try and experience the difference for yourself! We also recommend you to download topfollow mod apk.

MB Whatsapp APK Video

FAQs OF MB Whatsapp APK

MB WhatsApp APK offers a convenient built-in feature that allows you to import your favorite themes. If you have a preferred theme that you would like to use, you can easily import it into your MB WhatsApp.

In iOS MB WhatsApp, there is a useful feature that allows you to hide the name of any chat member. This feature is particularly helpful for maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

In the updated version 2023 MBWhatsApp, there is a privacy feature. It allows you to disable the “Forwarded” tag that appears when you send a message or media file from one chat to another. Typically, this tag indicates to the recipient that the content has been forwarded from someone else and is not your original creation or idea.


In conclusion, MB WhatsApp APK offers a range of exceptional features and customization options that enhance your messaging experience. From advanced privacy settings to unique customization choices, MB WhatsApp provides flexibility and control not found in the standard WhatsApp application. 

If you’re seeking a messaging app that goes beyond the limitations of regular WhatsApp, I highly recommend giving MB WhatsApp APK a try. Its user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and enhanced privacy options make it a compelling choice. Experience the difference for yourself by downloading MB WhatsApp APK and unlocking a world of possibilities for your messaging needs.

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