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MX Player Pro


Download MX Player Pro Mod Apk latest version, which provides you with VIP unlocked, ads removal, and AC3/DTS for free.


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MX Player Pro




MX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd


5.0 and up


116.08 MB


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MX Player Pro Mod Apk is the most used movie and MPEG4 player for Android apart from pre-installed players. The app will help you play all types of videos without interruptions and with high resolution. The player offers more control and highlights for its clients while watching movies on Android devices. It has a video player and provides more customization than you can access with VLC or any other video player. 

MX Player Pro MOD APK unlocked

This app will also provide you with access to subtitles of any movie, you can download subtitles of any movie, and when you play it on your mobile phone, it will be played with subtitles. This app supports many languages, so you can generate subtitles in any language you choose. The fantastic Android app is developed by MX Media, Formerly J2 Interactive, with over 100+ million downloads on the play store. This app also has three types of decoders: HW, SW, and HW+. It can also become a music player where you can play music in the app’s background. In addition, now you can also download PicsArt Mod APK.

What is MX Player Pro?

MX Player Pro is a video player with many useful features that enhance your experiences. You can use the app as an external video player for movie apps or watch online videos. This app provides extensive online content of thousands of hours of videos, shows, tv serials, etc. You can download it through the application but save this content to your data, like YouTube offline videos, which cannot transfer to storage. It will act like a virtual space for those downloaded videos you can only watch in the MX player app. 


Also, this app offers premium-quality resolution videos with high-quality audio and language. The app varies from mx player in terms of HD or UHD quality, sound quality, content, and some additional features such as gaming, music, no ads, and much more. MX Player Pro Apk comes with premium features like background playback, cloud sync, multi-center decoding, subtitles signals, and many more. Moreover, this app has a modded version that provides all the premium features for free. This means that users can use the entire application without paying any money. We also recommend you to download kinemaster prime apk.

Excellent Features of MX Player Pro APK

MX Player Pro Apk is an amazing video player app; it will help you play any video format on your mobile phone. Some basic features of this app make it more interesting. These features are given below.

Supports all Subtitles Format

This feature is essential if you are watching a video from another region or movies in another  language, and even if the subtitles are in the same language, how will you understand the movie? But unknown technologies are changing life, work, assets, and software. So, they develop the MX player Apk with a feature that if you are watching an original language movie. The Subtitles will automatically update according to the original language of your location.

Decoder SH/ HW

The decoder is a system that helps us to convert codes into any other format. As the MX player says, the decoder converts the codes into video form. MX Player Pro comes with three types of decoders that are HW ( Hardware decoder), HW+( Hardware decoder combined with software decoder), and SW ( Software decoder). Out of these three decoders, the SW decoder is a fantastic one because by using it, you will get a lot of creative customizations, like changing any color format.

Kids Lock Mode

Within this feature, you can lock the movie screen while making it difficult to minimize the application, which is extraordinary for when you need to play a video for your kids. However, prevent them from opening different applications, making calls, etc. Once you activate this feature, your kid can not affect the video playback because the screen is locked. You have to press a specific button on the screen to bring it back to the normal unlocked state. Also, download green kinemaster apk.

Hardware Acceleration

This media player app uses different types of encoders. If the video file size is small despite pressing the rockers, you can switch to a different encoder to speed up the hardware. This app has hardware acceleration that leverages powerful HW, HW+, and SW decoders to speed up the processing. As a result, images and audio quality are greatly improved. However, you must apply an excellent decoder to the right media file for the best results.

System Stream Playback

MX Player can stream video records over the web, for example, from distributed storage, as long as you have a short URL. This can only be done with a ton of complicated skimming from sites like Youtube. It’s not worth the effort when you can easily use the youtube application. MX Player Pro also provides online media streaming, which means you can watch MX original content, sports matches, and much more.

Share Files Easily:

MX Player Pro Apk comes with MX files sharing feature that lets you easily share any file with your friends. Whether it is a very heavy file or the lightest of the file, you can easily share these files with your friends. You can also share movies or apps with the help of this app. So, you share your favorite movies or apps with your friends and enjoy them with them. We also recommend you to download black kinemaster apk.

Mod Features of MX Player Pro Latest Version:

The modified version of MX Player Pro provides free access to all the premium features. So, all the users can freely enjoy these features listed below.

No ads

In the standard version of MX Player, you will see many annoying ads disturbing you while playing videos. These ads cause a lot of disturbance, and that’s why people get offended. You will never see any ads in the modified version of the MX Player app because this version removes all kinds of ads, so you do not face any inconvenience while watching your favorite movies or videos.

VIP Unlocked

While using the official version, you must pay to enjoy the VIP unlocked features due to various in-app purchases. Everything is unlocked in VIP unlocked, so there is no need to collect money to unlock anything. By downloading our modified version, you will get vip unlocked free of cost without any charge.

My Review

MX Player Pro is a unique application that gives users a private space to watch interesting movies with a powerful player. You can easily stream anything, like movies and live shows, with proper subtitles. I am sure you will watch every video with this application. The player offers more controls and features to its users while watching movies on Android devices. This app supports many languages, so you can create subtitles in any language you want. 

MX Player Pro MOD APK hack

With MX Player, you can play any video format (mp4, DVD, DVB, web, VCC) on your device. In MX Player, you can zoom in and out of any video; you also have some decoders in this player. It also offers AVI support for streaming videos, which indicates using around 40 to 50% of your data while downloading content. This app’s modified version provides free premium features such as AC3/ DTS, no ads, vip unlocked, and much more. If you are interested in using this app, I suggest you download the modified version of MX Player Pro Apk 2024 for free from our website. In addition, now you can also download kinemaster diamond apk.

MX Player Pro MOD APK Video


It is not just offline, but an online interactive media player at which you can watch recordings in the distributed storage.

Indeed, android clients can get this application from the Google play store purchase by paying a reasonable sum.

The MX Player will not stop if you turn off your screen.

If you do not want ads in your MX Player app, you can download this player’s modified version from our website.

Yes. It is 100% safe because you will get a completely scanned app from our website.

The modified version of MX Player provides VIP unlocked, no ads, AC3/ DTS, and much more.


MX Player is a famous video player used and appreciated by millions of users. There is no doubt that this player can give you the most enjoyable experience in playing your media files. In this part, you can take the premium version of the MX Player app. It offers you all the features you want in your dream video player, Such as multi-core decoding, pinches to zoom, subtitles gestures, kids lock mode, online media streaming, and many more to enjoy.

Apart from getting it at no cost, you can use it without any time accuracy, which means you can use it for a long time. However, the updated version of MX Player Pro Apk provides all premium features for free such as No ads, VIP unlocked, and a fully cracked version. So, save time downloading the MX Player Pro Mod Apk and enjoy long-lasting fun.

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