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If you want to play all boy games on Android with fast speed and different cheat codes, download pro version of My Boy APK GBA Emulator Apk.


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My Boy GBA Emulator Apk is the most downloaded emulator to run Gameboy Advance games on almost all Android devices. Even low-end Android devices are supported in this installation. It lets you do more than emulate your favorite games on your Android system. The advanced features include a safe state system, which allows you to save your progress directly on your Android device and return to it later. Moreover, this emulator allows you to fast-forward through the game so that you can progress faster and skip boring intros or cutscenes.

My Boy GBA Emulator APK quick emulator

Fast Emulator developed this amazing emulator app, which has been downloaded by 500 million users worldwide. It is free; you can easily download it from the Google play store without paying anything. It is highly compatible with Android gadgets and has excellent gaming functionality and speed. You can play any game without any hurdles; the most important thing is that it comes with various cheat codes, among which game shark, action replay, and code breaker are some of the codes. We also recommend you to download gfx tool pro.

What is My Boy Apk?

My Boy Apk is an emulator tool for playing games; it supports a wide range of popular and unique games and allows users to play them anywhere and anytime so that every boy can enjoy his games freely with this emulator. It provides a better gaming experience than other emulators do not offer. It also provides support for external controllers, especially Moga controllers. Thus, it limits the performance to the battery level and provides better battery life when you play on it. Also, the improved functionality offers faster, more powerful, and even better gameplay on less-powered devices, making it perfect for playing on any phone.

My Boy GBA Emulator APK hack

This emulator is compatible with most games such as Castlevania, Super Mario games, and many Pokeman series. Likewise, various aspects of the app can also be adjusted from the settings menu, like sound, graphics, and even a control system. Besides video filters and BIOS emulation, it also has fast-forwarded options that help you skip long stories you don’t want to watch. GBA Emulator Apk has different cheat codes than standard code breakers, game sharks, or action replays. This emulator app has interesting features like fast emulation, external controller support, paid-for-free, and much more. In addition, now you can also download Nova Launcher Prime mod APK.

The Fantastic Features of My Boy APK

GBA Emulator is a fast emulator application; this emulator provides its users with quick, alluring, attractive, and entertaining total hours of gaming. Some basic features of this app make it more useful. These features are given below.

Improved Battery Efficiency

The battery is the main issue when playing games on smartphones; luckily, this tool has updated battery backup for Android devices. Its upgraded hardware interactions and simpler library inclusions require less processing and thus consume less device battery. FPS saves a lot of application processing time during gaming output and significantly increases battery life by up to 60% during gaming sessions. Its highest battery efficiency is the pro feature, making this app a big hit.

Quick Emulation & Efficient

It is common for any big game to hang on Android phones, but My Boy GBA Emulator Apk provides a fast emulation and efficient gameplay experience. This tool ensures no lag during gameplay, even with superpower-demanding games that are processed smoothly. My Boy Apk app is one of the best GBA Emulators out there if one wants an Android emulator that offers the smoothest gameplay. This emulator’s mod version is designed to be the most accessible and reliable to provide a better whole emulation experience. We also recommend you to download hotspot shield premium apk.

BIOS, Root & Control

This incredible tool comes with no requirement for root or BIOS. The application runs smoothly and effectively without the requirement of bios. It is one of the lightest emulators that provides a console experience on Android phones and bundles multiple emulations in a single emulator: gyroscope, tilt, and solar emulations. Moreover, it provides the users with on-screen controls that can be customized to play their game and control their characters with just the movements of the mobile screen.

Limitless Cheat Codes & A Majority of Rom Support

My Boy Apk emulator comes with extensive Rom support and features vast code cheats for users to experience their most exciting gaming session. Unlimited cheating codes are compatible and available with this gameplay emulator, which helps users to excel in the games. Thanks to this GBA Emulator, these cheat codes can be easily added to any game. Users can easily explore undiscovered parts of the game by using cheat codes. Some master cheats like always big cheat, maximum heart cheat, start on 2 or 3 cheats, infinite lives cheat, and many other cheat codes provide an edge in gameplay. Also, download Lucky Patcher APK.

Old Games Compatibility

GBA Emulator Apk supports new and popular games and is suitable for games from almost two decades ago. This emulator is reliable and easy to use with multiple controls, but it helps gamers with different functions to enjoy easy and exciting gameplay every time. Even various latest emulators don’t support many games, But My Boy paid Apk allows users to play old and new games with similar graphics, accuracy, and quality. 

Synchronization and Interface

This application allows syncing with Google Drive to enjoy games anywhere, along with an easy-to-use on-screen keyboard and shortcut buttons for loading and saving. The screen layout is editable to customize the screen controls and supports external controllers such as MOGA controllers. The interface is simple and decent and is fully compatible with the latest Android versions; shortcut keys to various functions can be easily created on the homepage.

Remove ads

The modified version of My Boy Paid Apk automatically removes all the annoying pop-up ads that appear on the screen while playing games. You don’t have to face those annoying ads because the GBA Emulator has no ads. This is another improvement within the app because you will play without any annoying ads or pop-ups to enjoy the best experience. Download the modded version of this app that removes ads for free. We also recommend you to download APK Editor Pro MOD APK.

Full Unlocked

Many other features are not available in the official version. To enjoy all the features, you must pay a lot to unlock them. But now, with the updated version of the GBA Emulator Apk, you will get the full version unlocked. You can enjoy all the features and everything for free; you don’t need to pay any single penny from your pocket. If you want to enjoy the full version for free, download the My Boy Paid Apk 2024 from our website.

My Review

My Boy GBA Emulator is a fast and full-featured emulator for playing Game Boy Advance games on the broadest range of Android devices. It provides many beneficial features to its users. I like this emulator because it can run all the games compatible with all Android devices. You will enjoy this emulator, whose speed is more than perfect. Also, you can save your progress and refer back to it whenever you want. The plus point of this emulator is that it does not consume much battery. Most importantly, it comes with various cheat codes, action replay, and code breakers.

My Boy GBA Emulator APK battery efficiency

One of the significant advantages of this emulator is that it does not require much setup as the app’s default settings and controls work well and are compatible with every user to play the games easily. But still, if you are uncomfortable with the default setup, you can customize them as per your requirement, as several customization options are available. You will get an unlocked premium to use the paid part for free and enjoy a unique and ad-free experience. If you want to download this emulator app, get the full My Boy Apk 2024 version from our website. We also recommend you to download Appvalley VIP APP.

My Boy GBA Emulator APK Video

FAQs OF My Boy GBA Emulator APK

My Boy Apk requires permission to access external storage, vibrations, wifi accesses, account settings, and more.

You can easily download the official version of My Boy Apk from the Google play store. But if you want to download the modded version of this app, you only need to click on the download button, which is given above in the article.

It is entirely safe and secure because it contains no viruses or malware.

You will see lots of ads in the accessible version of GBA Emulator. But the pro version of this app does not contain any ads.

Yes, it is entirely free. You don’t need to pay anything; you can easily download it from our website AppValleyz.


An efficient GBA Emulator is a must-have for every gamer; it is a fantastic emulator app to play gameboy advance easily and Nintendo games on your Android phone. You can enjoy playing your favorite games at a super fast speed and with the same quality of gameplay without affecting the graphics or performance. You can also add cheat codes and use controllers. In addition, the updated version has an ad-free user interface and other unique features.

You can unlock premium, remove ads, and access the paid portion options for free. The free version has some basic features like quick simulation, high battery efficiency, no root required, BIOS and controls, etc. You can also enjoy all these features by downloading GBA Emulator Mod Apk.

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