Real Drum MOD APK 2024 v10.51.1 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

Real Drum MOD APK

Real Drum


REAL DRUM MOD APK: Elevate your drumming game with premium features, customizable kits, and recording capabilities. Download now and create like a pro!

Real Drum MOD APK Overview

  • Unlimited Money and Coins
  • Drum Kit
  • Virtual Drum Set
  • Customizable Drum Kit
  • Unlock all Premium Features

App Name

Real Drum




Kolb Apps – Musical instruments


6.0 and up


89.75 MB


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In the world of mobile gaming, music-based applications have gained significant popularity. One such game that has captured the attention of music enthusiasts is Real Drum. With its immersive gameplay and realistic drumming experience, Real Drum allows players to unleash their inner percussionist. 


Real Drum is a popular mobile drumming application developed by Kolb Apps. It provides users with a virtual drum set to play and create music using their fingertips. The app offers a realistic drumming experience with various drum kits, percussion sounds, and recording features. Real Drum caters to beginners and experienced drummers with its latest user-friendly interface. It offers a platform to showcase their rhythmic skills. We also recommend you to download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK.

Real drum MOD APK

Real Drum Mod APK is a modified version of the original Real Drum application. It provides additional features and functionalities that enhance the gaming experience. This modified version unlocks various premium features, such as unlimited Money, unlimited coins, unlimited energy, and all unlocked drum kits. 

Real Drum Mod APK offers a unique opportunity for players to explore the game without restrictions and enjoy a more personalized drumming experience. Also, download beatstar mod apk.

Mod Features of Real Drum MOD APK

With Real Drum Mod APK’s mod features, you can unlock unlimited possibilities, customize your drumming experience, and enjoy a seamless and enhanced gameplay experience. Here are some exciting mod features are listed below:

Unlimited Money and Coins

With Real Drum Mod APK, you have unlimited Money at your disposal. Purchase premium drum kits, customize your drum set, and unlock exclusive content without financial constraints.

Collecting coins in the game becomes effortless with the modded version. Use your unlimited coins to unlock special features, buy accessories for your drum set, and enhance your overall gaming experience. We also recommend you to download just dance now mod apk.

Drum Kit

With the introduction of unique drum kits, you can now personalize your experience within the REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set app. By collecting a variety of drum skins, you can customize your kit’s appearance and switch between different looks whenever you desire. Moreover, Android users can enhance their music-making experiences by uploading their graphics and sound signatures to personalize their drum kits further. These exciting features aim to make creating music more enjoyable for app users. In addition, now you can also download dream piano mod apk.

Virtual Drum Set

In today’s market, a traditional drum set can be expensive, ranging from $300 to $1,000. This high cost makes it a substantial investment for amateurs or newcomers, requiring careful consideration. However, virtual drum pads are available for those seeking a more affordable alternative to expensive drum sets. Real Drum, developed by Kolb Apps, is a virtual drum kit you can conveniently use on your smartphone.

Real Drum is a virtual drum kit updated app that allows you to play drums on your phone. It offers 13 drum pads, various kits, and customization options. We also recommend you to download muse dash mod apk.

Customizable Drum Kit

The Real Drum app offers users a customizable drum kit, enabling them to load their images and sounds. It allows for creating unique and custom beats that suit any musical style. The app provides preset kits as a starting point, but users can personalize their beats further. Additionally, the app supports MIDI keyboards and controllers for added flexibility. 

Unlock all Premium Features

Real Drum is an app that enables users to create and play drum beats. It offers a diverse range of sounds to generate unique rhythms. The MOD APK version of Real Drum unlocks all premium features, including the ability to cover Linkin Park songs, drum skins with no delay, and additional features. This version enhances the overall user experience. Moreover, the MOD APK version removes advertisements, providing an uninterrupted drumming experience. In addition, now you can also download tiles hop mod apk.

Real drum MOD APK HACK

General Features of Real Drum MOD APK

The Modded version of the real drum apk also offers some other stunning features in the 2024 version. These general features are discussed below:

Record and Share

One feature the developer introduced in the updated app to enhance your experience is the ability to record and share your drumming sessions. The new version of the app offers live recording functionality when you start playing with your drum set. Its modded version allows you to capture your performance from start to finish. The latest app easily shares your recordings with friends or family through simple sharing options. This feature enables you to showcase your passion for drumming and easily share your music with others. We also recommend you to download beat fire mod apk.

Teaching at no Cost

Real drum: Electronic Drum Set is designed for users who are new to drumming. The app offers free lessons for beginners and advanced players, catering to different target groups. With 60 pre-installed video tutorials, users can quickly learn how to navigate the app’s interface and utilize its features effectively. The app also provides tutorials for popular social networking platforms, ensuring users have ample learning resources. Additionally, 33 loops in various musical styles serve as valuable practice tools for honing drumming skills and developing a better sense of rhythm. 

Professional Music Recordings

Real drum: Electronic Drum Set offers a recording feature that allows users to create professional music recordings. With this option, users can have extra fun by crafting their unique drum tracks. Utilize the app’s simulated drum equipment and let your fingers work magic to create captivating sound signatures for your mix. When anyone is satisfied with your creation, you can easily record and save your track in various sound formats. We also recommend you to download niva followers apk

Lessons in Video

Real drum: Electronic Drum Set offers a compelling feature in the form of free video courses. These courses are categorized into sections such as Basic, Beginner, Dubstep, and more. It means that regardless of whether you’re a beginner just starting or a seasoned learner, you’ll find a rich selection of video tutorials within the app. The availability of these tutorials eliminates the need to search for drumming lessons on platforms like YouTube or enroll in online courses.

My Review

My experience with the Real Drum MOD APK has been outstanding. This app provides an exceptional drumming experience with its unlocked premium features, including covering popular songs, seamless drum skins, and an ad-free environment. The wide range of drum kits and customization options allowed me to explore various musical styles and create unique beats.

The recording and sharing feature added a new level of excitement, enabling me to capture and showcase my drumming sessions effortlessly. Including free video courses within the app was a valuable bonus, providing educational content tailored to different skill levels. I highly recommend the Real Drum MOD APK to anyone interested in drumming, as it offers a comprehensive and customizable experience that will ignite your passion for music.

Real Drum MOD APK Video


Yes, Real Drum supports MIDI keyboards and controllers. This feature lets you connect external devices to the app and expand your drumming experience.

While the Real drum is primarily designed for practice, recording, and enjoyment, it can be used for live performances with the appropriate setup. Connecting your device to external speakers or amplifiers can help enhance the sound output.

Currently, the Real Drum does not have a feature to import custom sounds or samples. However, you can explore the wide variety of drum sounds and rhythms available within the app.


In conclusion, Real Drum MOD APK offers a comprehensive and immersive drumming experience for users of all skill levels. With its unlocked premium features, customizable drum kits, recording capabilities, and access to free video courses, the app provides a platform for learning, practicing, and creating drum tracks. 

This updated app offers a user-friendly interface and unique drum sounds and rhythms to unleash creativity. If you’re passionate about drumming, take advantage of the opportunity to download Real Drum MOD APK and embark on an exciting musical journey. Let the beat guide you and elevate your drumming skills to new heights.

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