Red Whatsapp APK 2024 v34.00 (Anti-Ban) Official Android App

Red Whatsapp APK

Red Whatsapp


Discover the vibrant world of Red WhatsApp APK – captivating messaging experience with customizable themes and enhanced features.


  • Auto Reply
  • Translate Status
  • WhatsApp Red ios
  • Copy Media Caption
  • Anti-Ban
  • Take control of your information
  • Message Scheduler
  • Protection
  • Hide Profile

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Red Whatsapp






5.0 and up


72.80 MB


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WhatsApp, a highly popular messaging application across Android and iOS platforms, has amassed a substantial user base worldwide. However, many users express dissatisfaction, desiring additional features and enhanced customization options. 

Red Whatsapp APK translate status

This demand has given rise to modified versions of WhatsApp, known as MODs, which offer users an expanded range of functionalities beyond those provided by the official application. An example of such a MOD is WhatsApp Red, which aims to fulfill users’ cravings for greater personalization and improved functionality. In addition, now you can also download Cyber Whatsapp APK.

Intro of Red Whatsapp APK

WhatsApp Red APK is a modified app that enables users to connect and communicate with people worldwide. It offers additional features and functions, making it popular among users. Developed by Abu Arab, WhatsApp Red has a distinctive red color scheme for its icons and user interface, enhancing its visual appeal. 

Red Whatsapp APK hack

The app allows customization by adding or removing various elements such as icons, tabs, wallpapers, and themes. It allows users to design their apps according to their preferences. We also recommend you to download Whatsapp GO APK.

Mod Features of Red Whatsapp APK

This app provides additional functions and features not found in the official WhatsApp application. These mod features enhance user experience and make the app more user-friendly. Some of these mod features in this social app include:

Auto Reply

Red WhatsApp offers a feature that sets automatic replies when someone contacts you, making it superior to the official WhatsApp. To access this feature, go to the app’s additions, select auto-reply, input the required information, and click the green button. Also, download adam whatsapp apk.

Translate Status

Whatsapp Red offers a fantastic feature allowing you to translate any status into your preferred language. However, it solely translates text-based statuses and does not support translation for videos and images.

WhatsApp Red ios

WhatsApp Red 2024 allows users to customize their WhatsApp home screen to resemble iOS WhatsApp. Users can modify the style of their WhatsApp interface by accessing the Red Settings and navigating to Home Screen > Header > Home Ul Stock. Additionally, if users desire a complete iOS theme, they can download MBWhatsApp.

Copy Media Caption

WhatsApp Red is an amazing Android social app. Its latest version allows users to copy photos and videos their friends share. Users can access useful features for free on their Android devices by downloading the latest version of WhatsApp Red. We also recommend you to download king whatsapp apk.


WhatsApp MOD applications like WhatsApp Red are considered safe to use as they run on official WhatsApp servers, ensuring account safety. To minimize risks, users should only modify basic settings, limit usage, and keep the app updated to the latest version for security patches and bug fixes, reducing the chances of a ban.

Take control of your information

WhatsApp Read allows you to customize your notification settings. You have full control over your chat conversations, status visibility, and privacy options for individual contacts. You can also turn messaging on or off and call for specific contacts.

Message Scheduler

You can schedule messages and set auto-reply with default messages even when you’re offline, unlike applications such as Whatsapp Pink and Purple. We also recommend you to download CooCoo Whatsapp APK.


Enable password or pattern protection for your application, even if your phone already supports fingerprint security. Go to the application settings to enable encryption and choose from the available options.

Hide Profile

You can conceal your profile picture, name, and description. You need help to identify or recognize anyone on your contact list.

General Features of Red Whatsapp APK

The new version of the Red Whatsapp apk also offers some incredible features to its users, which are listed below:

5-Minute Status

WhatsApp Red Plus allows users to add 5-minute status videos instead of the usual 30-second limit. To enable this feature, go to Red mods > Home screen > Status and enable the 5-minute status option. In addition, now you can also download whatsapp gb.

Pin Important messages

When engaging in daily text exchanges, referring to specific messages is often necessary. Pinning these messages can be easily accessed and viewed in a designated pin list, allowing for quick selection and utilization when needed.

DND mode

Busy individuals activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode to prevent unwanted calls and messages, optimizing their productive time without interruptions caused by notifications and disruptive sounds. We also recommend you to download whatsappma apk.

Personalize Themes

Red Whatsapp APK auto reply

The latest version of WhatsApp Red allows users to store and apply new themes, enabling frequent customization of the app’s appearance.


Please turn off the typing indicator so your friend won’t know when you viewed or replied to their message.

My Review

Red WhatsApp is a highly customizable and privacy-focused alternative to the original WhatsApp application. With Red WhatsApp, users can personalize the app’s theme, fonts, and colors to their liking. It offers features like turning off the typing indicator and reading receipts, ensuring greater privacy. 

Using multiple accounts on a single device is convenient for those with multiple phone numbers. While manual installation may be a minor inconvenience, Red WhatsApp’s reliable performance and support for regular WhatsApp features like voice calls and group chats make it a worthwhile alternative for users who prioritize customization and privacy.

Red Whatsapp APK Video

FAQs OF Red Whatsapp APK

You can transfer your chats and media from the official WhatsApp to Red WhatsApp by creating a backup in the official app and restoring it in Red WhatsApp.

Using any modified version of an app carries inherent risks, including potential privacy and data security concerns. It’s essential to be cautious and download Red WhatsApp from trusted sources to minimize these risks.

There is a risk of your account getting banned if you use Red WhatsApp because it violates WhatsApp’s terms of service. WhatsApp actively monitors and takes action against modified versions of their app.


In conclusion, Red WhatsApp is the latest version of the popular social app that offers additional features and customization options. WhatsApp Red APK is highly recommended due to its extensive list of features that are difficult to summarize. This application provides numerous capabilities, such as setting message schedules and automatic responses. 

This feature is especially useful offline, as you can automatically set a default message to respond to incoming texts. It ensures that others can still receive your messages and updates even when you’re not online. These features distinguish WhatsApp Red from other versions like WhatsApp Pink and Purple.

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