Rocket Sideswipe MOD APK v1.0 (Unlimited Money, Ads Free)


Rocket Sideswipe


Download the modified version of Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk, in which you have unlimited vehicles and unlimited money for free.


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Car Skins and Wheels
  • No ads
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Unlocked Features

App Name

Rocket Sideswipe




Psyonix Studios


6.0 and up


156.5 MB


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Rocket League sideswipe Mod Apk  is a popular sport game that has been downloaded by more than millions of users. You might be thinking that it is an ordinary game by its looks, but in fact, it offers a fast paced, action packed experience that combines high speed with the thrilling kicks of a rocket car. It is an amazing game where types of elements and multiplayer gameplay exist. In this game, you have to play a football match with other players but kick it using rocket cars.

Rocket Sideswipe MOD APK unlimited money

Basically, you need to score most goals by driving the ball into the opponents net. Players can play 2 vs 2  matches against opponents from any country,  the first team to score 10 points will win the match. You can customize your car with your style, the game provides a lot of customization features. Rocket Sideswipe Mod Apk is developed by Psyonix Studios, it has 10 million downloads on Google play store, you can easily get it from Google play store. It is available for all Android, ioS, and PC,  so download this game on your mobile devices and experience a lot of fun. We also recommend you to download Soccer Stars MOD APK.


Rocket  League Sideswipe Mod Apk is a perfect combination of soccer and driving. In this game, you can play a football match with your car, you have to kick the ball in your opponents net with your car to win the match. The object of the game is to score more points by passing the ball over your opponents goal line in fewer moves. The first team to collect 10 points will win the match, you will have to learn the strategies to get the most out of speeding and stopping the  cars. In this game, players can control cars that are equipped with rocket boosters, allowing them to perform high speed actions instantly, and also aerial manoeuvres and shots.

Rocket Sideswipe MOD APK no ads

You can get first rank in the leaderboard and can show that your skills are amazing. Players can play  with online competitive players around the world, offline you can play with bots to improve your skills. Chat with your opponents and interact with stickers to learn their moves and strategies to win the game, and team up with anyone. Rocket Sideswipe Mod Apk, provides you many advanced features like unlimited money, unlock everything, no ads, and many more to enjoy. One of the best things about this game is  its eye capturing colour effects that make everything look realistic like grass, balls, cars, and many other things. In addition, now you can also download Basketball Arena MOD APK.

General Features of Rocket Sideswipe MOD APK

In the Rocket Sideswipe game, players command a group of rocket powered automobiles that compete against one another in a game of soccer. The game has a tone of incredible features which makes the game more interesting. These are given below.

Select your Vehicles

Generally sports cars fascinate the players and that’s why there are several cars available for the players and you can choose one  of them. The bright  and dynamic look of the vehicles makes the  Rocket league Sideswipe even more appealing. Moreover, you can also customize your vehicle with the items you have in this game. Each vehicle has a different power to weight ratio and the difference affects the physics.

Play Football with Car

You need to out-score your opponents,  kick the ball around with your car,  and score more points to win each  match. If you are able to collect 10 points, You will win the match and advance to the next level. After that if you do this, you will be able to face the next opponent and win against all of your other competitors. You can participate in a variety of exciting competitions and tournaments to hone your skills, gain more experience, and win trophies, rewards and other loot. Also, download PBA Basketball Slam MOD APK.

Different Game Modes

In Rocket Sideswipe, there are two primary game styles to choose from 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2. Depending on the map, you have to toss the ball through a basketball hoop or a high narrow goal. The games are short, lasting only two minutes, yet you can score a lot of great goals in that time. Although there  are currently only two options  available to users, developers are expected to add more in the future. Easy to play offline. In addition to playing online multiplayer mode, player vs player mode, tournament mode, and any number of additional modes.

Graphics and Audio

 The graphics of the game have been upgraded like any other custom game. Apart from the incredible music effects and visually appealing and intellectually stimulating atmosphere within the gaming itself.  The only objects with 3D models are vehicles and a ball. When it comes to the game’s audio, there is almost no background music, but there are plenty of sound effects that come from the cars  and balls crashing into each other. We also recommend you to download WWE Supercard MOD APK.

Play Tournaments

By playing Rocket Sideswipe, you have to compete with your opponents. You can play the full version of this game in tournaments with players from around the world. Tournament mode will be harder and more challenging than the regular mode. Also, you can also improve your skills by participating in ranked matches.

Mod Features of Rocket Sideswipe MOD APK

Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk, provides you with many advanced and beneficial features that give players a lot of fun while playing the game. These features are listed below.

Unlimited Money

The most interesting feature of the Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk is that you will have unlimited money. You can use this money to buy various  equipment and upgrade cars. Whereas in the original version, you have to play a lot of tournaments and events to earn a good amount of money. But if you want unlimited money for free, you have to download the modded version of the game from our website. We also recommend you to download Total Football MOD APK.

Unlocked Car Skins and Wheels

There are various things like car skins and wheels that are locked in the original version of Rocket League Sideswipe. You have to unlock these features by paying to the play store or play several levels to unlock them. Because of this, the modified version of Rocket Sideswipe Mod has unlocked all skins so that you can enjoy the game. You just need to download the modded version of the game.

No ads

Advertisements are usually very annoying while playing the Rocket League Mod Apk. Players can also lose interest in the game by having too many ads while playing the Rocket League Sideswipe. If you want to enjoy an ad free gaming experience, you have to download the modified version of the game because the modded version is completely ad free. You don’t have to worry about annoying ads and pop ups. The modified version of the game gives you a free gaming experience. In addition, now you can also download Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao MOD APK.

Unlocked Everything

There are more items that are not available in the official game,  you have to download the modded version of Rocket League Sideswipe Apk to unlock all items. If you want to enjoy advanced items and use everything in the game for free without any restrictions, then you need to download the modded version of the game from our website.

Unlocked Features

In the modified version, you can enjoy all unlocked features free of cost without paying any money. When you get all the features, you don’t need to struggle to collect money. In the official game, you have to spend real money to get all unlocked features because of the various in-game purchases. Download the mod version, and enjoy all unlocked features for free.

My Review

Rocket League Sideswipe Mod Apk is a different kind of exciting and fun soccer game. I love  playing this game, I really like its unique and different game play style. In the game, you can kick the ball to score goals in the opposing team’s goal, but this time not with the foot or head, but by rolling the ball and kicking the ball with the car.  You will immerse yourself in unique and entertaining gameplay and you will have a great time while playing. 

Rocket Sideswipe MOD APK hack

In the game, you can use unlimited money to upgrade and customize cars, as well as explore more levels, matches, and tournaments. You can play 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 and participate in global competitions and show your skill and surpass  your rivals. If you love to play games, then I would suggest you download the Rocket League Sideswipe to enjoy with your family and friends. We also recommend you to download NBA 2K22 APK.

Rocket Sideswipe MOD APK Video

FAQs OF Rocket Sideswipe MOD APK

Yes, the gameplay of the game has been designed in such a way that people belonging to any age group can play the game.

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure to download because all our apk files do  not contain any viruses.

This mod version removes all annoying pop-up ads for free so you can play the game without disturbance.

Yes, this game is 100% safe and virus free for all devices because you get a completely scanned app from our website.

Yes, you can play this game offline. You don’t need any internet connection for playing this game.

To get all unlocked features, you can download the updated mod version of Rocket Sideswipe Mod Apk which gives you all features for free.


Rocket League Sideswipe is a combination of racing and soccer, providing different elements and features to design a car, and can be played offline with bot and online with your teammates.  When you do this you can enjoy the experience of scoring more goals and points than all of your rivals. You can advance from one level to another, compete in tournaments, and win rewards.

In addition to gaining access to more tools, skins, and vehicles. Along with  using unlimited money and playing multiplayer mode to challenge more racers from around the world. If you are interested in playing this amazing game, you can easily download it from Google play store.

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