Royal Match MOD APK v20500 (Unlimited Money, Boosters)


Royal Match


Download Royal Match Mod APK with its unique features like unlimited boosters, money, stars, and coins. This game lets you enjoy the mod menu.


  • Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins, and Money
  • Enhanced User Experience with the Mod Menu
  • Match Icons and Unlock Interior Decorations
  • Explore Power-Ups and Unique Items
  • Unlock Various Rooms

App Name

Royal Match




Dream Games, Ltd.


5.1 and up


166 MB


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Royal Match Mod APK is a captivating puzzle game where every move brings you closer to unraveling a magnificent royal mystery. Enter the enchanting world of Royal Match, a delightful match-3 puzzle game that combines strategic thinking with a charming storyline. And now, with the Royal Match Mod APK, you can take your gaming experience to extraordinary heights.

Royal Match MOD APK unlimited money

Royal Match Mod APK is a modified version of the original Royal Match game, specially crafted to offer players an enhanced and thrilling journey through the royal mansion. This modded version introduces exciting features, unlocking unlimited resources and opportunities for puzzle enthusiasts. We also recommend you to download merge master mod apk.


  • The modded version 2024 offers a captivating gameplay experience where players can showcase their puzzle-solving skills in a magical and enchanting world. With engaging match-3 puzzles, the game challenges players to restore a majestic mansion to its former glory. Along the way, they’ll meet charming characters, unlock boosters and power-ups, and explore breathtaking locations.
  • The objective is to accumulate enough points to unlock different sections of King Robert’s castle. These sections, such as the dining area or the bedroom, offer unique challenges and opportunities to explore and decorate. As soon as you unlock a new team, you’ll task with furnishing and beautifying it by matching more items. 
  • Royal Match Mod APK is a fun and addictive game where you solve puzzles by matching three or more items. Earn points to unlock and decorate different sections of King Robert’s castle. Match colors to furnish each unlocked area. The more items you match, the faster you progress. Some puzzles can be challenging but enjoyable. The updated game keeps you hooked for hours.

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Royal Match MOD APK unlimited coin

Mod Features of Royal Match MOD APK

Royal Match Mod APK introduces exciting features that elevate the gaming experience. Players can access many benefits and functionalities by downloading and installing this modded version. Let’s explore the remarkable mod features of Royal Match Mod APK:

Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins, and Money

Players can enjoy unlimited boosters, stars, coins, and money with the modified version 2024. Royal Match modified version offers unlimited boosters, stars, coins, and power-ups to earn. Over 50 achievements in the updated puzzle game reward you with coins and star points when you unlock them. This abundance of resources empowers players to tackle challenging levels easily, progress swiftly, and unlock exciting rewards without limitations. We also recommend you to download fishdom mod apk.

Enhanced User Experience with the Mod Menu

The mod menu feature provides players additional options and controls, enhancing their overall user experience. From customization settings to advanced gameplay features, the mod menu expands the possibilities and allows players to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.

Match Icons and Unlock Interior Decorations

Royal Match by Dream Games is a delightful combination of match-3 puzzles and interior decoration. The latest version offers inspiration and relaxation with stunning visuals, cheerful colors, and hundreds of levels. Tap the screen to play and decorate royal rooms. With over 10 million installs and positive feedback, it’s a game worth downloading and enjoying.

Explore Power-Ups and Unique Items

In the new version, you will find a variety of power-ups and unique items. For instance, the hammer power-up can eliminate all items of a specific color. The bomb power-up destroys a 3×3 area surrounding it, while the rocket power-up obliterates everything in its path. These power-ups come in handy when you encounter challenging levels.

Additionally, there are numerous special items such as the crown, throne, and treasure chest. Matching these unique items with others of the same color will earn you bonus points. Make strategic moves to combine these items and clear the board effectively. Also, download bad piggies mod apk.

Unlock Various Rooms

The Royal Match modded version for Android offers the advantage of unlocking all rooms. It eliminates the need to spend time unlocking them individually. With this modification in the royal match, you can start playing the game right from the beginning and enjoy all the features without hassle.

General Features of Royal Match MOD APK

The Royal Match Mod APK comes packed with an array of enticing features that elevate your gaming adventure to a new level. Some of the available features include:

Offers Various Quests

In Royal Match, quests are essential to gameplay, offering rewards and progression. There are two types of quests in the new versionDaily Quests and Daily Challenges. Daily Quests are available each day and involve specific tasks like clearing stages or collecting items to earn rewards. Daily Challenges change daily and provide additional rewarding opportunities. Completing quests and challenges grants rewards such as gold coins and EXP cards. Engaging with these quests adds depth and excitement to the game, ensuring a rewarding experience in Royal Match. We also recommend you to download button fever mod apk.

Bundle of Levels

Royal Match is an engaging and challenging puzzle game around matching gems of the same color. The number of successful gems determines the score matches you make. With hundreds of diverse levels, each presenting distinct challenges and objectives, the game requires patience and skill to conquer them all. Prepare to put your puzzle-solving abilities to the test and aim for mastery!

Various Obstacles

In the pro mod 2024, there are various obstacles that you need to overcome to progress through the levels. These obstacles include potions, diamonds, coin safes, piggies, boxes, birds, cupboards, and mysterious mailboxes. If you’re not careful, these obstacles can impede your progress. However, by utilizing the appropriate power-ups, you can easily overcome them and continue advancing in the game. In addition, now you can also download tricky castle mod apk.

Regularly Updated Leaderboard

In this updated game, you’ll find a regularly updated global leaderboard. The latest version allows you to see your ranking compared to players worldwide. It’s an exciting feature that adds a competitive element to the gameplay. The pro mod will enable you to track your progress and strive for the top position. You can keep an eye on the leaderboard with the modified version. You can see how you fare against other players in the global gaming community.

My Review

  • I have enjoyed immersing myself in the enchanting world of Royal Match Mod APK, and it has been an extraordinary gaming experience. This modded version of the famous puzzle game has taken my gameplay to new heights, providing limitless resources and enhanced features that have enriched my enjoyment.
  • I was captivated by the engaging match-3 puzzles that challenged my puzzle-solving skills. The levels were thoughtfully designed, perfectly balancing difficulty and excitement. With the unlimited boosters, stars, coins, and money in the modded version, I never had to worry about running out of resources or feeling stuck on a particular level. It allowed me to progress smoothly and unlock new levels and challenges effortlessly.
  • Accessing the pro version and updated game features through the mod was a game-changer. I was always at the forefront of the game, experiencing the latest additions and improvements. 
  • In conclusion, I highly recommend Royal Match Mod APK to all puzzle game enthusiasts. It offers an unparalleled gaming experience, combining captivating match-3 puzzles, enchanting visuals, and a delightful storyline. 

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Royal Match MOD APK hack

Royal Match MOD APK Video

FAQs OF Royal Match MOD APK

Dream Games Ltd developed the Royal Match APK.

Playing offline mode provides convenience in the new version, but if you prefer, you can also play the game online. Your achievements will constantly update on the leaderboard by staying connected with friends. It’s an excellent opportunity to invite friends to play in modded apk 2023 and compete with each other.

When playing Royal Match, you’ll enjoy the absence of time limits and advertisements. There’s no pressure to make quick moves or interruptions from ads while playing.


  • In conclusion, Royal Match Mod APK offers puzzle enthusiasts an extraordinary opportunity to take their gaming experience to unprecedented levels. With its remarkable mod features, including unlimited boosters, stars, coins, and money, the removal of ads, access to the pro version and updated game features, and an enhanced user experience with the mod menu, this modified version unlocks limitless possibilities.
  • Embrace the enchanting world of Royal Match, where captivating match-3 puzzles, charming characters, and stunning locations await. Restore the grand mansion to its former glory, showcase your puzzle-solving skills, and create a personalized haven of beauty and elegance.
  • Download Royal Match Mod APK to unlock all its benefits and features. Immerse yourself in uninterrupted gaming sessions, overcome challenges effortlessly, and embark on a royal journey like never before.
  • Get ready to match, decorate, and explore with Royal Match Mod APK—where the possibilities are endless, and the adventure is truly royal!

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