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Rts TV


Discover ultimate entertainment app, RTS TV APK. Stream live TV channels, enjoy ad-free viewing, and unlock premium features. Download now.


  • Live TV Channels
  • Large Subtitle Options
  • Multiple Streaming Variations
  • High-Quality Video and aAudio

App Name

Rts TV




RTS Radio Télévision Suisse


6.0 and up


5.0 MB


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RTS TV APK is an exceptional entertainment application designed for Android users. The pro version offers an extensive collection of live TV channels users can access a wide range of content. They can easily watch their favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and news. 


It’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it popular among streaming enthusiasts. Whether you want to catch up on your favorite shows, enjoy live sports events, or explore new movies, RTS TV APK is your gateway to a world of entertainment. We also recommend you to download mobdro apk.

Overview of Rts TV APK

The app provides multiple streaming options, allowing users to customize playback quality for uninterrupted viewing. It also supports multiple subtitles, breaking language barriers and enhancing the user experience. 


Regular updates ensure improved stability, performance, and additional features. Users can upgrade their app to the pro version for an ad-free experience and exclusive content. RTS TV APK is readily available for download and offers a premium streaming experience on the go. In addition, now you can also download hd streamz apk.

Mod Features of Rts TV APK

The latest version ensures a seamless streaming experience with enhanced stability and performance. With each update, RTS TV APK aims to provide users cutting-edge mod features and a smooth interface.

Live TV channels

Even if you’re not a movie enthusiast, you can still utilize this platform as your live TV source. Its latest version, 2024, offers a selection of 500+ live TV channels. You can choose from various options. You can also entertain with your favorite sports events from around the globe, further enhancing your viewing experience.

Large Subtitle Options

The updated app provides subtitle options for special programs, enhancing accessibility for users who prefer watching content with subtitles. This feature especially benefits viewers who must be more fluent in the program’s language. It is also allowing them to understand the content more effectively. We also recommend you to download ghd sports apk.

Multiple Streaming Variations

The Rts tv apk latest version offers a range of streaming options, like free live streaming and on-demand content. Users can enjoy their favorite shows and events at no cost. Additionally, the platform supports integration with social media platforms like Facebook, enabling events to reach a larger audience and facilitating seamless content sharing.

High-Quality Video and Audio

Rts tv provides viewers with an incredible streaming experience with high-quality video and audio. The platform uses cutting-edge technology to ensure crystal-clear visuals and sound. User can enhance their view experience even in low-bandwidth scenarios. In addition, now you can also download yacine tv apk.

General Features of Rts TV APK

The Rts tv apk has an array of enticing features that elevate your app user adventure to a new level. Some of the available features include:

Permit to download

You can download your favorite content in the updated app with just one click if you do not want to watch it live. Your favorite video or movie will be downloaded easily to your device by clicking on the link without any cost. The updated version 2024 of the Rts tv app will allow you to enjoy it offline at your convenience. In addition, now you can also download pikashow apk.

Access to Pakistani & Indian Channels

The updated app version also offers access to various Indian and Pakistani TV channels. It will enable users to enjoy content from these regions. This feature is especially valuable for individuals wishing to stay connected to cultural heritage and updated with programming from their home countries. We also recommend you to download Cricpk apk.

Enjoy your Favorite Movies and Web Series

Using the latest Rts tv app, you can indulge in your favorite movies and web series anytime. The platform’s new version offers content like live sports, new movies, and web series. You can enjoy genres such as romance, war, horror, action, crime, animation, biography, adventure, comedy, drama, thriller, and even access content from Hollywood, Bollywood, and documentaries.


You can customize the new app and receive notifications for favorite sports and movies. This customization will ensure that you stay aware of important updates from the new version of the app. You will always catch all important news or events related to your preferred content.

My Review

The Rts tv apk has completely transformed my entertainment experience. The latest app’s intuitive user interface allows easy navigation and browsing through its extensive live TV channels and on-demand content collection. I can enjoy my favorite shows and movies seamlessly with high-quality streaming and multiple streaming options.

I can easily adjust the quality based on my internet connection. Including multiple subtitles break language barriers, and the ad-free experience ensures uninterrupted viewing pleasure. RTS TV APK is highly recommended for anyone seeking a reliable, feature-packed streaming app that enhances how we consume entertainment. We also recommend you to download abbasi tv apk.

Rts TV APK Video


RTS TV APK supports various Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, Android TV boxes, and Fire TV Stick. You can enjoy your favorite movie on different devices with a single account.

Yes, RTS TV APK is compatible with Android smart TVs. You can install the latest app directly on your smart TV or use casting methods to stream content from your Android device to the TV.

RTS TV APK offers a wide selection of live sports channels, allowing you to watch your favorite games and events in real-time.


In summary, RTS TV APK is an amazing entertainment app for Android users. Its updated version offers a wide range of live TV channels, multiple streaming options, and a user-friendly interface. With the mod features, you can enjoy a pro version experience, including an ad-free environment, unlimited downloads, and access to premium content. 

The modded version enhances the performance and functionality of the app, providing a seamless streaming experience. Download RTS TV APK now and embark on a journey filled with captivating shows, movies, and live sports. Upgrade your entertainment experience and embrace the convenience and quality that RTS TV APK brings. Don’t wait any longer—start exploring and enjoying your favorite content today! We also recommend you to download zee5 mod apk.

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