Dragon City MOD APK 2024 v24.3.0 (Unlimited Gems, Money)


Dragon City


Download latest modified version of Dragon City Mod Apk multiplayer game, and enjoy unlimited gems, money, and all unlock dragons for free.


  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Money:
  • Everything Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Unlock all Dragons

App Name

Dragon City




Social Point


5.0 and up


203.7 MB


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Dragon City is an amazing simulation game where you can have your own dragon. Train your army of dragons and fight against other players of the game or you can face the mighty dragon fighters. The 3D graphics of the game provide a truly excellent dragon model design and gaming experience. Build your own dragon city and collect different breeds of dragons. There are many unique dragon breeds available in this game that you can collect and train. You can level up your dragon and unlock new power and abilities to improve battle performance.

Dragon City MOD APK unlocked

The developer of the Dragon City Apk is Social Point, it has received 100 million downloads on Google play store. It is available for free on both Android and iOS devices. The best part of the game is that it gets updated every week and this eventually leads to a lot of new dragons. Your ultimate playing field in this Dragon City Mod Apk universe where you will fight with other players out there. This charming and amazing game brings joy especially to children and they will love the power of this fun game full of lots of fun and happiness. In addition, now you can also download The Sims Freeplay MOD APK.

Dragon City MOD APK GamePlay

Dragon City Mod Apk is a very interesting game and comes with simple gameplay. In the game, your goal as the Dragon master is to collect as many dragons as possible and add them to your collection. The more you collect,  the more powerful your team will be, and the more battles you can win. There is a feeding feature that allows you to do this. As you might expect, you feed your dragons with items you collect, and they level up as a result. They get stronger, as they get higher.  To do this you will also need to build some structures.For example, to continuously produce food, you must first build a farm. You collect dragon eggs, harvest them, and then place the dragon that emerges in your own dragon city once it hatches. 

Dragon City MOD APK unlimited gems

You also have to take care of your dragons from time to time. You can control your dragons by using interesting controls because they will be controlled so easily that you don’t need to put much energy. Your dragon will be in your hand and you can control them the way you want. You can use rewards and money to buy different things in the game and you can also get many goods to keep your fort safe and secure and  you also have to make the fort walls so strong that the enemy can attack and you could not capture the palace easily. You have to complete all the levels in order to get the end success. We also recommend you to download Township MOD APK.

Mod Features of Dragon City MOD APK

 The Dragon City Hack Apk offers some unique and advanced features which make the game more interesting for the players. Here, some beneficial features are given below.

Unlimited Gems

One of the prominent features of this hacked version is that you will get unlimited gems. Gems played an important role in this game and are used to revive your dragons between the battles to give you another chance to fight and win the match. Gems are also used to add different ancient buildings in your dragon city. It may be used to recharge your dragon’s memory between combat, create a structure in dragon city, and unlock powerful dragons. You can do all this with unlimited gems, if you want to enjoy unlimited gems for free, then you have to download the modified version of Dragon City Mod Apk from our website.

Unlimited Money

The modded version of Dragon City Apk provides you unlimited money for free. This money can be used to buy many resources from the shop. As we all know money is necessary to build a beautiful Dragon City. Cities require money to add residences such as  flame residence, sea residence, and many others, you can also use money to unlock different types of dragons. So, download the pro version of Dragon City hack Apk and get unlimited money for free.

Everything Unlocked

By using the modified version of Dragon City Mod Apk, you will get unlimited resources without paying any money. If you have played the official version of the Dragon City game, you must know how much time and money it takes to create resources. Also, you will have to work hard and play all day to get a few coins and gems. But by using the modded version of Dragon City hack Apk, you will have unlimited resources, and you don’t even need to spend real money to get them. This modded version also offers you an endless amount of gold and gems to buy all the other assets. Also, download tap tap run mod apk.

No Ads

This Hack version, also provides you an amazing feature which is no ads which means the new version of the game is free from ads. In the official version of the game, while you play, many ads pop up on your mobile screen from time to time, distracting you. Now, you don’t have to worry about this problem because all the annoying and pop up ads are automatically removed, when you download the modified version of Dragon City Apk.Then, you can freely enjoy an ads free gaming experience.

Unlock all Dragons

One of the best features of Dragon City Mod Apk is that you will  get more than 500 types of dragons for free. In addition to the basic dragons, you will also get dragons with many special abilities and skills. As you complete more missions, you will gain access to more dragons. You can also create hybrid dragons by breeding and combining 10 types of dragons at the same time in this game. If you want to enjoy all unlocked dragons, you have to download the modded version of Dragon City 2024 for free from our website.

General features of Dragon City MOD APK

Dragon City is one of the most popular games at the moment, and users can experience unparalleled joy in Dragon city. There are some basic features which make the game more enjoyable. Some features are listed below.

Build Dragon City

Dragon City is  about building  your dragon island and city where you can keep and train your dragons. You can enjoy creating an amazing dragon land and collecting dragons. Customise your dragon city and make changes in your dragon island as you wish. You should design your dragon island according to the different species of dragons that inhabit it. Build the city of dragons according to the needs of dragons. You can collect hundreds of dragons in this game and can train your army to fight against other rivals. We also recommend you to download Pokemon TCG MOD APK.

PVP Arenas

Dragon City is an online multiplayer game where you can participate in PVP arenas. There are millions of other people  training their dragons and looking for a challenge. You can challenge those trainers and show them the true power of dragons. Make strong strategies and capture legendary dragons to become more powerful against other players in the game. You can conquer the arenas and collect different items and elements. Participate in PVP arenas and challenge pro players, there are many masters of PVP arena you can have new ideas and improve your battle skills.

Play Weekly Events

This game has various game modes that you can play but the best feature is that this game has weekly events. You can participate in weekly events to complete different challenges.  Get tons of new dragons every week by breeding them in the event.  Very intuitive and simple touch controls make the game easy to play, you must have any battle skills as the game will guide you through everything. You can play weekly events and experience many new dragons in the game and enjoy a fun game. When you complete the various challenges, you will then unlock more new dragons in the game.

Multiplayer Game

Dragon City Mod Apk is a multiplayer game with online and offline both supporting mechanics. It is possible to play this game with real players and get into a challenging RPG genre. The best part of the game is that, unlike other games where the multiplayer options come with some restrictions like ad, lag, and other annoying concerns, there is a set procedure for it.  The game packs a strong anti-ban mod feature to make it a great multiplayer game. In the multiplayer game, you can also enjoy it with your friends who enjoy wonderful gameplay. We also recommend you to download Lovestruck MOD APK.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics of this game are very amazing and fantastic and it has amazing colour combinations of dragons, islands, trees, buildings, habitats, and many different objects. You can enjoy  every part of this game with amazing graphics. Every gaming application has different graphics effects to make the game more attractive. You can enjoy Dragon City Apk with high quality 3D graphics. Also, the game’s sound effects are excellent. You can feel the realistic background music while playing the game.

My Review

Dragon City is one of the best simulation games, I really enjoy its amazing and unique gameplay. This game gives an exciting gaming experience, in which you can play with your friends or random gamers using your social accounts. While playing online multiplayer modes in this game, you can make a variety of new friends. This game is entirely focused on building a dragon city on several floating islands, as well as purchasing assets, protective shelters, farms, buildings,residences, and training your dragons for battles. However, if you are a newbie who has only recently started your journey in Dragon city, collecting gold and gems for the purposes of building your city.

Dragon City MOD APK hack

This game also gives you unlimited money, gold, unlimited gems, unlimited everything, and many advanced and premium features to enjoy. The best part of this game is the strong no ban mod that this game has which makes the game the best multiplayer game. If you are interested in playing this game, then I will recommend you to download the latest version of Dragon City Mod Apk from Google play store for free. In addition, now you can also download bucket crusher mod apk.

Dragon City MOD APK Video

FAQs of Dragon City MOD APK

Yes, this modified game is absolutely scanned from all the viruses and you do not need to worry about any virus while playing the mod game.

The modded game gives you lots of premium features which are unlimited gems, unlocked all dragons, free shopping, unlimited money, and much more without any charge.

Yes, this game is 100% safe and virus free for all devices because you get a completely scanned app from our website.

No, Dragon City Mod Apk is the most popular real life simulation that comes with no payment and cost mechanism but all free of cost.

If you want to download the modded version of this game, you only need to click on the download button given above the article. On the other hand, you can easily download the official version of this game from Google play store free of cost.


Dragon City Mod Apk is a wonderful and amazing game where you will fight for our survival and also fight against  teams that have come from the other players and want to capture your castle and defeat you.But you have to make sure you stay invincible until the end of the game. Catch your favourite dragon breed and train them to become powerful. The controls and graphics of the game have been completely optimized so that you can easily get the best gameplay experience.

There are some powerful and legendary dragons in the game which possess some legendary powers. You can get the mod to get all the dragons for free, enjoy unlimited resources and grow your dragon city. Dragon City is the best multiplayer gaming platform with enchanting support and anti ban mechanic. If you want to enjoy a lot of fun, then download the modded version of this game for your Android devices for free and safe. We also recommend you to download picka mod apk.

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