Lovestruck MOD APK v9.6 (Unlimited Hearts, Tickets, Unlock)

Lovestruck Mod APK



Download Lovestruck Mod APK latest version free with unlimited tickets, hearts , customizable characters and hack features all unlocked.


  • Fully Unlocked all Choosable Characters
  • Series of Choosing your Romance Comic
  • Brings new Tales of Love
  • Unlocked Everything Chooses your Romance
  • Lovestruck MOD Unlimited Hearts
  • Romance APK Unlimited Tickets
  • The latest Edition of Stories brings New Characters

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Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.


5.0 and up


87 MB


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Lovestruck MOD APK 2024 is a way of virtually choosing your romance in the form of comic, the mod apk will advantage your character to become attractive to females if you prefer you can choose any series story of choice and continue the play because of lovestruck mod apk unlimited everything, unlimited hearts and sbenny free from voltage inc games mod apk without any meanings of costing you a quarter dollar for downloading the game.

Lovestruck MOD APK HACK

Download the latest version of lovestruck for android and iOS here at Appvalleyz for absolutely free. It is available on both platforms for a user to access the tales of romance anywhere in spare time to enjoy the fairy love of enchantment romance mod apk. Everybody likes reading romance novels and stores, this is one of the reasons you are seeing this adventurous romanceful romantic game on your smart devices.

Lovestruck Mod APK 2024 Latest Version Unlocked

The best thing of romance unlocked lovestruck mod apk 2024 is to provide you with the enjoyment of mix stories from the comics world where you can choose the possible romance couples of choice or made couple to accomplish the goals of the game. The lovely concept is very dreamy and romantic for everyone to hold breaths when seeing your favourite character form a wide range of stories as you play along.


It will suggest you update to latest 8.6 version when you install it will automatically detect the version because the provided version has the support of new release improvements with updates. You will benefit from the latest and up to date stories from all the dating and love mashup series. In addition, you can also download Dragon City MOD APK from our website.

As a human being, we all bound with love and it is a hot topic of all ages as we love we truly express our feelings to another person of the same interest and then live a long happy life. To be captivated with emotions it is always appreciated to have a good story of love and romance, that’s the reason I have to bring you the most fascinated game of romance you can play with friends.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance MOD APK Strategy

Your Romance will never end when you indulge with game emotions and move to its stories from multiple series as it becomes the ultimate romance strategy simulation game with combinational addition of many other games series you can play and enjoy the specific characters as long you fell for them form a wide range of selection.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance MOD Unlimited Hearts

The good thing about our modified version of lovestruck mod unlimited hearts are free with unlimited tickets. So you can really enjoy the unlocked features of the game without involving yourself with coding through the sketchy techniques waste your time and effort for the half of the information on the web. In addition, now you can also download The Sims Freeplay MOD APK.

Romance APK Unlocked

We did the work of delivering you almost the entire workload of effort and bring this exciting new romance apk game unlocked with all the features free to your smartphones. It is all unlocked with tickets and hearts for your ease so you only relax and enjoy the dating with anime series.

Lovestruck MOD APK Sbenny

Playing lovestruck Sbenny is very enjoyable for all genders, men, women and others because it is for all not specific to some. You have the freedom to choose your ideal character for a series of related games and stories that were added with each update brings new things to your selection. Choosing will not be easy as you fall for every other character.

The ideal romance always wanted to accomplish the happy end and it is the crown of fairy tails stories and romance novel games to become apart of happiness. There are tons of stories you can take part in the unique character buildup and decide your fate on the basis of different storylines from the novels you can live up romantic fiction of your dreams. We also recommend you to download Township MOD APK.

New Stories of Lovestruck MOD APK Unlimited Everything

This is a game of love and very fair to stories that made your mind goes to the drama world of favourite series of interest where can make interaction with popular characters to fall for love. It has grown with greatest interactive romance stories you will adhere for the situations they will take you to express the inner feelings.

It is the opportunity of romance a genre for players who indulge themselves to play the odds and wins the hearts. The wide selection of 80 plus characters from different series of anime you ill never bored from the game as it always brings a new character to choose for different simulation. Here are some of the top series from the stories you can play a part in the romance. Also, download tap tap run mod apk.

Supernatural Romance

It is the specific genre story of supernatural ability characters who are different from each other but being so fearless to love and destined to join together. Romancing in nature and transformed humans like vampires, the werewolf is very much like to live up the hope of love with super abilities they always in search of equal and unique love that you are going to fulfil the lines of a story with the continuation.

Fantasy Romance

As always loved fantasy stories and sweet tails of love, you will fall for the destiny chosen couples of all time with the new series edition of lovestruck choose your romance apk. Remember the favourite stories of childhood with princess and prince of far far empire are destined together you will witness the love with these series of brave heroes, gingers and wizards, and demons who fall in love with humans. Download Pokemon TCG MOD APK and use it. You’ll get new friends from all over the world

Sweet Enchantments

The love of magic is popular among many as it lives up the fantasy grown on every princess and pearl to become the famous and beautiful in the world. There are a great line of characters from magic farries to gingers who will let you fall for them and make you broke your heart. To be fair it is the magic that let you experience the love of realistic appealing beauty. If you love Fortnite then download bucket crusher mod apk because it is also similar game.

Reigning Passions

It is the story keep you captivated for a long time on shows as it is mysterious and lovely you will become fond of a new princess. Who summons the village of barmaid with magic powers and whispers the sweet crowns you ned to become more generous toward the character as you progress with the harness of world. We also recommend you to download picka mod apk.

Lovestruck MOD APK Video

New Features of Lovestruck MOD APK Sbenny:

  • The latest edition of stories brings new characters.
  • Romance apk unlimited tickets.
  • Lovestruck mod unlimited hearts.
  • Unlocked everything chooses your romance.
  • Brings new tales of love.
  • Series of choosing your romance comic.
  • Fully unlocked all choosable characters.

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