Download FX File Explorer APK 2024 v9.0.1.2 (for Android)

FX File Explorer APK

FX File Explorer


Download FX File Explorer APK to transfer data between devices and PCs. Wireless transfer of data at high speed with unlimited features and easy access.

FX File Explorer APK Overview

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FX File Explorer



NextApp, Inc.


5.0 and up


11 MB


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It is not easy to manage storage on low-end devices and most users face device lagging issues. But now you can organize the files and transfer unlimited data wirelessly with the help of the FX File Explorer APK. Download this application to manage everything on your device at no cost. Unlock the pro features of this application to get a user-friendly interface.

FX File Explorer APK Cover

Like cx file explorer apk, the latest version of FX File Explorer will also help Android users to manage the documents and folders on their devices. In addition, if the consumption of storage by unwanted apps is troublesome for you, then you can easily solve it by using this app. Sort the folders according to the size and then delete the unwanted folders to free up some space. We also have Lucky Patcher APK on our website.

What is the FX File Explorer APK?

The File Manager of Android devices provides limited features to the users which are not enough to manage the device. In addition, due to this, the optimization of the device becomes challenging. To get a professional app through which users can optimize their devices, everyone needs to download FX File Explorer.

Furthermore, it will also assist you in opening various formats of files such as ZIP, RAM, RAR, 7ZIP, and many others. Apart from that, you can also view the images and videos on your devices with more features to get a unique interface. The brightness and sound of videos can be controlled within the app without managing it from the notification bar.

What is the FX File Explorer APK

Nevertheless, using the FX File Explorer Pro will get a bunch of custom features that will help you get a performance boost. If you ever face lag or crash of the device then use this application to optimize your device easily. This will help you set the folders and documents properly so that your data will not get mixed up. In addition, you can also download Hotspot Shield VPN MOD APK from our website.

Features of FX File Explorer App

This application ranks as one of the top leading file manager apps. Therefore, it will provide a wide range of features for a user-friendly experience. In addition, the features available in this application are rare to find. So if you want to get the best experience on your devices then you should download this application. Below are the features available in the latest version of this application:

Device Optimization

Boost your device to get a smooth performance in no time. Clear unnecessary data and cache with the help of this application. This will increase the speed of your device so that you will be able to access everything easily.

Features of FX File Explorer App

Easy File Transfer

If you want to transfer the data from your device then you can use FX File Explorer APK as a medium. This will allow you to share the data from one device to another in no time. It is a fast and reliable method of transferring all types of data from images and videos to files and folders.

FX Connection

This feature allows you to connect your phone with another phone through an internet connection. You will be able to transfer all sorts of data from apk files and folders to images and videos effortlessly.

Display Options

This feature will allow you to sort your data and folders according to their size, name, date, and type. Moreover, you can also change the view option from grid and line to gallery and list. It depends on what sort of formation you want to select.

FX File Explorer

Wireless Data Sharing

Data transfer with USB cables is outdated nowadays. The reliable and swift source of sharing the data is through using the internet connection. This application allows you to share files and folders wirelessly without compromising the quality.

NFC Connection

If your device supports FX+ then you can make a connection between two devices by touching the devices from the back. This will instantly connect the two devices.

Web Access

With the help of this application, you can easily transfer files and folders from your phone to your PC and vice versa wirelessly. This method of sharing the files is rare on other file manager apps.

FX File Explorer App

No Ads

Most of the time, downloading a third-party app streams unnecessary advertisements which is a big trouble. However, this application will not do such actions because it values the experience of users.

Analytics of Storage

Get the exact information of your storage consumption and free space with graphs. Identify the space-consuming apps and take action accordingly. This feature will enable you to optimize the phone.

How to Share Data from Phone to PC with FX File Explorer APK?

You can easily connect your phone to the PC using this application. For that, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, open the application and click on ‘Home’.
  • Then select the Web Access option.
  • Now you have to copy and paste the link address on the browser.
  • Allow the permissions required to connect the devices.
  • After verifying the link you will be able to get a secure connection between both devices.

Personal Review

The latest version of the FX File Explorer app provides a variety of features to the users which provide easy customization and management options. With the help of this application, we can increase the speed of our devices and get a smooth performance. Furthermore, there are no charges to download the app and it provides pro features without any premium.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

No, this application does not share your information with anyone. It is safe to use because the encryption is strong enough to protect your information.

Yes, it is possible to back up your data on Google Drive.

Yes, it is one of the very few apps which provide this feature. If you are using an old version of Windows then this feature will assist you.


Lastly, if you are tired of managing the storage in old school way then download FX File Explorer APK on your devices. This application can be easily accessed on Android devices to optimize and manage the data. Furthermore, it is a secure source of transferring files from phone to other devices without any USB connection.

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