Stick Cricket Live MOD APK 2024 v1.4.0 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

Stick Cricket Live


Download Stick Cricket Live Mod APK for immersive cricket gameplay. Control hits with precision and enjoys a new level of cricket action. Free download!


  • Unlimited Money and Diamonds
  • Various places are now accessible.
  • Unlock cards and collect them
  • Players face off in a 1v1 match
  • Cricket stadiums from all over the world in 3D
  • Tool bags are available

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Stick Cricket Live




Stick Sports Ltd


5.1 and up


123 MB


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In real-time, you can play cricket in cool 3D places worldwide and against real people. Show how good you are at cricket and try to get the highest score possible. Choose your team carefully to have a better chance of winning. You can also change your player’s name, appearance, and where they’re from. And if you need more than that, you can even make your stadiums in different parts of the world and play against other players. We also recommend you to download football strike mod apk.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK unlock card

Intro OF Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

Stick Cricket Live mod APK offers an updated version of the original game and gives players an enriched cricket gaming experience on their mobile devices. This altered version often includes extra features such as unlimited in-game currency, unlocked players and teams, and other premium benefits not found in the regular game. 

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Unlimited money

Players can enjoy realistic cricket matches, batting against various opponents, and scoring runs. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when downloading modded APKs from reliable sources, as they may go against the game’s terms of service and pose security risks to your device. Considering the potential advantages and consequences before using modded game versions is wise. In addition, now you can also download golf battle mod apk.

Mod Features of Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

Stick Cricket live mod apk has exciting features that enhance the gameplay experience. Some notable mod features include:

Unlimited Money and Diamonds

The Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Unlimited Money and Diamond version gives you special access to the game’s best features without spending real money. This version lets you enjoy excellent items, characters, and ways to personalize your match for free. Moreover, the Stick Cricket Live MOD APK for Android helps you move forward in the game more quickly by unlocking new levels.

Various places are now accessible

Cricket has gained immense popularity across multiple countries. It led to matches in famous national stadiums worldwide. It has resulted in matches comparable in scale to baseball and football, attracting millions of viewers. Cities like India, Dubai, New York, Mumbai, and London will be options to host these matches. For players, having the chance to play in large stadiums is a significant honor. You can create exciting matches that captivate the audience and deliver thrilling moments. It could make you the best player globally. We also recommend you to download head ball 2 mod apk.

Unlock cards and collect them

Collect and gather cards to build a better character. These cards are divided into different groups based on how rare they are. There are standard cards that appear often, rare cards that are harder to find, epic cards that are even rarer, and one unique hero card that’s very special. These cards show pictures of famous Cricket players like Aryu Insayn, Hugh Mungus, Raging Bull, and Pavel Florin. 

You must win essential matches using the most skilled player to collect more cards. By doing this, you can become the new champion. To do that, you have to beat opponents who are good at playing the game. What matters the most is how you use your skills while playing.

Players face off in a 1v1 match

You’ll play a one-on-one match against another player in Stick Cricket Live. Instead of bowling, you’ll be batting. When you hit the ball, it disappears, and the other player’s red ball appears. The goal is to make your ball travel the farthest to earn more points. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

To get lots of points, think about a few things. After each hit, a hint shows where you’re most accurate. If you hit the ball there, it helps you get a better score. Sometimes, try to hit the ball out of the field and into the stands for more points. Also, download world soccer league mod apk.

Cricket stadiums from all over the world in 3D

Cricket is a fast and exciting sport where players try to get close to the ball and throw it accurately. If a team doesn’t do well, there might be disagreements. I’m looking forward to the opening of new cricket venues like Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, the Dubai Worldwide Cricket Academy Indoor Stadium, and the mandate fields in England and South Africa in 2024. You can also play cricket games in your yard using 3D stadiums worldwide. You can unlock cool things like digital maps, and the different player looks through a new app.

Tool bags are available

The tool bag is where you’ll keep all your hunting gear. When you complete a mission, you’ll get a tool bag. You can get it by participating in events or buying it. Inside the bag will be different items, from standard to rare, like cards, supplies, and unique items. The bags can vary in size and color – small free bags, medium-sized blue bags, large red bags, and even bigger green bags. The items you receive will match the rarity of the bag you open. The more you play each day, the more packs you can get.

General Features OF Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

The Stick Cricket live mod apk has an array of enticing features that elevate your gaming adventure to a new level. Some of the available features include:

Take part in different Leagues

Leagues are a popular way to play stick cricket. You can either make your league or join one that already exists. It is cool because it lets you play against your friends to determine the best player. There’s also a version of the game for two players, where one person bowls and the other person bats. It’s delightful and can get pretty competitive. Stick cricket comes in different types like stick cricket, t20, super 8, and t2, and they’re all a lot of fun to play. We also recommend you to download fifa mobile mod apk.

Amazing Rewards

After you finish certain levels in Stick Cricket Live, you’ll get cool rewards like diamonds, coins, and chests. These chests have all sorts of unique things inside, including new players and sports gear. You can also use your in-game stuff to open more chests. It will help you improve your players and take better shots in the game.

Access to cricket in a simple way

Stick Cricket Live is a simple game where you control a player in a cricket match. Your goal is to time your hits right and choose the right direction using buttons on the screen. The updated game is easy to understand and gives you a close view of the action. In addition, now you can also download top eleven mod apk.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK HACK

My Review

Stick Cricket Live Mod APK offers a thrilling cricket experience that I highly recommend. The game’s user-friendly controls, realistic graphics, and strategic gameplay make it stand out. It redefines cricket gaming with various challenges, live matches against real players, and added modded features. Whether you’re a cricket fan or a casual gamer, this modded version delivers immersive and exciting gameplay that sets a new standard for mobile gaming. We also recommend you to download wrestling revolution mod apk.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Video

FAQs OF Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

You will collect cards from the same player to upgrade cards in Stick Cricket Live. Look for the green arrow on the card and tap the card to upgrade and boost player abilities.

Yes, you can play with Facebook friends in Stick Cricket Live. It means you can have friendly matches and compete directly with people from your Facebook friend list in the game.

Stick Sports Ltd is the developer of the stick cricket mod apk.


In conclusion, Stick Cricket Live offers an accessible and engaging cricket gaming experience, focusing on timing and directional accuracy. Its user-friendly controls and immersive perspective make it an excellent choice for cricket enthusiasts and casual players.

For those looking to enhance their gaming experience further, the Stick Cricket Live mod APK could be a fantastic option. With the mod APK, you can unlock additional features, levels, and customization options that excite the game. So, why take your Stick Cricket Live adventure to the next level? Download the mod APK today and enter the virtual cricket field with even more enthusiasm and thrill!

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