Haunted Dorm MOD APK 2024 v1.7.3 Unlimited Money/Coins


Haunted Dorm


Download Haunted Dorm Mod Apk with unlimited money and gold to enjoy the horror and fun based experience with multiplayer mode and ads free.


  • Unlimited Money and Gold
  • Repair No CD
  • Ad Free
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • All Premium Features Unlocked
  • Upgrade Your Machinery

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Haunted Dorm






7.0 and up


101.66 MB


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If you love to experience fear and thriller in unique horror games,Now you can experience Haunted Dorm Mod Apk. You will have scary experiences in your hostel and what will you do to fight the terrible things that happen there. Download the game and discover the scary things happening in your dorm, and enjoy this exciting horror game with attractive features. Haunted dorm is a haunted game with lots of surprises waiting for you. Apart from horror, it also contains many fun elements and wonderful scenes. Don’t be afraid of ghosts because they are not real. You will try to avoid the attacks of ghosts and collect money, Haunted dorm is a tower defense strategy game, where you will protect yourself and kill the ghosts..Variety of characters will give unique experience to the players. 

haunted dorm MOD APK unlimited money

Haunted dorm is a horror game for Android devices, developed by WHWL. You may encounter scary ghosts in your hostel. Corridors are also in serious danger and can be chased. To avoid the ghosts you can only hide behind the closed door of the room, you will need to upgrade your room door to avoid the attack of scary ghosts. By hiding in rooms, you can build defensive structures and grow your economy. You can also invest in a better bed to improve your sleep, but you may fall asleep to the sound of creepy ghosts banging on the door. You and your friends will join the battle to fight evil and survive in this terrifying hostel. The graphics and visuals of the game are arranged in Q style, there are various adventures, opportunities to enjoy the game with more fun by playing the game. We also recommend you to download snake rivals mod apk.


Haunted Dorm Mod Apk is a unique horror game with level breaking elements of adventures, to be decoded in the game. There are many possibilities of adventure, after choosing your character in the game the game starts. If you like braces, you should kill all the ghosts in the game consistently. The game gives you great rewards and gifts that help you progress faster through different stages. A ghost rider coming towards you and the character is lying on the bed, the corridor is not safe, hide yourself in a room and upgrade your economy. You will try to sleep but the loud noises keep disturbing you. Your next step is to use weapons and to defeat all the challenging ghosts, but they do not die easily.

Haunted Dorm Mod Apk repair no cd

Haunted dorm Mod apk  provides you a large variety of characters like, dreamers, puppets,and cream wrappers etc. There are many ways to win the battles such as you can call your friend for help or Invest money in the right place and update the items and increase their strength. The overall look is terrible and you will see the dark theme in the background, you will only need to sleep as much as you can. 

Haunted Dorm Mod Apk is a modified version of Haunted dorm game with many advanced features, this version will bring you more advanced features than the original version. You will go on an exciting adventure against scary ghosts of this game, with advanced features of new mod you will join the adventure easily at no cost with mod features like unlimited money, no ads,repair no CD and many more. This game has 500+ millions downloads on Google play store, you can also easily download it from our website free of cost. In addition, now you can also download lonely survivor mod apk.

Mod Features of Haunted Dorm MOD APK

Haunted Dorm Mod Apk gives you many modded features through which you can enjoy additional advantages while playing the game. Here we tell you some mod features,

Unlimited Money and Gold

In Haunted dorm Mod Apk you will get unlimited money, so you can buy everything while enjoying the game without any problem. You won’t have to make in-app purchases or earn money by playing games like in the original from Google. With this mod version you can easily earn unlimited money and use it to enjoy the game, the game gives you great rewards and gifts that help you progress faster through different stages, you have to fight ghosts to earn money. But it is not that easy , there are many challenges. However the Haunted dorm mod apk gives you endless gold coins and money to upgrade all weapons and in-game elements. You will need to put a lot of time into completing levels and accomplishing the tasks, nothing can stop you winning the game. We also recommend you to download tough man mod apk.

Repair No CD

Haunted Mod Apk gives you another cool feature which is  not repairing CDs. You will need to be able to improve the infrastructure of the hostel as it is a refuge from the threat of scary ghosts. With this feature you won’t have to wait for those skills to slow down  and you can upgrade your room faster. Every upgrade is just a click away from you, plus you wont need to worry  about the in app purchases or expenses. So upgrade your room fast, and get everything  you want.

Ad Free

In the modern version of Haunted dorm, you won’t  be faced with ads that interrupt your experience, so you can focus more on your game experience. This version is free from ads as it removes all pop ups. If you want to experience Haunted dorm mod apk without any hindrance then you can download its latest version  from our website without paying any money. And enjoy long lasting and free fun of the game. We also recommend you to download my perfect hotel mod apk.

Unlocked All Levels

Haunted dorm mod apk has unlocked  all levels for you, so that you can enjoy all levels. The levels in this game are both tough and dynamic. It’s impossible to plan because you never know what’s going to happen next. This suspense of the game makes the game more curious and interesting. Haunted dorm modded version, has many stages and levels available, if you don’t have enough time to play this game to buy all exciting levels, then you  need to download the Haunted dorm mod apk because all levels are free.

All Premium Features Unlocked

We have unlocked all premium features for Haunted dorm mod apk, you can use our  mode to play for unlimited time without spending any money. If you have ever played any other zombie games, you know that the gameplay is similar to the other games. However, the best feature of our game is that we have unlocked all premium features. You will never pay any extra money to use our mod. We also recommend you to download crowd evolution mod apk.

Upgrade Your Machinery

To upgrade your weapon, you can visit the weapon shop and purchase various upgrades. The upgrades are included but are not limited to, a scope, silencer, night vision, and a new magazine. The gun shop contains the most upgraded weapons available. However, upgrading doesn’t necessarily mean  the weapons are powerful. You should only use the upgraded weapons when the ghosts are approaching.

General Features of Haunted Dorm MOD APK

Haunted dorm mod apk gives you lots of amazing in game features which make this game more adventuring and thrilling than other horror games. Some features of this game are listed below in detail.

Unique Characters

The characters in Haunted dorm are really  good, they have their own unique personalities. They come with their own skills and weapons, each of them has its own unique feature, each of them has its own abilities. You will like them all, they are funny and good to talk to, you feel like talking to real people. These characters keep you entertained and never bored through the game. In addition, now you can also download they are coming mod apk.

Survive In The Dorm as Long as Possible

 The main objective of the Haunted dorm game is to survive inside the dorm as long as possible, which is full of ghosts. All over the game, they will try to kill you and everyone near you. You and your friends will be chased and attacked by many scary ghosts. You will need to carefully hide in your room and develop a strategy to fight these ferocious ghosts.In your money in buying guns and energy pumps, upgrade the doors and fill your room with a spell catapult and energy hood.These things will help you to fight against ghosts.

Pixel Graphics

Pixel graphics are an attractive feature of games, the graphics are quite detailed  and the overall look of the game is good. The backgrounds are quite impressive. In this case,  the atmosphere is the horror that takes place in a haunted dorm. The graphics work well, because they are low resolution but high in detail. Apart from all these, the game brings a lot of fun. The impressive graphics will not take your eyes away from the game. We also recommend you to download jump force mugen apk.

Free Purchase of Self Defense Tools

You are tasked throughout the game with removing it from a creepy dorm room. You are going to be in the room with other computer players and in order to make it out of there alive, you are going to have to collaborate  with them. The fact that any rational person could be a target for ghosts means that the game gives you the option to buy objects that can act as a barrier between you and the ghosts when you are sleeping. Players have easy access to improve entrances as well as a large variety of consumables in a variety of forms, there are many different variations available some of which include make money, black tech, base, high tech and honey badger workshops.

My Review

I mostly play this game. This game has become one of my favorite  horror and thriller games, it is the best game for your Android phone devices. Haunted dorm mod apk packed with adrenaline pumping action. To overcome the hurdles you will require rapid reflexes and excellent judgment. The first few rounds are straight forward, but they gradually become increasingly difficult. This game is also unpredictable which adds to the thriller. It’s impossible to plan since you never know what’s going to happen next. If you are looking for a fun and hard survival game, lying flat and surviving is the game for you.

Haunted Dorm Mod Apk coins

It is a tower defense strategy game, where you will protect yourself and kill ghosts. In the Haunted dorm you will use different weapons to win over the vicious wraiths. Many new challenges are waiting for you. This game has many exciting features which I like the most, such as unlimited money, this is an amazing mod feature. Through this feature you can earn lots of money,with this unlimited money you can buy new and advanced things and weapons that help you to win the battle against the ghosts. If you are interested in playing this game I will recommend you to download its modded version from our website free of cost.

Haunted Dorm MOD APK Video

FAQs of Haunted Dorm MOD APK

Haunted dorm is a horror style tower defense and escape game.

Haunted dorm is divided into two parts, single player mode, and multiplayer mode.

Haunted Dorm Mod Apk permanently blocks the ads showing on your home screen.

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to download the Haunted dorm mod apk. There is no virus in the game.Its 100% secure game.


Haunted dorm mod apk is the best choice for  you. If you want to challenge your skills and experience scary feelings. Equip yourself with different gears and upgrade  them to survive longer. Also you can easily install the game on your device and play it anytime. Keep visiting the mod sites and enjoy the unblocked games on your devices, the game has an offline mod, so you can play without internet connection.

Download Haunted dorm mod apk and enjoy  advanced features included in the mod version. This game is sure to satisfy your love for horror games with its impressive graphics and in-game sound, enjoy the advanced features including this version completely free and have fun.This game has a very basic interface, which is how you play it. Every scene has its own background music which adds to the atmosphere of the game.

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