Tough Man MOD APK 2024 v1.33 Unlimited Money (No Ads)


Tough Man


Tough Man Mod Apk is an arcade game. If you want to participate in unlimited challenging levels then download Tough Man with unlimited money.


  • Unlimited money
  • No ads
  • All dumbbells unlocked
  • Art style graphics

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Tough Man






4.4 and up


42.40 MB


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Nowadays people have to transform themselves and that’s why people are visiting the gyms to become more powerful and transform their body in real life. It takes a lot of time to transform yourself but if you want to practice all this stuff then you can play the game called Tough Man. Tough Man Mod Apk  is a unique and very entertaining arcade game where you can help a thin man train and get a perfect body and bodybuilding using many exercises and challenging levels. You will have enough time to tap the screen and move the character so that the gauge pointer is in the green area and the character will automatically grip the dumbbells to achieve the desired results.

Tough Man Mod Apk unlimited money

It is a gym themed arcade game published by BIG DOG Games a few years ago, Soon after its publication the game gained millions of fans worldwide and became available for iOS and Android. Arcade games are one of the favorite categories of many smartphone users. After sometime the publication of this, Tough Man Hack Apk  appeared recently which is the modified and new version of the original version of the game and it has features that are not available before, there are many colors available here. We also recommend you to download snake rivals mod apk.

Game Play

Tough Man is an arcade game in which you experience the journey of a bodybuilder. This  game ‘s control of this game is incredibly easy and accessible to any user, In fact only one finger is required to play this game. Moreover, anyone can easily pick and play this game. Initially you l need to hold your finger on the screen to start your workout, keep an eye on the top gauge when it hits the yellow color and will need to intercept the pointer. The green part of the gauge will require you to go off screen. If you stop the gauge in the red you will at least try. The next green part is the second level of progression, the last and final level is blue. The blue part is also the smallest increment on the gauge.

There are different  dumbbells available in this game and they are classified according to weight. In the beginning you start with lightest dumbbells and as you start to change in the game you will shift the heaviest dumbbells. Dumbbells  will help you a lot to transform yourself as well as use customization to upgrade the character. Tough Man enjoys simple graphics and 3D effects apart from a refined user interface and is free from annoying ads. In addition, now you can also download lonely survivor mod apk.

Tough Man Mod Apk no ads

Moreover unlock all dumbbells and use more exercises plus  play Tough Man Mod Apk max level and unlimited and unlock all levels and enjoy many amazing features. In the start you begin with the lightest dumbbell and as you start transforming in this game you will shift the heavier dumbbells. The dumbbells will help you a lot to transform yourself as well as use customization to upgrade the character. Tough Man Mod Apk enjoys simple graphics and 3D effects, plus an improved user interface and is free from annoying ads. 

Moreover, unlock all dumbbells and use more exercises in addition to playing Tough Man Mod Apk max level and unlimited and unlock all levels and enjoy a lot of amazing features. This game has full phone support for any device regardless of location, the game’s cartoon style and audio paired with amazing graphics make the experience enjoyable for everyone. You can easily get this game from Google play store absolutely free. Also, download haunted dorm mod apk.

Mod features of Tough Man Mod Apk

In the latest version of the Tough Man Game introduced the new features which were not available before are given below.

Unlimited Money

The hacked version of Tough Man Apk has unlimited money available and also gets new items that were not available in the original game. With a successful hit the character will be doing dumbbell curls with an acceleration that will allow you to pump up his body. As he progresses through the levels the player  will have the opportunity to purchase new and more efficient sports equipment. With unlimited money you will be able to buy all weights  without worrying about grinding for more cash. With it you can quickly build your little punk into the ultimate muscle machine.

No ads

The latest version of the game gives you an amazing mod feature, if you are bothered by unwanted ads and you want to quit your game completely, then you need not worry. Because Tough Man Mod apk gives you ad free gameplay, and you don’t need annoying ads . When you start playing the modified version of the game, you will find that the gameplay is free from annoying and unwanted ads and pop ups. We also recommend you to download my perfect hotel mod apk.

All Dumbbells Unlocked

Dumbbells are unlocked in the modified version of this game, different types of dumbbells  are also available. At the first you will start with the dumbbells that are lightest in weight and as to start to change you can go for heavier dumbbells. There are different types of dumbbells that you need to unlock but in Tough Man hacked version all dumbbells are unlocked and you can practice all your moves with different dumbbells available in it.

Art Style Graphics

One of the most important features of Tough Man hack, inside the game you will find the stunning graphics and beautiful 3D effects with a simple and familiar user interface. The cartoon style of the game and the audio paired with the amazing graphics make the experience enjoyable for all. We also recommend you to download crowd evolution mod apk.

General features of Tough Man Mod Apk

Here are a few general features of the game that are explained, these additions make the gameplay experience more fun and exciting.

Start as a Thin Man

When you start this game you can see a person who is very thin and he wants a body like a bodybuilder, so the person goes to the gym where he uses the various dumbbells and the body lifting weights that helps his body transform into a body. Bodybuilders have endless levels of training themselves, once you reach your peak it’s never enough, it’s just the beginning of your training. You can continuously go through the levels to work yourself to absolute limits. 

Boost and Increase your Power

You can also boost and increase your power, you can drink various items and can use various nutrients to build your body and also you can boost and increase your power by spending the money to improve your game skills. In addition, now you can also download they are coming mod apk.

Challenging Levels

In each level four different challenges that you need to accomplish the first and last challenge are difficult to complete.In this game there are unlimited levels available . All the levels are so powerful and exclusive and you can take part in them by playing very attentively because the game is a little bit technical. All the levels are different from each other and you have unlimited fun.

Choose your Favorite Dumbbells

There are unlimited dumbbells available. It all depends on your choice of which dumbbell you are going to select because all the dumbbells are so effective and powerful and you can select any of the dumbbells that suits you.

My Review

If you love to play arcade games but can’t find the best game  for your Android phone devices, then I will recommend you to one of the most popular and amazing games called Tough Man Apk. In which the player will help the skinny guy to become a real shooter.  In each level the user will have time to click on the screen so that the pointer of the scale is in the green area. 

Tough Man Mod Apk all dumbells

The developer of the Tough Man chose the game appearance and graphics and incorporated them into an entertaining game instead of actually putting any effort  into the game moments. Gyms often used double dumbbells because they provide the holder with a strong back and shoulder and muscles.

I like its mod feature the most, it is ad free, you can enjoy it without annoying ads. It is completely free from ads. If you are interested in playing this game you can easily download it from our website without paying any money. This game will give you lots of fun and entertainment. We also recommend you to download jump force mugen apk.

Tough Man MOD APK Video

FAQ’s Tough Man MOD APK

No Tough Man is an offline game and you do not need an internet connection to play it.

Yes Tough Man Mod Apk is a lightweight game.

Yes  you can download Tough Man Mod Apk on iPhones.

Tough Man is a fun arcade game developed by BigDog games, the mod features are unlimited money, and ad free.


Tough Man is a game that will take you on the journey of a wrestler that has him transform himself from a thin man to a powerful person. In which  you will take a new experience of gym games, where you can play the role of teddy bear and try to help a skinny person to get a shooting body. Moreover you will start from the easy levels green, and blue until you reach the max level red and purple, also the game has familiar control options and gameplay without ads. As well as unlock all barbells and levels and get unlimited everything and other amazing features. 

You can play this game offline, you do not need to connect your device with the internet. It is a single player game and you do not play this game with your friends. You can easily download it from Google play and you can also easily download its mod version from our website free of cost.

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