How To Make a Gamepass on Roblox? (Complete Guide)

Roblox is a very popular gaming and game development platform that offers you a variety of games created by both independent and Roblox developers. The most played Roblox games are Blox Fruits, Minecraft Mod Apk, and Roblox Mod Apk, which provide a lot of fun while playing. 

Using Roblox gamepasses,  game creators can earn money from their player base. Gamepassas are special items you can buy with Robux and use to access advanced features and get extra benefits. You can enhance the gameplay experience by creating a game. Today, we will discuss how you can make a game on Roblox; you can easily get a game to enjoy.

How To Make a Gamepass on Roblox (Complete Guide)

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Steps to make a Gamepass in Roblox

Gamepass is a voucher that allows you to buy a set number of tickets to the game. This is a common feature in many games, granting players access to special content and powerful in-game goods. Here are some simple steps to make a game in Roblox, so follow them.

Steps to make a Gamepass in Roblox
  • First, log in to your Roblox account with the right password and ID.
  • Then you will see the Create option at the top of the screen; click it
  • Next, click on games under the My Creation section on the Create page.
  • Select a published game, then from the drop-down option, select Create Gamepass.
  • A Roblox game pass has now been created, providing a descriptive name for your game pass, keeping in mind the target audience and its benefits. 
  • Upload an engaging and visually appealing image to represent your game pass effectively.
  • Choose the price of your game pass, consider the value it brings to players and compare it with similar game passes to determine a reasonable price.
  • Select whether the game pass is a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription.
  • Add a detailed description to highlight your game pass’s unique features and benefits.
  • Choose the appropriate game where the game pass will be available.
  • Review the information you entered and click Create to make a Game Pass on Roblox.

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How many Robux does a Game pass cost

In Roblox, you can create a Game pass for free and set the number of Robux required to purchase it. As a Roblox game creator, you must pay Roblox a 30% charge. If a player has to pay 300 Robux for your Roblox game pass, you will receive 200 Robux if someone buys your Roblox game pass.

How many Robux does a Game pass cost

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Tips for making a successful game pass on Roblox

Below are some tips; if you follow them, you can easily make a successful game pass on Roblox.

  • Compelling description
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unique and desirable benefits
  • Visuals
  • Research existing game passes
  • Collaborations
  • Listen to player feedback
  • Promote within your game

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Game passes are a common feature in many games; you can use them to create special passes that can only be purchased once per player using a specific currency called Robux. Game passes mostly give players access to power-ups, exclusive places, or in-game goods. Above in the article, we provide simple steps to make a game pass on Roblox. These steps will be helpful for you, so follow them.

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