How To Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft? (Complete Guide)

A potion of invisibility is the potion that makes you and other game players invisible. This potion keeps you hidden from everyone while is in effect. If you use the potion with Redstone dust, its time limit can be increased to 10 minutes. But remember that this potion will not make you unnoticeable because the items on your body can be visible to other players. Moreover, when you go near any player, it can feel your presence, so you have to be careful. So, read our article, which will help you make an invisibility potion, so follow the given process.

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How To Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft

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Ingredients Required to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft

The ingredients you need to make an invisibility potion are listed below.

Ingredients Required to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft
  • Blaze Powder
  • Brewing Stand
  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • Nether Wart
  • Water Bottles
  • Potion of Night Vision

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How to Make Fermented Spider Eye?

To make the invisibility potion, you will need a fermented spider eye, which can be crafted using various items such as one brown mushroom, one spider eye, and sugar. Spider eye can be obtained by killing a spider found in dark caves. By putting the sugarcane on the crafting table, you will get sugar, and sugarcane is present near rivers. The last thing is brown mushrooms, which you can find in Taiga, Nether, Swamps, and inside the caves. To make the fermented spider eye, you have to put these items in any shape on the crafting table.   

Fermented Spider Eye

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How to Make a Water Bottle?

To craft a water bottle, you must put three glass blocks on the crafting table in the same row. You can easily make a glass block by gathering some sand with the help of a shovel. Sand is easily available in the biomes, then you can put them in the furnace. We also have Roblox MOD APK 2023 latest version for free.

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How to Make a Golden Carrot?

You must put one normal carrot and eight gold nuggets on the crafting table to make a golden carrot. To get gold nuggets, you will need Golden Ingot. You can craft Golden Ingot through the golden ore, which you can find in all biomes through mining. After getting the golden ore, you can put it in the furnace with fuel. Now, you can also download minecraft jenny mod apk for free.

How to Get Nether Warts?

You can get nether warts in the nether world in Minecraft MOD APK. To find the nether warts, you have to go to the nether fortress and bastion remnants. By using the tools or your hand, you can remove the wart blocks.

How do you get blaze powder?

To get blaze powder, you have to kill a blaze mob, which gives you blaze rods. You will find the blaze mob in the Nether fortress. The more blazes you kill, the more blaze rods you will get. You will get two blaze powders by placing one blaze rod on the crafting table. 

How to Make a Night Vision Potion?

You can make a night potion using various items such as blaze powder, golden carrot, water bottle, nether warts, and a brewing stand. All the items can be obtained through the above-described methods, and you can obtain the brewing stand using a blaze rod and three cobblestones. 

Night Vision Potion

First, put the blaze powder on the top left, the nether wart in the top middle, and three water bottles in the bottom place on the crafting table. This crafting gives you a portion that is not complete yet. Then, put the golden carrot in the top middle with a nether wart, which transforms the incomplete portion into a night vision potion. Using this potion, you can achieve night vision power for up to 3 minutes, which can be increased to 8 minutes by using the Redstone in the brewing stand on the top center. 

How to make an Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

When you get all the items, you can make the invisibility potion by placing blaze powder on the top left, in the top middle put fermented spider eye, and in the bottom put night vision potion. The invisibility potion is ready, which keeps you invisible from your enemies for 3 minutes, and putting the Redstone dust in the slot of a fermented spider will enhance the time of the potion by up to 8 minutes.

Invisibility Potion in Minecraft


After reading our article, you will know everything about how to make an invisibility potion in Minecraft without any hassle. By using the invisibility potion, your enemies don’t see you, so you have no fear of being attacked by them. You can do whatever you want when you become invisible and kill dangerous mobs. Moreover, invisibility will help you collect weapons and other items you need for survival. I hope our article will help you. Thanks for reading it.

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