How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft? (Step By Step Guide)

Minecraft MOD APK 2023 is the best video game in which you can create anything in the world of blocks, where monsters fight, mines are explored, and animals are tamed. It offers different playing modes, including hardcore, creative, survival, and observation modes. As you progress in the game, you will be able to find horses and use them for transport in the game.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

To ride a horse in Minecraft, you must learn how to tame it. Taming a horse is a relatively easy task; today, we will tell you some simple steps that can be helpful to you. So, follow the complete guide and easily tame a horse in Minecraft. Now, you can also download roblox mod apk 2023 unlimited robux for free.

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Steps to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

 Here are some simple steps to tame a horse in Minecraft: follow them and enjoy riding a horse.

Find a horse

Finding a horse in Minecraft is easy, mostly found roaming in small herds of up to six. You will find horses spawning in plains and savanna biomes and their variations.

Find a horse
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Villages
  • Windswept Savanna
  • Savanna Plateau
  • Plains
  • Savanna

Horses in Minecraft can be found in groups of two to six, making them helpful companions. You can also download minecraft jenny mod apk free from our website.

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Types of horses in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you will see seven different colours and different types of horses are available. The different colours are listed below.

Types of horses in Minecraft
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Gray, Creamy, Brown in colour, Chestnut, White
  • Types: ¬†Donkeys, Mules, Undead, Normal, Skeleton

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Tame the Horse

Choose any empty slot in your Hotbar, as you must use your hand to tame the Horse. You will tame a horse by repeatedly trying to mount the Horse and getting bucked off. Taming a horse is quite simple; you only need to keep mounting the Horse repeatedly until it likes you. Also, you can feed the horse apples, golden carrots, wheat, golden apples, or a Hay Bale to help tame it.

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Put a saddle on the Horse

After the Horse stops kicking you off, it is ready to be saddled. You can put a saddle on the Horse by holding a saddle in your hand and right-clicking the Horse. There is no way to make a saddle in the game. However, you can be found in chest loot in one of the following locations.

  • Temples in the Desert
  • The Fortresses in the Underworld
  • Temples in the Jungle
  • Dungeons
  • The Remainder of the Bastion
  • Historically Important Places
  • Strongholds

Mount the Horse

Mount the Horse

After that, you have tamed and put a saddle on the Horse, and then you have to right-click said Horse to mount it. You can use the same controls while riding while running around to move the Horse.

Dismount the Horse

Dismount the Horse

If you want to dismount the Horse, use your sneak key, usually set to left shift on the Java Edition of Minecraft.


Taming a horse in Minecraft is very easy, and above, we provide information on how to tame a horse. You can explore different locations to find a horse because different types and colors of horses are available in Minecraft. If you want to know how to tame a horse in Minecraft, then this article is helpful for you. So, follow all the above-given steps, and then you can tame a horse easily. This guide will be useful for you, and you will like it.

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