AB WhatsApp APK 2024 v30 (Official Anti-ban App) 100% Working


AB Whatsapp


Download now AB Whatsapp’s anti-banned version for a next-level messaging experience! Enjoy advanced privacy settings, themes, and seamless communication.


  • Anti-Ban Feature
  • 1 Hour Long Status
  • Voice-to-Text Feature
  • AB WhatsApp Add-on
  • Voice Changer
  • Disappearing Messages
  • Call filter
  • Group setting
  • Create polls
  • Dark and light mode

App Name

AB WhatsApp






4.1 and up


71 MB


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AB WhatsApp is a WhatsApp modification that offers users numerous additional features. WhatsApp is a popular app with millions of downloads and a trustworthy reputation. However, there have been many features that users have been hoping to see implemented in the application.


This WhatsApp mod enables users to customize and enhance the app’s appearance. Users can modify font styles, blue ticks, emojis, chat bubbles, and overall appearance. With over 100 themes, users can also upload their custom designs. We also recommend you to download ra whatsapp.

Intro of AB WhatsApp

AB Whatsapp is an altered version of Whatsapp that provides additional and premium features. With this modded Whatsapp apk, you can hide or lock your chats, freeze and conceal you’re last seen, and customize your privacy settings, such as hiding blue and second ticks and providing custom privacy for incoming calls.


With the Whatsapp hack apk at your disposal, you can unlock a whole new world of possibilities. Users appreciate this Whatsapp mod’s unique and attractive interface and added customization options. Additionally, this Mod offers greater privacy and security than the original Whatsapp. In addition, now you can also download social spy whatsapp apk.

Mod Features of AB whatsapp

Many exciting features are available on AB Whatsapp, but we will only focus on the most significant ones in this discussion of the modified Whatsapp apk. Let us start with the stunning mod feature.

Anti-Ban Feature

The latest version of AB Whatsapp offers a useful feature that can safeguard your WhatsApp account from being banned by the official WhatsApp team.

1 Hour Long Status

This impressive feature is currently available on select high-quality versions of WhatsApp mods. This feature allows you to upload a video status for up to an hour. However, there is a caveat: only users who have installed AB WhatsApp on their devices can view your complete status. We also recommend you to download omar whatsapp.

Voice-to-Text Feature

WhatsApp AB offers a fantastic feature that can improve your chatting experience by converting voice messages to text. You can easily access this latest feature by clicking the three dots adjacent to the message input space.

AB WhatsApp Add-on

There is an add-on available for WhatsApp AB that offers various features, including virus reduction, archive message visibility alteration, 5-minute status addition, settings modification, and control over the home and chat screens, among other functions.

Voice Changer

AB WhatsApp Plus lets you change your voice in WhatsApp voice notes. Choose from options like Baby, Drunk, Deep, Robot, and Underwater for fun and laughs with friends. Also, download nowhatsapp apk.

Disappearing Messages

AB WhatsApp offers personalized disappearing messages for each contact, allowing you to choose from different periods. It ensures that your messages will disappear if the receiver chooses not to save them, freeing up valuable space on your phone.

Call filter

The call filter feature is useful for managing unwanted calls we may receive randomly. By filtering calls, we can easily get rid of them. This feature can also filter all our contacts, allowing only selected numbers to be available for us to call. It is a great way to avoid unwanted calls and maintain control over our phone communications.

Group setting

WhatsApp has a great group setting feature in the new version. Its latest version will let you customize your group’s appearance by changing its color. Download the app to access it and more features. We also recommend you to download fouad whatsapp.

Create polls

The AB WhatsApp app allows for creating polls to gather public opinion on various topics. It enables individuals to easily and quickly share their thoughts through the app.

Dark and light mode

To prevent eye strain and unsightly glare while using AB Whatsapp, consider switching between dark and light settings depending on the time of day.

General Features of AB WhatsApp

AB WhatsApp’s new version offers a wide range of exciting features that surpass the limited options of the six standard variants.

Status Downloader

On WhatsApp’s modified version, you can now effortlessly save status updates to your phone’s gallery by clicking a button. If you are using AB Whatsapp, there is no need for any external tools to download these updates. We also recommend you to download whatsapp imune apk.

Advanced customization

Revamp and customize WhatsApp with this Mod. Change font style, blue ticks, emojis, and chat bubbles, and choose from 100+ themes. You can even upload your personalized theme.

Freeze last seen

To maintain your privacy, you can freeze your last seen activity. This way, only the time before activating this feature will be visible to your active contacts.

Applock is Built-In

There’s no need to worry about downloading your data separately – lock your chat with a PIN or pattern. This amazing feature ensures that only those with the correct password can access and view your valuable information. Stay safe and secure with ease! In addition, now you can also download mg whatsapp.

My Review

I have been utilizing AB WhatsApp for a while, completely transforming my messaging experience. This app offers an array of incredible features that go beyond the standard WhatsApp. The improved privacy settings have put my mind at ease, making me feel secure about my conversations. 


I appreciate the customization options, allowing me to personalize my chats with unique themes and styles. The seamless communication and fast performance have blown me away, making connecting with friends and family a pleasure. I highly recommend AB WhatsApp to anyone searching for an upgraded messaging app with more flexibility and advanced features.

AB WhatsApp APK Video


You can’t use AB WhatsApp and the official app together on one device. Choose one.

You can transfer your chat history and media from the official WhatsApp to AB WhatsApp during installation.

AB WhatsApp provides features like enhanced privacy settings, customization options, additional themes, and the ability to send larger files compared to the official WhatsApp app.


In conclusion, AB WhatsApp provides a comprehensive messaging platform with advanced features and a user-friendly interface. Experience secure communication, seamless multimedia sharing, and personalized customization options. Elevate your messaging experience by downloading AB WhatsApp now and staying connected like never before. Join millions of users and unlock the full potential of AB WhatsApp today.

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