Princess Whatsapp MG APK v27.00 (Official Anti-Ban App)


Princess Whatsapp MG


Experience an upgraded messaging platform with MG WhatsApp. Enjoy enhanced privacy, customization options, and seamless communication. Download now.


  • Custom Chat Bubbles
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security
  • Enchanting Themes and Customization
  • Transfer Chats
  • iOS 2023 Emoji collection
  • Locking Conversations
  • Avatar and Voice Status story
  • Activate VPN Proxy

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Princess Whatsapp MG




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4.4 and up


54 MB


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Various versions of WhatsApp mods can be found in the market. You can choose the one that aligns with your preferences and tastes. Today, I will introduce you to a WhatsApp version that caters specifically to girls, featuring princess Disney layouts and a pink color scheme. This version of WhatsApp is in high demand among teenage girls. Without further ado, let me introduce you to Princess WhatsApp MG. Keep reading to learn about the features of this new WhatsApp mod version. We also recommend you to download ra whatsapp.

Princess Whatsapp MG APK hack

Intro of MG Whatsapp / Princess Whatsapp MG

There is a modified version of WhatsApp called Princess WhatsApp or MG WhatsApp. This version, developed by Mahmoud Al-Jadou, specifically caters to girls with its pink and princess theme. It can work alongside the original WhatsApp but requires a different phone number.

Princess Whatsapp MG APK enhanced privacy

The newest version of the MG WhatsApp app provides users with an exceptional messaging experience. Users can communicate with loved ones more efficiently and personally with enhanced flexibility and control. In addition, now you can also download social spy whatsapp apk.

Mod Features of MG Whatsapp / Princess Whatsapp MG

Let’s take a closer look at MGWhatsApp Princess, a messaging platform that offers a unique and enchanting experience for those who want to feel like royalty. We’ll explore its standout mod features and discover what makes it captivating.

Custom Chat Bubbles

MGWhatsApp Princess offers a unique way to add a touch of whimsy to your conversations by customizing the appearance of your chat bubbles. With many colors, shapes, and animations, you can make your chats truly enchanting.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

MGWhatsApp Princess prioritizes your privacy and offers enhanced privacy features, including hiding your online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators. The app also has advanced security measures like app lock and password protection to secure private conversations and data. We also recommend you to download ob whatsapp.

Enchanting Themes and Customization

MGWhatsApp Princess offers customizable themes and options to personalize your messaging interface. Choose from a variety of colors and stunning wallpapers to showcase your style.

Transfer Chats

Transferring chats between phones without using Google Drive is a convenient and flexible feature. It allows users to switch devices seamlessly without depending on external services or facing any complications.

iOS 2024 Emoji collection

Adding the newest iOS emoji pack can make conversations more enjoyable and expressive. This feature provides a vast selection of emojis to help convey emotions and improve communication. Also, download nowhatsapp apk.

Locking Conversations

With the option to lock conversations that the company adds in the latest version. The users can enhance the privacy and security of their sensitive discussions. This feature ensures only authorized individuals can access and view the messages, providing additional protection.

Avatar and Voice Status story

MG WhatsApp stands out from ordinary WhatsApp’s distinct features and consistently impresses users. Any new feature introduced by WhatsApp becomes seamlessly integrated into MGWA. The latest version of MG WhatsApp includes all the latest advancements, like Avatar and voice notes, that WhatsApp has to offer.

Activate VPN Proxy

If you are located in a country where WhatsApp calls are restricted, activating the VPN proxy feature on the application can be incredibly helpful. Enable this feature to access WhatsApp calls. We also recommend you to download fouad whatsapp.

General Features of mg whatsapp / princess whatsapp mg

This app has useful features from MG WhatsApp and new ones to provide complete control and ease of use. Top features include:

Anti-Delete Messages

With MGWhatsApp Princess, thanks to its anti-delete feature, you’ll never miss a message again. Even if the sender deletes a message, you can still read it and keep valuable information at your fingertips.

Additional Button

The new button was also introduced in the latest version of MG WhatsApp. This unique feature in the new version allows you to send multiple texts with just one click.

Turn your Blue Ticks Off

You’ll love this amazing feature if you cherish online privacy. You can read messages without notifying senders; they’ll think you’re offline. Trust us, and it’s the perfect way to keep your online activity discreet. We also recommend you to download whatsapp imune apk.

Auto Reply feature

Creating template messages is an excellent feature that enables you to interact with your audience effectively. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with business accounts. You can engage with your clients by responding manually or allowing WhatsApp to do so automatically on your behalf.

Unique Interface

The interface of this version of MG WhatsApp closely resembles that of WhatsApp for iPhone, featuring a pink theme.

My Review

My personal experience with MG WhatsApp has been exceptional. The app’s user-friendly interface, enhanced privacy settings, and extensive customization options have impressed me greatly. The ability to share larger files and the inclusion of additional features such as hidden chats and message scheduling have further enhanced the overall messaging experience.

Princess Whatsapp MG APK custom chat bubble

MG WhatsApp has proven to be a reliable and stable app, delivering seamless performance. I recommend MG WhatsApp to anyone searching for a feature-rich, user-friendly messaging app that offers privacy and customization. It has become my preferred choice for effortless and enjoyable communication. We also recommend you to download abwhatsapp apk.

Princess Whatsapp MG APK Video

FAQs OF Princess Whatsapp MG APK

MG WhatsApp only supports one active session per account, like the official WhatsApp. Using the same account on many devices simultaneously is not possible.

You can use your existing WhatsApp account with MG WhatsApp. During the installation process, you will have the option to transfer your chat history and media.

Yes, MG WhatsApp provides advanced privacy settings that allow you to control your online status, last seen, and read receipts more effectively.


In conclusion, MG WhatsApp offers an enhanced messaging experience with additional features and customization options. With MG WhatsApp, you can enjoy advanced privacy settings, personalized themes, and an array of customization choices. Stay connected, share media, and communicate seamlessly with friends and family. 

If you’re looking for a messaging app that goes beyond the standard features, download MG WhatsApp now and elevate your messaging experience to a new level. Experience the power of MG WhatsApp today and enjoy its enhanced functionality and personalized features.

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