Whatsapp Gold APK 2024 v35.00 Anti-Ban (100% Tested)

Whatsapp Gold APK

Whatsapp Gold


Experience advanced customization and exclusive functionality. Download now whatsapp gold apk, an elevated messaging experience with its anti-banned version.


  • Hiding the appearance
  • Transfer large files
  • Eye-catching interface
  • Icon and Themes
  • Hide Online Status
  • Built-in Chat & App Lock
  • Pin Multiple Chats

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Whatsapp Gold






4.4 and up


50 MB


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Over time, numerous updates and modifications to the official WhatsApp application have resulted in various modified versions featuring unique features. Among these, the Golden WhatsApp APK stands out as one of the best-updated versions. It boasts numerous amazing features, including new additions and modifications. 

Whatsapp Gold APK transfer large files

An updated version of the popular social app, WhatsApp, called WhatsApp Gold APK, has been developed by Nasser, also known as Altornedo7. This mod offers an array of exciting and unlimited features for Android users. We also recommend you to download dmwhatsapp apk.

Intro of whatsapp gold APK / Golden Whatsapp

WhatsApp Gold APK is a trusted application used by millions of users, allowing them to access more features than the original app. Its latest version is available on multiple operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS. It also has gained immense popularity, with its user base constantly growing.

Whatsapp Gold APK Hiding the appearance

WhatsApp Gold offers more features than the original WhatsApp, including multiple account support and features like pausing last seen and hiding double blue check marks. It’s constantly updating with new versions and researching user needs. Also, download yowhatsapp apk.

Mod Features of Whatsapp Gold APK / Golden Whatsapp

Several distinctive features of WhatsApp Gold differentiate it from other messaging apps. Let’s take a comprehensive look at some of its mod features.

Hiding the appearance

The latest version of WhatsApp Gold offers the option to hide your online status and ensures complete privacy.

Transfer large files

Its latest version offers to transfer large files is causing some inconvenience. You can send up to 10 files simultaneously without any hassle. However, the initial limit is set to 30 images. Additionally, you can store up to 301MB of files in the designated folder. This folder can be found at the location of 15MB. We also recommend you to download hawa whatsapp apk.

Eye-catching interface

The ThsGold APK boasts an attractive, eye-catching design that catches the user’s attention. It’s important to have a visually appealing and engaging message to capture the user’s attention. It can significantly enhance the user experience.

Icon and Themes

Customization of the app icon is easy, as users can go to settings and select to change it. It offers the option of using any image from the app or personal images to personalize it further. I have just discovered the latest version of the app, which includes an impressive feature. Users now have the option to select from a vast collection of 4000000 themes to personalize their experience. We also recommend you to download gm whatsapp apk.

Hide Online Status

WhatsApp Gold lets you hide your online status from others while still being able to see their status. It allows you to use the app without being disturbed or seen as active.

Built-in Chat & App Lock

Secure your WhatsApp messages with WhatsApp Gold APK. The official app offers a lock feature that allows you to set a password to protect your messages. Customize your chat lock for added security. Click on the “three dots” menu, select “Lock Chat,” and set your desired passcode.

Pin Multiple Chats

WhatsApp Gold’s latest version allows users to pin over 1000 chats simultaneously. It will make it convenient for those who frequently communicate with many people. We also recommend you to download al whatsapp apk.

General Features of Whatsapp Gold APK / Golden Whatsapp

This app has gained popularity for its distinctive features and functions. Let’s explore some essential features that provide a quick app overview.

Message Reaction

WhatsApp Gold APK has had message reactions for a while. Users are used to it, so it’s more aligned with their habits than the official version. The team focuses on user needs, providing timely and modern services.

Autoreply Messages

WhatsApp Gold APK offers an efficient way to handle customer inquiries. With the autoreply feature in the new social app, you can set up a script to respond to messages automatically. It is especially useful for busy business people and personal use. Customize your autoresponder options to find what suits you best.

Limit to visit Profile Picture

WhatsApp Gold APK allows users to see who has viewed their profile picture and online status in addition to their status views. This amazing feature is not available in the standard version and is useful for privacy-conscious users. In addition, now you can also download gb whatsapp lite apk.

Hide Double Blue Check Marks

Avoid negative impressions by downloading WhatsApp Gold. The blue checkmarks only appear after you have responded to the message, so your friends won’t be left wondering if you have read their message.

Longer Status

WhatsApp Gold allows for longer status updates, up to 255 words. It is advantageous for those who frequently post text statuses.

My Review

WhatsApp Gold APK, also known as Golden WhatsApp, exceeded my expectations with its additional features and customization options. The level of customization available allowed me to personalize the app to my liking, making it feel unique. Enhanced privacy and security measures, hiding online status and locking individual chats, provided peace of mind.

Whatsapp Gold APK HACK

The ability to send larger files was a game-changer, ensuring high-quality media sharing. WhatsApp Gold APK performed smoothly without any lag or crashes. I highly recommend WhatsApp Gold APK to those seeking a customizable and feature-rich messaging app for a truly enjoyable and personalized experience. We also recommend you to download DYoWA Whatsapp APK.

Whatsapp Gold APK Video

FAQs OF Whatsapp Gold APK

No, WhatsApp Gold APK or Golden WhatsApp does not receive official updates from WhatsApp. Any updates for modified apps must be obtained separately from their respective sources.

Modified versions like WhatsApp Gold APK or Golden WhatsApp are primarily developed for Android devices. Availability for iOS devices may vary, but it is generally not officially supported.

The transfer of data from the official WhatsApp to WhatsApp Gold APK or Golden WhatsApp is not officially supported and may not be possible. It is advisable to back up your data before attempting any transfers.


In conclusion, WhatsApp Gold APK, also known as Golden WhatsApp, offers a range of enhanced features and customization options for users seeking a unique messaging experience. With its additional themes, advanced privacy settings, and exclusive features, WhatsApp Gold APK provides a chance to elevate your messaging capabilities. 

Take the opportunity to download WhatsApp Gold APK today and unlock a new level of personalization and functionality in your messaging journey. Stay connected with friends and family in style with the added benefits and exclusive features of WhatsApp Gold APK. Upgrade your messaging experience now and discover the golden possibilities that await you.

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