Hawa Whatsapp APK 2024 v36 (Offical Anti-Ban) 100% Tested

Hawa Whatsapp APK

Hawa Whatsapp


Download anti-banned version of HAWA Whatsapp APK, WhatsApp experiences enhanced privacy, customization, and advanced features.


  • Home Screen Customization
  • Anti-Ban Feature
  • Themes and Conversation Customization
  • Change the light mode to dark mode
  • Additional Call Tab
  • Groups

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Hawa Whatsapp






5.0 and up


59.8 MB


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Hawa WhatsApp, a renowned WhatsApp Plus version, is highly popular among users. Developed by the legendary developer, it offers two versions: ha2 WhatsApp Red and Hawa WhatsApp Purple. These versions come with exceptional features like saving one-time sent images and preventing message deletion by the other party.

Hawa Whatsapp APK home screen customization

Hawa WhatsApp APK is a customized, modified app derived from the official WA. It offers unique features not found in other communication apps. With violated and red versions, it’s free for Android users. In addition, now you can also download golden whatsapp.

Intro of Hawa whatsapp APK

HAWA WhatsApp, a popular modification of WhatsApp, retains the core functionality of the original app while offering additional features. It provides secure end-to-end encrypted chats and serves as a versatile instant messaging platform. Users can exchange messages, share images, transfer files, and more. 

Hawa Whatsapp APK hack

HAWA WhatsApp’s growing user base reflects its widespread appeal and increasing popularity. Enhance your messaging experience by exploring HAWA WhatsApp today. Hawa WhatsApp allows you to connect with millions of people globally, offering messaging, audio, and video calling capabilities. Enjoy an enhanced experience and stay connected virtually 24/7. We also recommend you to download dmwhatsapp apk.

Mod Features of Hawa Whatsapp APK

Among the plethora of modified messenger apps available, this app stands out with its exceptional features and functions. Here’s an overview of mod features that are listed below:

Home Screen Customization

Hawa WhatsApp grants full control over customizing your home screen, including headers, rows, photo scaling, and more. Each line can be modified to personalize your WhatsApp experience to your liking. Also, download yowhatsapp apk.

Anti-Ban Feature

HAWA WhatsApp includes anti-ban features, ensuring users can use the app without fearing being banned. It means you can confidently use the app without worrying about losing important messages or shared documents due to potential bans.

Themes and Conversation Customization

HAWA Whatsapp offers a built-in option to download 1000+ Legend Premium Themes, allowing users to customize their HAWA1 & HAWA 2 WhatsApp experience with a wide variety of themes available for free. We also recommend you to download gm whatsapp apk.

Change the light mode to dark mode

Switch to dark mode to alleviate eye strain and discomfort caused by the environment and prolonged device usage. By changing from light to dark mode, you can create a more soothing visual experience for your eyes in this social app.

Additional Call Tab

HAWA WhatsApp introduces an additional Call Tab, conveniently located in the app’s sidebar. This feature lets users access and view their call history, making finding and reviewing past calls easier. This enhancement makes managing and referencing call history more efficient and effortless. We also recommend you to download al whatsapp apk.


HAWA Whatsapp allows you to create groups with up to 500 members, enabling you to chat with a larger community. This feature enhances communication possibilities and provides a great advantage in the application.

General Features of Hawa Whatsapp APK

The new version of HAWA whatsapp offers some other incredible features that are explored below:

Anti deleted messages

Developers have addressed the issue of accidental message deletion by introducing a recovery feature in the app. This feature enables users to recover lost messages accidentally deleted by either the sender or receiver, offering a solution to the frustration of permanent message loss.

Hide online status

In Hawa WhatsApp, you can hide your online status by enabling a setting. It lets you keep your last seen status hidden from your contacts, ensuring they cannot tell whether you are online or offline. Doing so lets you have uninterrupted personal chats and calls without being disturbed. In addition, now you can also download gb whatsapp mini apk.

Attractive fonts

In Hawa WhatsApp, you can change the font style according to your preferences. If you find the default font of the official WhatsApp boring, choose your desired font and apply it to personalize your chat experience.

10-minute status

By enabling the expanded status size feature in HAWA WhatsApp, users can post videos longer than the 30-second limit imposed by the official WhatsApp. This feature allows videos lasting more than 10 minutes to be shared as status updates, allowing for more extensive and expressive storytelling through the app.

Theme store

WhatsApp Eve offers over 4030 unique themes for users to choose from. To apply a theme, press the install button. Additional themes can be found in the theme category. Enjoy a wide variety of customizable visual styles to personalize your WhatsApp experience. We also recommend you to download DYoWA Whatsapp APK.

My Review

As an avid WhatsApp user, I’ve explored various modded versions of the app, including WhatsApp Blue, Gold WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and HAWA. While ApkWA.net offers excellent options, HAWA stands out due to its unique Arabic-inspired designs and layouts, adding a special touch. 

Hawa Whatsapp APK anti ban features

However, I found the icons somewhat oversimplified, but the wide variety of launcher icons available balances this. What sets HAWA apart is its deep level of customization, allowing me to personalize even the smallest details in ways other apps do not offer. Additionally, the vast collection of emojis borrowed from Facebook gives me many creative options during chats. After using HAWA for several months, my experience with this app has been remarkable and the best among the alternatives.

Hawa Whatsapp APK Video

FAQs OF Hawa Whatsapp APK

Yes, you can chat privately with the new version of HAWA WhatsApp. The app prioritizes privacy and offers features to ensure secure and confidential conversations.

Yes, the modded version of this social app often allows you to change icons. It provides customization options that enable you to modify the app’s appearance.

Yes, with the new version of HAWA WhatsApp, you can typically send messages in bulk form. The app often provides features or modifications that allow you to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.


In conclusion, after reading the article, you should have understood the impressive potential of the HAWA APK. However, its true capabilities can only be experienced by downloading and using the app. Once you start using HAWA, you will feel greater control over your WhatsApp communication, just as I did. 

It’s important to note that there is always room for improvement, and Hawa WhatsApp continues to update itself with new features. Therefore, please stay connected to our website for the latest versions and fresh updates on upcoming advanced features. Stay tuned for an even more enhanced WhatsApp experience.

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