GM Whatsapp APK 2024 v23 (Anti-Ban) Latest App

GM Whatsapp APK

GM Whatsapp


Experience enhanced communication with GM WhatsApp APK – a modified app with advanced features. Enjoy extended options and seamless messaging. Download now!


  • Anti Ban
  • iPhone Theme
  • Exciting Animations
  • Built-in Proxy Server
  • Voice Notes
  • Online Incognito Mode
  • The ability to hide media

App Name

GM Whatsapp




Jehad Al-Demshki


4.0 and up


55 MB


Play Store

GM WhatsApp APK is an impressive modified messenger application derived from the official WhatsApp messenger. It offers users a range of useful functions and features to connect and communicate globally. 


With GM WhatsApp, you can send text messages, make audio or video calls, share photos and videos, record voice messages as voice notes, and create groups for socializing with friends. This app ensures you can stay connected with your loved ones around the clock, helping you maintain constant communication and fostering close relationships. We also recommend you to download whatsapp gold apk.

Intro of GM Whatsapp APK

GM WhatsApp is the latest version of the official WhatsApp, offering extended and advanced features beyond the standard app. Developed by Heymods and enhanced by Jehad Al-Demshki, GM WhatsApp provides users with a wide range of innovative features for an enhanced e-communication experience.


As a modified app with advanced options, it offers many hidden features that cater to users’ daily needs and revolutionizes their experience on a unified platform. The extensive mod features of GM Whatsapp are expanding its usage, making it popular for business purposes with swift monetization and seamless sharing capabilities. Notably, it enables users to share files, videos, recordings, and images exceeding 50 MBs while preserving the quality. In addition, now you can also download dmwhatsapp apk.

Mod Features of GM Whatsapp APK

With its sleek design and intelligent features, GM Whatsapp has gained significant popularity worldwide. It has seen high download rates in countries like Australia, Germany, and Czechia. Here are some standout mod features of GM Whatsapp:

Anti Ban

GM WhatsApp’s latest version has a built-in antiban feature, ensuring the app remains secure and protected from potential bans. This feature provides peace of mind, allowing users to retain their important shared messages and information without fear of losing them due to restrictions or bans. We also recommend you to download yowhatsapp apk.

iPhone Theme

If you appreciate the iPhone WhatsApp theme, downloading the new version of GM WhatsApp is highly recommended. The second version features the iPhone theme as its primary theme, while other versions can be personalized with the iPhone theme using GM Adds customization. Enjoy the iPhone aesthetic on GM WhatsApp for a sleek and stylish messaging experience.

Exciting Animations

In GM WhatsApp, you can enable various animation tools to enhance your WhatsApp experience. You can control the intensity of animations, adjust swipe speed, and add different effects, giving your WhatsApp a unique and iconic touch.

Built-in Proxy Server

The proxy server in this WhatsApp version is a brilliant feature that allows access to banned websites and installation in regions where WhatsApp is officially prohibited. With this apk, your WhatsApp experience becomes unstoppable, offering free connectivity and usage. Also, download hawa whatsapp apk.

Voice Notes

GMWA stays ahead of the official WhatsApp by introducing features like sending voice note statuses to your story. It ensures you never lag and keeps you at the cutting edge of communication.

Online Incognito Mode

GM WhatsApp allows you to stay online without others knowing. By turning off your timestamp and last seen activity, you can see and reply to messages while appearing offline. Your online status, last seen, and typing indicators are hidden, keeping your availability discreet and preventing others from guessing if you’re online.

The ability to hide media

GM Whatsapp APK introduces a unique feature: the ability to hide media, which is absent in the original WhatsApp and many other modified versions. This feature lets you keep your WhatsApp storage separate from your phone’s gallery, effectively hiding WhatsApp images, files, and videos. It saves storage space and preserves the media without downloading while enabling previewing whenever desired. Visit our website to download MB Whatsapp as well. We also recommend you to download al whatsapp apk.

General Features of GM Whatsapp APK

The modded version of this social app also provides some unique features, which are listed below:

Deleted Material and Internet

GM Whatsapp lets you view deleted messages and statuses without compromising quality. It also provides the option to toggle the internet status on and off. Additionally, we suggest trying YMWhatsapp.

Backup and restore

GM Whatsapp offers a convenient data backup feature, allowing you to save your old version data on their online server or locally. It also allows you to restore your data when installing a new version of the social app. It lets you upload and restore your backup from the previous WhatsApp version. We also recommend you to download gb whatsapp mini apk.


GM WhatsApp offers a refreshing change from the original WhatsApp with its customizable themes. You can personalize your interface by selecting your preferred colors for the screen, icons, and notification bar. It provides various customization options, allowing you to modify privacy settings, personalize the lock app, design your home screen, and even customize the dark mode. Easily tailor your WhatsApp’s appearance to suit your preferences and needs.

More Instant Reaction Elements

GM Whatsapp introduces many new instant reaction elements, including cute smileys, emoticons, emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Users can now express emotions and feelings more effectively with these additional symbols during chats, enhancing their communication experience.

My Review

GM WhatsApp has transformed my messaging experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. With its hidden features, customizable themes, and advanced privacy settings, the app offers unparalleled personalization. The extensive collection of smileys, emojis, stickers, and GIFs adds a delightful touch to my conversations, allowing me to express emotions more vividly.


Sharing larger files with GM WhatsApp is effortless, ensuring quality preservation. The app’s stability and performance are commendable, making it a reliable messaging platform. In summary, GM WhatsApp is a game-changer, delivering a superior messaging experience that I highly recommend. We also recommend you to download DYoWA Whatsapp APK.

GM Whatsapp APK Video

FAQs OF GM Whatsapp APK

In GM Whatsapp, press and hold a file to select multiple files simultaneously, offering convenient file management in just a few steps.

Double-clicking on a contact in GM WhatsApp opens a window displaying all recent conversations, allowing you to review past messages and delete them if desired.

Its new version allows Disabling GM WhatsApp notifications. Uncheck the “Enable Notifications” option in the application settings.


In conclusion, GM WhatsApp offers a modified and enhanced messaging experience with advanced features, hidden options, and expanded capabilities. With its diverse range of instant reaction elements, customization options, and seamless file sharing, GM WhatsApp empowers users to communicate and connect in new and exciting ways. 

To take your messaging experience to the next level, download GM WhatsApp today and unlock a world of possibilities in your conversations. Experience the difference and enjoy a more personalized and feature-rich WhatsApp experience with GM WhatsApp.

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