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RA Whatsapp


Discover the power of RA WhatsApp by downloading it – a secure and feature-rich messaging app. Stay connected, share multimedia, and enjoy seamless communication.


  • Advanced privacy feature
  • Many customization options
  • Can send the same phrase multiple time
  • Numerous built-in themes
  • Change the main interface
  • Can see others’ expired status
  • Avatar and Post Voice notes
  • Message Yourself

App Name

RA Whatsapp




Fahad Al-Balani


5.0 and up


51.2 MB


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RA WhatsApp is a popular version of WhatsApp Plus, specifically created for Android devices. The latest version, RA WhatsApp 2024, offers all the features of WhatsApp Plus and even allows you to give your app an iOS look. RA WhatsApp for iOS is available in two versions. Both offer exciting features, such as sending messages to unsaved numbers and preventing others from deleting your messages. In addition, now you can also download social spy whatsapp apk.


Intro of RA Whatsapp

RA WhatsApp is a messaging application that has gained widespread popularity worldwide. With its user-friendly interface and enhanced privacy and security measures, RA WhatsApp ensures a seamless and secure messaging experience. Users can enjoy personalized features such as profile customization options, status updates, and notification settings.

RA Whatsapp APK HACK

With the app’s cross-platform compatibility, connecting and communicating with contacts is effortless across all devices.RA WhatsApp also provides high-quality voice and video calling, group chats and broadcasts, multimedia sharing, and many emojis and stickers to express emotions effectively. We also recommend you to download ob whatsapp.

Mod Features of Ra Whatsapp

WhatsApp from RA provides many distinctive features that differentiate it from other messaging apps. Let’s delve into its essential mod features.

Advanced Privacy Feature

This version of WhatsApp offers a range of privacy features, with the blue tick control being the most significant. With this feature, you can elevate your messaging game compared to regular users. Use the ‘Turn off blue ticks’ button to appear offline and unread, even if you’ve already seen a message. Also, download nowhatsapp apk.

Many customization options

Enhance your WhatsApp experience by personalizing it to your liking. This versatile application offers many customization options to make your WhatsApp unique and tailored to your preferences. You can adjust gradients, scales of chat boxes, bars, chat bubbles, fonts, and styles, among others. Furthermore, you can enhance your WhatsApp with customized animations and effects to add an extra touch of aesthetic appeal.

Can Send the Same Phrase Multiple Time

A friend challenged me to express my love for her by writing “Sorry” 50 times per minute, threatening not to answer my call if I failed. I faced a difficult challenge but ultimately found a solution. I used a unique feature on WhatsApp to send the same phrase multiple times quickly, resulting in my friend receiving it a hundred times. She was amazed by this unexpected display of affection. There are various ways to utilize this feature to enhance the emotion and engagement of your chats. We also recommend you to download fouad whatsapp.

Numerous built-in Themes

With its numerous built-in themes, you’ll always be energized using this mod application. By enabling the themes plug-in with iOS themes, you gain access to hundreds of themes. Install the app and plug-in for quick access to many themes. 

Change the Main Interface

To change your main interface to resemble the iPhone interface, navigate to FM mod, go to Home Screen, Header, and Home UL Style. From there, select iPhone Style.

Can See others’ Expired Status

You can access others’ privacy with this feature. View anyone’s status and read all messages with just one view, even if they were posted 24 hours ago. These features can be helpful. We also recommend you to download whatsapp imune apk.

Avatar and Post Voice notes

The mod version of WhatsApp has already incorporated the latest updates, keeping up with the official version. The new features, including Avatar and Post Voice notes, are already available on this version. Creating an avatar similar to Bitmoji is now possible on WhatsApp. Moreover, this apk will continuously update itself to remain competitive with the official WhatsApp.

Message Yourself

With this useful feature, you can easily send any content to yourself. It comes in handy for saving important notes or reminders. Users can easily share captivating texts, images, or videos with themselves.

General Features of Ra Whatsapp

The RA WhatsApp group has unique features that eliminate the need for multiple apps. Let’s take a closer look at the general features of Ra Whatsapp’s latest version.

Allows Sharing Multiple Images

On Whatsapp, users are restricted to posting or sending only 10 images at a time, which can be insufficient on certain occasions. The app’s latest update has addressed this issue, as it permits the posting of up to 30 photos simultaneously. This feature is available on TM Whatsapp as well. In addition, now you can also download mg whatsapp.

Status Words

At times, we may need to write a lengthy WhatsApp status update. However, the standard WhatsApp platform may need to accommodate it. Luckily, Ra WhatsApp allows up to 250 characters in your status update.

React to your Messages

The latest version of Ra WhatsApp chats allows you to express yourself with emojis. Just click the + icon to select from many options.

IOS Emoji

To modify the emoji style to match an iPhone, access the Add-ons and Features section, proceed to More Settings, and select Style and Feel. We also recommend you to download abwhatsapp apk.

Copy Media caption

The new version of Ra Whatsapp allows users to copy media captions. It is possible to obtain captions of photos on RA WhatsApp IOS 14 through copying.

Sent large files

This new WhatsApp version lets you send data to more contacts at once. You can send videos and audio up to 100 MB, images up to 6 MB, and forward messages to up to 250 contacts. Give it a try!

My Review

I started using RA WhatsApp, and it has been great for me. It’s easy to use, and I can keep all my conversations in one place. The app has good security, which is important since I talk about sensitive things. The app’s enhanced privacy and security measures give me confidence that my messages are secure. 

RA Whatsapp APK advance privacy features

The user-friendly interface makes navigation effortless, and the ability to personalize my profile adds a nice touch. Multimedia sharing, emojis, and stickers add fun and expression to my conversations. I also like to make good-quality voice and video calls from the app. Ultimately, I’m happy with RA WhatsApp and recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable messaging app.

RA Whatsapp APK Video

FAQs OF RA Whatsapp APK

Yes, you can create Instagram-style stories on WhatsApp without the hassle of downloading and reposting.

Users can use DND features in the new version of Ra Whatsapp. DND in WhatsApp is like airplane mode – no messages can be sent or received.

With the help of the search bar available in the new version, you can look up old messages. You can search old chat that you’ve sent to any chat user in a breeze with the search bar.


I am thrilled to conclude that RA WhatsApp is truly exceptional! RA WhatsApp is a powerful messaging application that has transformed how we communicate. RA WhatsApp is a user-friendly platform that allows easy communication with friends, family, and colleagues. It has enhanced privacy and security features and a wide range of functionalities. 

This messaging app is incredibly reliable and secure, with fantastic features like chat storage, top-of-the-line security, and superb voice and video call capabilities. I highly recommend this latest app to anyone seeking a dependable messaging platform. You won’t be disappointed!

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