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Download the KB Whatsapp Apk 2024 anti-ban app, which allows you to send unlimited messages and images simultaneously with five different accounts.


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KB Whatsapp Apk is one of the versions of whatsapp plus that allows you to send messages with additional features and privacy. It comes in four different variants or versions, black, red, blue, and gold, and all these copies are equal except for the color of the app icon. Using this app, you can record voice messages, hide your online status, hide blue ticks from conversation screens, and listen to voice notes. This app allows you to add more than one account, and you can easily switch from one to another. 


Moreover, there are a lot of themes to use; you can customize your app using dynamic themes. You can control the size and change the color of the chat screen by adjusting the bubbles, and also you can send more than ten photos at a time to your friends. KB Team develops this anti-ban app, with over 500+ million downloads worldwide. It is entirely free and available on Android and iOS devices. KB Whatsapp provides all premium features for free, so if you want to get all features, you have to download the app’s pro version from our website. We also recommend you to download whatsapp aero apk.

What is KB Whatsapp?

KB Whatsapp is a new modified version of the original whatsapp that comes with four versions: blue, red, gold, and black. It provides complete privacy and customization features; you can hide your online status, hide blue ticks, download the status of anyone, read deleted messages, and many more. After downloading this app, you will be able to schedule messages and send messages to unsaved numbers. There are different themes; using themes, you can customize your app according to your liking without any hassle.

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In addition, you are allowed to add more than one account, and you can switch from one to another easily. This app is the best way to quickly communicate with your family and friends, and you can make audio and video calls in HD format. Also, it supports multiple languages, and you can translate messages into your preferred language. In the latest version, you can use different emojis to make your conversation more interesting and enjoyable. Many advanced features are unavailable in the official app, like advanced customization, hiding the status view, changing emoji, switching accounts, and many more for free. In addition, now you can also download jtwhatsapp apk.

Features of KB Whatsapp APK

KB Whatsapp Apk has many advanced features unavailable in the original app. These beneficial features make your messages and conversation enjoyable. Here are some features:

Switch Accounts

The modified version of Whatsapp provides you with this amazing feature: switching accounts. That means you can switch up to five different accounts at a time and easily move from one to another. You can switch between five accounts with five different numbers to use without any problem. The original whatsapp does not provide this feature, and you can use only one account at a time. So, download the latest version if you want to enjoy more than one account at a time for free. We also recommend you to download na whatsapp apk.

Hide Status View

In the original whatsapp, when you view the status of your contacts, then, they know that you are watching their status. Because the original whatsapp didn’t allow you to hide the status view. If you don’t want to tell your contacts whether you watch their status, then KB Whatsapp provides an amazing feature that hides the status view. When you enable this feature, no one knows whether you view the status. Download the pro version and freely enjoy this great feature.

Change Emoji & Customize the Home Screen

The latest version gives you the option to change emoji type, and also you are allowed to change font type and style. It provides you with five different types of emojis; you can choose from which you like. The best one is the iPhone emoji, and very popular among all users, and you can use the iPhone theme on your Android devices. Also, you can customize the home screen and the top bars, floating buttons, textures, and status interfaces. In the original whatsapp, you don’t have a home screen customization option; you have to download the latest version to get this option. Also, download ag whatsapp apk.

Premium Features Free

If you want to get premium features for free, you have to download the KB Whatsapp Apk because it provides all premium features for free. Many people want to use premium features but don’t purchase them due to poor financial conditions. That’s why the latest version of KB Whatsapp provides you access to all premium features for free. Now, you don’t need to spend a single penny from your pocket to enjoy all the premium features.

Privacy Control and Whatsapp Lock

After downloading KB Whatsapp, you will have more control over your privacy, which means you can see the view media as often as you want, stopping statuses or messages from being deleted. You can see the status of your contacts without knowing them. This privacy feature secures your online activities, and no one knows whether you are online or offline. On the other hand, you can lock your whatsapp with a fingerprint, password, pattern, secret code, etc. Also, you can add a backup question to make the lock even more secure. So, make your conversation secure and enable whatsapp lock. We also recommend you to download an whatsapp apk.

My Review

KB Whatsapp Apk is the best version of Whatsapp Plus, providing attractive themes to customize your app according to your choice. Using this updated app, you can hide blue ticks, hide your online status, hide your status view, change emojis, customize your home screen, read deleted messages, and much more. It is free to use and an anti-ban app; you don’t have to worry about getting banned. The best thing about this app is that you can switch between five accounts with five different numbers. You can switch from one account to another easily without any restrictions. The latest version provides you with premium features for free. If you want to use these features for free, I would suggest you download KB Whatsapp Apk 2024 from our website. We also recommend you to download bt whatsapp apk.

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FAQs OF KB Whatsapp APK

If you want to download KB Whatsapp, you only have to click on the download button given above in the article.

Yes, it is free; you can access all features without paying any money.

Yes, downloading this app is 100% safe and secure because all our apk files do not contain any viruses or malware.

Yes, you can switch to five different accounts, which are five different numbers.


KB Whatsapp Apk is a unique modified version of the official whatsapp, which contains useful and attractive advanced features. It provides free access to all premium features without spending a single penny from your pocket. You can use privacy control features, and this app comes with four different copies black, blue, red, and gold; choose your favorite color without any hassle. You must download the full version of KB Whatsapp Apk from our website to enjoy all its advanced features. In addition, now you can also download whatsapp plus apk.

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