JT Whatsapp APK 2024 v9.72F (Official JIMODs Android App)

JT Whatsapp APK

JT Whatsapp


Limitless customization privacy with JTWhatsApp Apk. Enjoy multiple accounts, anti-ban protection, themes, advanced features. Download now!


  • Multiple Accounts
  • Secret Privacy Features
  • Hide Online Availability
  • Themes & Customization
  • Custom Call Blockers
  • Auto Reply
  • Bulk Messages Scheduler
  • Anti-View Once

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JT Whatsapp






4.2 and up


50.25 MB


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WhatsApp remains the dominant player in the messaging sector, continuously gaining more daily users. It has become a vital part of our daily lives. Its updated version enables us to chat with friends, share photos, and videos, engage in group conversations, and organize events. However, WhatsApp still lacks flexibility regarding customization options, security, and privacy settings.

To address these limitations, users can download JTWhatsApp Android for free. JTWhatsApp, also known as WhatsApp+ JiMODs, is considered one of the best-modified versions of this popular messaging app, along with WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. We also recommend you to download whatsapp aero apk.

Intro of JT Whatsapp APK

JTWhatsApp is a popular modified version of the official WhatsApp, known for its lite version and unique pink mode. The aesthetic appeal of the pink mode attracts users, making it visually pleasing. JT WhatsApp Apk is used daily to communicate with friends, loved ones, and family. Users can send photos, videos, funny clips, and other media in chat groups. Over time, JTWhatsApp has evolved to include additional features, customization options, and more.

JT Whatsapp APK multiple accounts

JTWhatsApp’s latest version offers a simple and user-friendly interface, making it simple for users to communicate and navigate. It provides several cool features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. The application is provided by Jim El Rezzi-JimTechs and developed by JIMODS, ensuring continuous updates and improvements to enhance the user experience. We also recommend you to download na whatsapp apk.

Mod Features of JT Whatsapp APK

JTWhatsApp APK has many exciting features that make it stand out from the official WhatsApp. Some of the notable mod features include:

Multiple Accounts

The new version of JTWhatsApp offers a convenient solution for using multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device without needing third-party clone applications. It means you can easily manage multiple WhatsApp accounts without using additional apps. By eliminating the need for clones, JTWhatsApp helps optimize device performance, allowing for smoother and faster operation. Also, download ag whatsapp apk.

Secret Privacy Features

Among the impressive features offered by JTWhatsApp, privacy options stand out as a primary attraction. With JTWhatsApp, users can enjoy enhanced privacy features such as blocking the visibility of their last seen status and hiding the double-tick indicator for reading offline and online messages. Furthermore, encryption can be applied to all chats, ensuring secure communication. Additionally, JTWhatsApp Apk incorporates a built-in app lock, adding an extra layer of protection to the messaging app. 

Hide Online Availability

JTWhatsApp Apk offers a useful feature that allows you to maintain privacy in your online communication and connection. If you hide your online status, your friends cannot view your availability or when you last accessed the app. Hiding your online status means friends can’t see your availability or last app access. In addition, JTWhatsApp allows you to hide various other options, including read status, forward message, last seen, blue ticks, double ticks, receipt status, typing status, and recording. We also recommend you to download an whatsapp apk.

Themes & Customization

If customizing and using personalized themes are your thing, then JTWhatsApp is your ideal solution. Unlike the official WhatsApp, which has limited customization options such as chat wallpapers, JTWhatsApp offers a wide range of customization features. JTWhatsApp is the perfect solution for those who enjoy customizing and using personalized themes. It lets you make your WhatsApp interface reflect your unique style and preferences. 

Custom Call Blockers

If you find yourself getting bored or overwhelmed with calls on WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp offers a useful feature for you. The call-blocking options allow you to easily block specific individuals from calling you on WhatsApp. Blocked individuals receive a notification of their status.JTWhatsApp provides various custom messages that you can use to convey the impression that you are busy with other activities, giving you a sense of control and privacy over your communication. We also recommend you to download bt whatsapp apk.

Auto Reply

If you constantly stay online on WhatsApp to message people, JTWhatsApp offers a helpful feature. JTWhatsApp APK allows you to create personalized auto-reply messages that cater to your daily conversations. This latest feature is particularly beneficial for small businesses and enterprises as it allows for quick customer replies, enhancing engagement and providing efficient customer support.

Bulk Messages Scheduler

If you have ever wanted to send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously, JTWhatsApp offers a convenient feature. With the bulk messages sender feature, you can simultaneously send messages to many contacts. This feature allows you to bypass the message-sending limit imposed by WhatsApp, enabling you to send messages in bulk. In addition, now you can also download whatsapp plus apk.

Anti-View Once

Suppose you are familiar with the new WhatsApp update that introduced the “view once” feature, allowing you to send one-time messages and media files that automatically delete after being viewed. You may have experienced privacy issues in this situation. However, we offer a solution in JT WhatsApp by introducing the “anti-view once messaging” feature.

General Features of JT Whatsapp APK

The latest version also offers some other interesting features which enhance the user experience to the next level. Here are some general features given below:

Documents Opening

While the official WhatsApp has limitations on the types of documents that can be opened within the app, JTWhatsApp offers expanded functionality in this regard. JTWhatsApp Apk supports numerous document file formats, such as PDF, XLS, TXT, DOC, PPT, VCARD, and more. This wider range of supported file formats allows for greater convenience and flexibility when sharing and accessing documents through the messaging app.

Don’t Disturb Feature

Use JTWhatsApp’s “Don’t Disturb” feature to avoid interruptions during busy situations. This feature frees incoming messages and calls, giving you uninterrupted focus and privacy. Activate “Do Not Disturb” to let others know you’re unavailable. This feature prevents unnecessary disruptions while allowing you to focus on important tasks. Please turn it off when you’re ready to reconnect. We also recommend you to download kb whatsapp apk.

Anti Ban Feature

JTWhatsApp offers an Anti Ban feature that ensures the safety and longevity of your WhatsApp account, especially when using multiple accounts. With JTWhatsApp MOD APK, you gain access to features not supported by the official WhatsApp. This feature safeguards your WhatsApp usage and allows you to enjoy the additional functionalities and customization options without fearing any account-related issues.

My Review

JTWhatsApp Apk has truly revolutionized my messaging experience. The level of customization it offers, from themes to icons, allowed me to create a truly unique interface. Privacy features like hiding last-seen status and reading receipts gave me greater control over my privacy. The auto-reply functionality proved invaluable for managing my business and quickly responding to customers. 

JT Whatsapp APK HACK

The anti-view messaging feature ensured I never lost important messages. JTWhatsApp is a great messaging solution with secure, personalized features and a user-friendly interface. Highly recommended. It has become my go-to messaging app and has greatly enhanced my communication experience.

JT Whatsapp APK Video


JTWhatsApp offers the advantage of enjoying multiple languages, unlike the official WhatsApp with a limited language selection. With JTWhatsApp, users can easily switch to their preferred language, providing greater accessibility and inclusivity for non-English speakers. 

Yes, JTWhatsApp offers a feature to send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously, bypassing the message-sending limit imposed by WhatsApp.

JTWhatsApp allows users to upload longer videos for their status compared to the official WhatsApp’s 30-second limit. This feature is beneficial for content creators who want to share videos longer than 1 minute, similar to platforms like TikTok.


In conclusion, JTWhatsApp stands out as a popular modified version of WhatsApp that offers a range of exciting features and customization options. With JTWhatsApp Apk, users can enjoy enhanced privacy settings, customization of themes and icons, auto-reply messaging, bulk message sending, and much more. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows for a personalized WhatsApp experience. Additionally, the Anti-Ban feature ensures the longevity and security of your account.

If you’re seeking a more versatile and customizable WhatsApp experience, JTWhatsApp Apk is the ideal choice. Please take advantage of its extensive features and enjoy a tailored messaging experience. Download JTWhatsApp today and unlock a world of possibilities to enhance your WhatsApp usage. Upgrade your messaging experience with JTWhatsApp Apk now!

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