NA Whatsapp APK 2024 v13.15 (Official Anti-Ban Android App)

NA Whatsapp APK

NA Whatsapp


If you want an anti-ban app that offers privacy and customization settings with eight different versions, download NA Whatsapp Apk.


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NA Whatsapp




Nasser Al-Jaidi


5.0 and up


51 MB


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NA Whatsapp Apk is a new latest version of the original whatsapp that provides many new and advanced features which are not available in the original app. It is popular worldwide due to its different themes and 40+ languages to choose from, 20 fonts with different styles. This app comes with eight different versions suitable for different people according to their privacy requirements. It provides customization options; you can customize your favorite themes and use them in your original whatsapp.

 Besides, this app’s latest version has many privacy features, making chatting more secret and secure. You can hide your online status, read deleted messages, lock chats, and download your friends’ statuses directly on your phone. Nasser Al-jaidi develops this anti-ban app, with over 500+ downloads worldwide. It is an entirely free app available on Android and iOS devices. If you want to enjoy all its advanced features for free, you have to download the modified version of NA Whatsapp from our website. We also recommend you to download whatsapp aero apk.

What is NA Whatsapp?

 Whatsapp is one of the most popular social apps for calling and texting. Most people want to keep their conversations secret and secure and want to get some extra privacy features. But the original whatsapp had not many privacy options, so we are providing you NA Whatsapp, which is the modified version of the original app. Using this updated app, you can hide blue and double ticks, pause audio while recording, hide your last seen, lock chats, and many more. It supports different languages, so you can easily communicate with different people using this updated app.

NA Whatsapp APK anti revoke message

 Moreover, this app comes with various versions, each with its own set of features. The latest version has an anti-ban feature, so you don’t have to worry about banning your account because the developer used legal codes. It provides advanced features, including anti-revoke messages, hiding the last scene, changing color, theme, background, animation, customized controls, fonts with different styles, status downloader, etc. With the help of these additional features, you can do many things on your phone, like sharing photos and videos, sending audio, and much more. So, download the latest version of NA Whatsapp and get all the amazing features for free. In addition, now you can also download jtwhatsapp apk.

Features of NA Whatsapp APK

NA Whatsapp Apk comes with many new advanced beneficial features that are not available in the original app. Some exciting features are below, making your chatting and calling experience more enjoyable.


 The latest version of NA Whatsapp gives you anti-ban features that ensure your account never gets banned for any reason. You will never face any temporary or permanent ban while using NA Whatsapp. So, you can freely use this app without worrying about getting banned. It also secures your data from being tracked and stored, and enjoys a safe and secure messaging experience. By downloading the latest version, you can enjoy an anti-ban app. Also, download ag whatsapp apk.

Anti-Revoke Message

In this whatsapp, you will get an anti-revoke message feature which means you can read all deleted messages of your friends and family. The official version does not provide this feature, so if you want to use it, you must download the NA Whatsapp pro version. After downloading the new version, you read deleted messages and identify and reply to them. This is useful, especially when keeping track of important information. So, by downloading the latest version, you can view your friends and family’s erased texts without any problem.

Support 40+Languages and Attractive Themes

 NA Whatsapp comes in 40+ languages, meaning you can communicate with different people without any problem. You can communicate with people worldwide, and you don’t have to face any language hindrances, so you can easily maintain your communication. On the other hand, it provides hundreds of different themes, and you can change the overall look of your app. You can change color, background, font style, home screen, and many more, which make your app unique to other users. Also, you can customize your chat interface with dozens of themes and express yourself in style. We also recommend you to download an whatsapp apk.

Status Downloader & Anti-Status Delete

This updated app allows you to download your friends’ statuses directly to your phone gallery in just one click. You can download written, image, video, and audio content without a problem. Besides you can also view deleted statuses of your whatsapp contacts. This feature allows you to see what has been deleted and respond accordingly. So, download the NA Whatsapp Apk, which provides fantastic options to make your chatting experience more entertaining.

Lock Chats

This app has a feature that allows you to lock your chats. You can use a password or fingerprint if you want to lock your chats and keep your conversation secure. So, no one can access your private chats without your permission. You may use this functionality to specify a custom pin or pattern to lock a particular conversation. Download the latest version of NA Whatsapp Apk, which gives you an extra level of privacy that keeps your chats more secure and secret. We also recommend you to download bt whatsapp apk.

My Review

NA Whatsapp Apk is one of the best social apps which provides privacy and customization settings. It secures your chats, and you can hide or freeze your last seen, download status, read deleted messages, pause audio while recording, etc. Hundreds of themes can be used to change the look of your app. It supports different languages and 20+ text font styles, which can be used in writing status and makes your status unique. The latest version of this anti-ban app has many new features like anti-delete status, lock chats, status downloader, DND mode, anti-revoke message, removal ads, etc. So if you want to get all features for free, download the pro version of NA Whatsapp Apk 2024 from our website. In addition, now you can also download whatsapp plus apk.

NA Whatsapp APK anti ban

NA Whatsapp APK Video

FAQs OF NA Whatsapp APK

Yes, downloading the latest version of this app is entirely safe and secure because all our apk files do not contain any viruses or malware.

Yes, the latest version provides an anti-revoke message feature, which means you can read deleted friends and family messages.

You must download the pro version of NA Whatsapp to lock your chats, which provides a chat lock feature.

It is an entirely free app; you can easily download the latest version of NA Whatsapp from our website without paying a single penny.


NA Whatsapp Apk is a modified version of the official whatsapp, giving its users many free new features. It has eight different versions, each with features and styles so that you can choose anyone according to your privacy needs. You don’t have to worry about getting your account banned b`ecause it is an anti-ban app and safe to use. You will get all the advanced features in this app, like freeze last seen, lock chat, enable dark mode, anti-revoke message, and much more. So, download NA Whatsapp Apk and enjoy a safe and secure chatting and calling experience. We also recommend you to download kb whatsapp apk.

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