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BT Whatsapp


Enhance your WhatsApp experience with BTWhatsApp APK. Enjoy advanced features, enhanced privacy, and seamless chat transfer by downloading now!


  • Multiple Accounts
  • Hide Media From Phone Gallery
  • Transfer Chats Between Phones
  • Advanced Privacy
  • Disable WiFi for WhatsApp

App Name

BT Whatsapp




Taha Qudsi


4.0 and up


65 MB


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BT WhatsApp is the latest version of the original WhatsApp that gained popularity due to its advanced features not found in the official app. BT WhatsApp offers enhanced functionality and customization options for users’ messaging experience. Some of the features provided by BTWhatsApp include hiding online status, changing the WhatsApp theme, and more. BT WhatsApp has four versions: Blue, Red, Pink, and Gold. We also recommend you to download whatsapp aero apk.


Intro OF BT Whatsapp APK

BT WhatsApp is a new version of WhatsApp developed by Taha Al-Qudsi. It offers incredible features and customization options not found in the original WhatsApp application. Users can hide their online status, change the app’s theme, and save deleted status updates. 


BT WhatsApp also allows the use of a second phone number with the app. You can easily have two distinct WhatsApp accounts on your device, each with a different phone number. Keeping personal and professional messaging separate can benefit users with multiple phone numbers. In addition, now you can also download jtwhatsapp apk.

Mod Features of Bt whatsapp APK

Its latest version offers many mod features which enhance the user’s experience at a high level. Here are some mod features listed below:

Multiple Accounts

WhatsApp BT is a unique version of WhatsApp that enables users to manage multiple accounts using a single app. It is crucial to remember that every account registration necessitates a specific phone number. It is a vital requirement to guarantee accurate registration and effective account management. This feature allows users to conveniently handle multiple WhatsApp accounts without needing separate apps or devices. We also recommend you to download na whatsapp apk.

Hide Media From Phone Gallery

In the original WhatsApp, users had two options for media downloads: downloading all media automatically or turning off media downloads altogether. However, BTWhatsApp offers additional flexibility in this regard. With BTWhatsApp, users can selectively choose the media they want to download. This feature allows for more granular control over downloading media files, enabling users to save storage space and data usage by only downloading the media content they desire.

Transfer Chats Between Phones

BT WhatsApp offers a useful feature that allows users to transfer their chats between phones without relying on Google Drive. This feature proves particularly helpful when switching devices or upgrading to a new phone. This feature allows users to seamlessly migrate their chat history from one device to another, ensuring they don’t lose important conversations or media files. Also, download ag whatsapp apk.

Advanced Privacy

BT WhatsApp APK offers updated privacy options, giving users better control over their privacy settings. Users can conceal their online status while still having the ability to see the online status of other users. They can also hide message delivery and read status indicators. The app provides secure lock options, such as PIN, password, fingerprint, or pattern lock. Additionally, users can hide typing or recording status during conversations and keep specific chats hidden from the main screen. These privacy features enhance user control and ensure a more secure messaging experience.

Disable WiFi for WhatsApp

BT WhatsApp APK lets you disable WiFi for WhatsApp specifically without affecting other apps. This feature provides the flexibility to control data usage and connectivity specifically for the WhatsApp application, ensuring that users can manage their internet connection according to their preferences and needs. We also recommend you to download an whatsapp apk.

General Features of Bt Whatsapp APK

Bt whatsapp apk new version takes the next step for its users and also provides some more incredible features for its users, which are listed below:

Send Messages to Unsaved Contact Numbers

One distinguishing feature of BTWhatsApp compared to the original WhatsApp is the ability to send messages to unsaved numbers. In the original WhatsApp, you typically need to add a contact to your phonebook before starting a conversation. This feature offers convenience and efficiency, as you can initiate conversations without adding contacts, saving time and effort.

Call Rejection

BT WhatsApp introduces a new option that allows users to reject incoming calls while giving the impression that they are offline or not connected to the internet. This feature grants users greater control over their communication and privacy by allowing them to avoid or decline calls discreetly. This service offers privacy and flexibility for managing incoming calls based on user preferences. In addition, now you can also download whatsapp plus apk.

Double Tap to like

BT WhatsApp introduces a convenient feature that allows users to interact with messages in new ways. Users can instantly like any message by double-tapping, providing a quick and easy way to express appreciation or agreement. Moreover, a long press on a message reveals a plus icon, enabling users to react with any emoji. 

Locked Conversations

BT WhatsApp introduces the official Locked Conversations feature, which allows users to enhance their privacy and security by locking specific chats. With this feature, users can select and lock individual conversations to ensure they remain protected and accessible only with a password, PIN, fingerprint, or pattern lock. 

Message Scheduler

BT WhatsApp has a message scheduler that lets users schedule messages to be sent at specific times. It’s useful for busy people to plan and organize their communication effectively. Stay connected even with a packed schedule. We also recommend you to download kb whatsapp apk.

My Review

BT WhatsApp APK has greatly enhanced my messaging experience with its additional features and customization options. The ability to hide online status, change themes, and selectively download media has given me more control over my privacy and saved storage space. The message scheduler has been a helpful tool for managing timely communications, even during busy periods. 

The privacy options, like hiding typing status and locking specific chats, provide a sense of security. Sending messages to unsaved numbers without adding them to contacts has been convenient. The seamless transfer of chats between devices without relying on Google Drive backup has simplified device switching. I highly recommend BTWhatsApp APK for those seeking a more customizable and feature-rich messaging app.

BT Whatsapp APK Video

FAQs OF BT Whatsapp APK

You can use BTWhatsApp with a single phone number, just like the original WhatsApp application.

BT WhatsApp is primarily developed for Android devices.

BT WhatsApp offers language support similar to the original WhatsApp. It supports many languages, allowing users to communicate in their preferred language.


In conclusion, BTWhatsApp APK presents users with a modified version of WhatsApp that offers additional features and customization options. It provides enhanced privacy settings, the ability to schedule messages, selective media downloads, and various lock options for added security. The option to send anything to unsaved numbers and the ability to reject calls while appearing offline further contribute to the convenience and control offered by BTWhatsApp. Using modified versions of WhatsApp is risky and could violate the app’s terms of service.

If you decide to explore BTWhatsApp, it is crucial to exercise caution and ensure you download the APK from trusted sources. Be aware of the potential security implications and understand the consequences of using unofficial versions of messaging apps. It is recommended to prioritize the security and integrity of your messaging experience and adhere to the terms of service set by WhatsApp Inc.

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