How To Make Armor Stand in Minecraft? (Step By Step Guide)

Minecraft players love to display their accessories and wearable armor to others. An armor stand is an item on which you can place your wearable accessories or armor equipment and show them. This armor stand can be easily moved or placed anywhere you want and made in your desired pose. You can make its main structure using wood that you can put on top of a stone slab. To place and display things on the stand, hold them and right-click on the stand.

How To Make Armor Stand in Minecraft

The armor stand has various benefits when entrusting it with different enchantments. For instance, an armor stand can damage a player who gets close to it because of thorns’ enchantment. However, the stand can not use the accessories and armor placed on it. Here, we tell you simple instructions that help you craft an armor stand in Minecraft MOD APK Pocket Edition for different purposes. 

Where to Find Armor Stand?

Players can also get armor stand naturally without making it on the crafting table. In Taiga villages, armor stands are normally available in the outer armory. The armor stands of Taiga villages are made of iron helmets and iron chest plates. So, you only need to find an armorer villager in the Taiga village to get an armor stand.  

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Items Required To Craft an Armor Stand

Below, we tell you the items required for crafting an armor stand in Minecraft.

Items Required To Craft an Armor Stand
  • A Smooth Stone Slab
  • Six Wooden Sticks

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How do you get wooden sticks?

You can easily craft wooden sticks by vertically putting two wooden planks on the crafting table next to each other. The game also permits you to place the wooden planks in your inventory without any need of a crafting table. For making the wooden planks, you need to place wood logs on the table. You can cut the wood logs from trees using hammers, and it doesn’t matter which type of wood logs you use because it will not affect the recipe of armor stand. We also have Roblox MOD APK Unlimited Robux 2023 on Our website.

wooden sticks

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How to craft a smooth stone slab?

Below, we give you some instructions that will help you make a smooth stone slab in Minecraft. 

  • Initially, gather three cobblestones with the help of a wooden pickaxe. You can get the cobblestone through mining of the common block of stone.
  • After that, transform the cobblestone blocks into regular stone blocks by melting them in the furnace.
  • Then again, put the regular stone blocks in the furnace for melting to transform them into smooth stone blocks. 
  • At last, put the three smooth stones in the row horizontally in the crafting area so you will get a smooth stone slab. Besides this, using a stonecutter will also help you make slabs without any crafting in Minecraft. 

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How to Craft an Armor Stand in Minecraft?

When you get the two items that you need to craft the armor stand, you can combine them to complete the crafting process. The method for making the armor stand is given below. 

How to Craft an Armor Stand in Minecraft
  • First of all, put the three wooden sticks on the crafting table in each block of the first row.
  • After that, put one wooden stick in the middle row in the middle block.
  • At last, put the smooth stone slab in the middle block with wooden sticks on either side in the bottom row on the crafting table. Now, the armor stand becomes ready to use.

You can freely put the stand anywhere like other blocks when it is done. But always put the armor stand on a solid block because the gravity of the game can affect it. We also have minecraft jenny mod apk latest version on our website.

Uses of Armor Stands in Minecraft

Players can enjoy many advantages by using an armor stand in Minecraft. Some of the uses of an armor stand are listed below. 

Uses of Armor Stands in Minecraft
  • You can use the armor stand for fast armor storage and display your armor in the vanilla survival mode.
  • To equip your armor, which includes elytra, swords, mod heads, and many more.
  • To equip your armor, which includes elytra, swords, mod heads, and many more.
  • Using the stand, you can quickly wear armor because of the storage option. 
  • It provides the players with amazing protection systems when using it with suitable enchantments.
  • The stand will help you decorate the base and create characters using the mod heads. 


In this article, you will get all the information about making an armor stand in Minecraft and which items you need for its crafting. In Minecraft, you have to do mining to get various items you need for crafting valuable objects. An armor stand will help you display the precious wearable accessories that you have gathered in the game. It also keeps you safe from enemies when you have done different enchantments on it. So, make your armor stand by reading our article and enjoying its advantages. Thanks.

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