How To Make End Portal in Minecraft? (Complete Information)

The End portal in Minecraft is a dimensional gateway that takes you to the End dimension. In the End dimension, you find the main boss, the largest mob, the Ender dragon, as they live in the End dimension. To find the End portal, you need to search for a Stronghold in the game because these portals arise naturally in the Stronghold structure worldwide. When you find the Stronghold, you need to put twelve Eyes of Ender in it to activate the portal. If you don’t activate the portal, you can not take advantage of it. Here, we tell you simple directions to make an End Portal in Minecraft MOD APK Unlimited Items.

How To Make End Portal in Minecraft

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Items You Need To Make an End Portal

You will need various items to make an End portal in Minecraft, which are listed below.

Items You Need To Make an End Portal
  • 12 Eyes of Ender
  • 12 End Portal Frames

Remember, to get the End Portal Frames, you have to be in creative mode because they are not available in the survival mode. Now, you can also download Roblox MOD APK Unlimited Robux.

How Do You Make an End Portal in Minecraft?

To create an End portal, you will require two items when you get them start making the portal. 

You can use any game mode to make the Eyes of Ender that you will need in creating an End portal. For this purpose, you must put the blaze dust and Ender pearls on the crafting table, giving you Eyes of Ender. We also have minecraft jenny mod apk for free.

How Do You Make an End Portal in Minecraft

Now, create the frame of the End portal by putting three End portal frames to make one side. After that, similarly place three frames in a circular motion at each side of the portal. But make sure you have placed the frames with the green marks facing inside the End portal. To create the perfect portal, you must stand in the center to confirm the proper placement of frames. 

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Then, place Eyes of Ender in each End portal frame by standing outside the frame because the portal will be activated after placing the last Eye of Ender. You can easily put the Eyes of Ender in each portal frame by right-clicking on them or with the help of the secondary action key. If you put the last Eye of Ender by standing in the portal, it will activate and take you to the End dimension, which is dangerous for you without any preparation.  

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How Do You Find and Activate an End Portal in Minecraft?

If you don’t have End portal frames and want to make an End Portal, there is no need to worry because you can also find it in the game. Below, we have told the process for finding an End portal. After finding, your main purpose is to activate it, and the process of activating is given.

How Do You Find and Activate an End Portal in Minecraft
  • First, gather 12 Ender Pearls and make 12 blaze powders to make twelve Eyes of Ender because you will need a minimum of 12 Eyes of Ender to activate the End Portal.
  • Then, put blaze powder in the first block of the middle row and Ender Pearl in the grid’s center to get an Eye of Ender.
  • When you made the Eye of Ender, hold it in your hand and throw it in the air. Then it comes back to the ground, and you have to catch it to throw again. Throwing the Eye again and again will help you locate a Stronghold when it drops repeatedly in the same place. If the Eye gets broken while throwing, make a new one.
  • So, when you feel that Eye drops at the same place, you must dig that place to search the Stronghold.
  • In the Stronghold, you will find the End Portal, which is a room with lava, a monster spawner, and a staircase. The Portal is located near the entry of the room. 
  • Then, put the Eyes of Ender in the portal frames to activate the End Portal. Some portal frames are already filled with the Eyes.
  • Once the portal is activated, use it to reach the End dimension and fight with Ender Dragon.

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By reading the above-described post, you will learn how to make an End portal in Minecraft without difficulty. With the help of an End portal, you can go to the End dimension to fight with the main boss and others, which are only found in this dimension. You can make this portal in the creative mode, while in regular survival mode, you need to find a Stronghold structure. Moreover, you can not break and move these portals in any way in the Survival mode. So, if you want to make an End portal in Minecraft, follow the above instructions now. I hope you like our post. Thanks for reading it.

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